Money in the Bank Spell

This is my money in the bank spell. I originally did the initial working a few years ago and it’s still holding as long as I go back to it ever so often and shake things up.

First you need a jar with a lid. Like a nice mason jar. Mine is a quart size.

Next collect dirt from the grounds of three banks in your local area. I did this at night but be careful you don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about you being at a bank at night.

Once you have your dirt, and the jar place these things on your altar. Light a candle, it can be any color really but green or gold may be helpful to you.

Add your dirt to your jar. You may add other ingredients that are know to draw money, luck, wealth, (ex: a four leaf clover, oak leaves, spices)

It’s your spell do what feels right. Once you’ve added all the ingredients you want, sit for a bit meditating on the candle flame and push your intent into it.

Once you feel ready to move on place the lid on the jar. Make sure it’s nice and tight. Next and this can be messy so may want to put cloth or something down, take the candle and let the wax drip around the jar, let the wax form a seal. Sealing the lid. Do this a coue of times and then you are done with that.

You need to get something with your bank account numbers and routing numbers, a letter from your bank or voided check or you could just write it out. Place the paper with your info on your altar, then set the jar on top of your altar. This jar is meant to keep a fairly permanent place on your altar so you may or may not like it. I keep it on my altar all the time, I only move it to do some special workings and then I place it back.

About every 3 months or so take the jar and give it a few good shakes. It seems to help keep it flowing. I also place trinkets on top of my jar that I know help attract money, like little gold coins, a small wealth square , tigers eye. You can do what ever feels right for you. There really is no right or wrong way.

This is fairly simple and everything is easy to get that you would use.

Added note: I did the original working on a Thursday (Jupiter) in the hour of mercury.

But you could change that up to fit your needs or not care about it all.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:


Perfect timing, thank you!!


Your welcome!


Is this a general prosperity spell or have you experienced something less subtle, like money manifesting by accident on other people’s end or things of the sort?


Actually, I think it could be both. I have experienced others in my household and close to me receiving money and pretty large sums. My son in law just won his court case for a million. So I think by placing it on your altar and leaving it there plus the occasional recharging helps keep the money flowing and then extends that energy outward.

Just remember it’s not quick cash spell, it’s a spell to put money in the bank and then keep a steady flow going to it.


Brilliant :sparkles:


Amazing! @Arianna
Sounds good, I think collecting the dirt from the banks will be easy, I have like 5 banks in my local area :classical_building:


Im in a small town in the US and it was easy to get the dirt. Even in this little town there is like 5 banks. I didnt think about it might be more difficult for others.

Thats how i was lead to do the working though. Maybe its the power of three :thinking:


@Arianna could the bank info go in the jar instead of under it? Did you add any liquid to the jar?


I’m sure you know this already but I definitely wouldn’t recommend adding liquid to sealed jars. Unless they’re unsealed and aired out every so often, and re-sealed afterwards. Otherwise there’s a chance that the contents will expel gaseous matter to the point where the jar/bottle might literally explode. :sweat_smile:


I once did not know this, and had a sour jar with vinegar and a dead animal explode in the glovebox of my boyfriend’s car on the way to dispose it :sweat_smile:

Lesson learned, lol.


Oh my god :rofl: I am so sorry. I once spilled mashed potatoes (don’t ask) on the floor of my car and it was a massive effort getting the stink out. Step one: cover the spillage in bicarb soda (baking soda). Step two: set car on fire and prepare to buy a new one. :joy:


Fortunately I at least had the good sense to tie it up in a plastic bag first! Demoted an absolute catastrophe to a mildly amusing disaster…


You could do that. I think i put honey in as well. If i did it wasnt a whole lot.

You can do all kinds of stuff, you could add paper money or coins too.

But really if it feels right to you go for it!

Its been so long since i originally did this spell. :sweat_smile:

Well, i hadnt read @Veil post yet so liquids might be a no go. :rofl:

I know the closest thing i would have added would have been honey. I bee leive in the power of honey! :honeybee: :honey_pot:


Thank you. Gonna try this in the next week or two!!


Done in the hour of Jupiter during the Full Moon (Pisces) in ritual with Hekate and the Fates.

I drew Jason Miller’s symbol for Jupiter on one side and wrote my savings account number on the other. I added money rice and Queen of Pentacles Oil. I recited 108 mantra reps along with a modified Jupiter of Saturn planetary call (so as not to offend Hekate) and incanted it as written once I closed the ritual (still in the hour of Jupiter). I sealed it with my money bowl candle.

Thank you @Arianna !


Aww! Looks great! :four_leaf_clover:


Cheers :slight_smile: :honeybee: