All Manner of Questions

This journal will be dedicated to the study of horary astrology in an everyday, as well as mundane application. I might showcase a few charts from my personal archive, but I will mostly focus on judging questions concerning matters of which resolution is yet to be certain.

Everything ranging from predicting the outcome of a national election, calculating returns on a stock market investment, and exposing the culprit of an environmental disaster, to foreseeing the sentence in a court case, picking the winner of football match, and timing the duration of a pregnancy, all will be considered and presented truthfully paying respect to the Art.


Entry #1 - Will Rishi Sunak beat Penny Mordaunt in the race for PM’s seat?

This isn’t the easiest question to answer because, as of now, Penny Mordaunt hasn’t even gathered enough nominations to be considered a candidate and it’s still not known if there are other people running, which could render the chart invalid at its premise. That said, I will still judge it because the election is rushed.

I assign Rishi to the 7th House as ‘any old person’ because there isn’t any particular relationship I share with him; His significator will thus be Lord 7 - Saturn.

Mordaunt, his opponent for the seat, will be given the turned House 7 from that of Rishi’s, and its Lord - The Sun.

The natural significator of the electorate is The Moon, and her next applying aspect will point to the winner.

Saturn is in Aquarius, in his own domicile, which makes him a qualified candidate for the position. The Sun has recently changed signs from Libra to Scorpio. In Libra, it was in its own Fall and exalting Saturn - Mordaunt isn’t the best candidate and she didn’t believe she had a chance winning, but now she’s come into Scorpio and, by extension, the Fall of Moon, meaning she harbors resentment towards the voters, or the electional process in general. Notice that Sun and Moon are in aversion to each other - the electorate cannot see Mordaunt, which is a testimony for her not being able to receive enough nominations to run. This could be further supported by the Moon separating from the conjunction with Saturn by antiscion, indicating the winner has already been chosen by default.

The Moon exalts Saturn, favoring Rishi, and applies to trine it, appointing him as the next Prime Minister.


This is the true way to become more skilled with traditional astrology and divination! Very interested in this thread!


Entry #2 - Who will win the Brazilian presidential election?

Brazil is set for the 2nd round of voting on October 30 with Bolsonaro and Lula vying for the presidential seat. The 1st round was won by Lula, who’s now leading around 3% in polls.

Because I don’t reside in Brazil, I will be turning from the 9th House. 10th House, counting from the 9th, along with its Lord (Mars) ought to be given to Bolsonaro, as he’s the “king” or the incumbent. House 7 from Bolsonaro’s and its Lady, Venus, will be given to Lula, as he’s the contender.

Venus is in her detriment and combust, which are both debilitating factors. Moreover, Lula’s House cusp is conjunct the fixed star Vindemiatrix - “The Widow Maker”, which symbolizes sudden separation and unexpected divorce (here it functions in context of the question posed; This doesn’t mean Lula’s wife will serve him divorce papers on the election day!).

Mars is peregrine in Gemini and about to ingress into Cancer, the sign of his Fall. This would be a strong testimony in favor of Lula winning, if not for Mars turning retrograde before the change of sign. Thus we have Bolsonaro who refuses to step down by making station and then going back into office. Note that Mars is in detriment of Jupiter, Lord 3, which could mean Bolsonaro isn’t fond of the way he’s being portrayed by the media, who despite being ruled by him in Aries, make occassional slip-ups by the virtue of retrogradation.

The Moon doesn’t apply to either of the candidates. In fact, it doesn’t apply to any planet before changing signs, making her Void of Course. One of Moon’s roles is describing how the situation asked about will unfold; By being Void of Course, the message is clear - nothing will happen, i.e. Bolsonaro will stay in power.

The Moon is also traversing Via Combusta, which could make the election erratic and its result unexpected. Notice that she is about to change allegiance from Venus (because Venus rules Libra), to Mars, by going into Scorpio. Even more interesting is the fact that by changing her mind on the candidate, she comes into her Fall and becomes combust by The Sun, indicating potential fraud in the election results. An additional minor consideration is her being conjunct the fixed star Izar - “Veil”, which again evokes an image of matters being covered up in some way.

With some arithmetic, we can calculate Bolsonaro to receive around 54,5% of total votes, beating Lula by around 8-9%.


Entry #3 - Will Elon Musk close the deal with Twitter?

This chart was cast on October 4. I was wrestling with the idea of publishing it, since by the time i thought about creating this journal, most of the developments in this case have already come to pass. Nonetheless the outcome is still yet to come, which is why I’m posting it.

Musk will be given House 7 and its Lord, Mars, while Twitter gets turned House 7, from that of Musk’s, and its Lady, Venus, as his partners in the deal.

Mars is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, who is the Lord of his 12th House, thus Musk is caught up in the result of his self-undoing by not fulfilling his promises.

Venus is cadent and thus doesn’t have the power to act & in detriment of Mars, meaning there is reluctance to close the deal. She is combust, but in chariot, which prevents all harm, yet the hiddenness of Twitter’s intents in the situation remains. Venus also exalts Saturn, which will play an important part later on.

To strike a deal, we need an aspect to connect the buyer and the seller. There is no direct applying aspect present, but The Moon can possibly translate Venus’ light to Mars, bringing them to an agreement. She goes to trine Venus, then meets The Sun; this could be a prohibition, yet with The Sun cadent and ruled by Venus, it is unlikely to stop the translation, therefore we can allow it to progress. Moving forward, The Moon conjuncts Saturn, which is most certainly a working prohibition, since Saturn is strong in its own domicile and a succedent house. Without an aspect, the deal cannot be made.

What or Who is Saturn? Why does it prevent the buyout?

Fortuna points us to the 10th House, which Saturn rules, thus the unfortunate event comes from 10th House significations. In this case, it is likely to be a governmental official in power that spoils the arrangement. Saturn is on the cusp of House 7 by antiscion, revealing his interest in Musk’s affairs. He is in detriment of The Sun, which is the ruler of Musk’s turned House 11, symbolizing his investors. The Sun points to very rich people, perhaps even royalty, but it is in its own Fall, indicating that the people Musk is being funded by are shady, to say the least, which is the reason why Saturn doesn’t wanna let the deal proceed (possibly due to concerns of the state/national security, since he is in its own domicile opposing Leo, making The Sun an enemy or a rival of some sort).


Regarding the outcome and what went wrong:

Because Saturn is definitely a prohibition, we ought to reflect on our house assignments. Typically, in a question like this, one would also find a house for the thing that a deal is being struck over; When buying a house - House 4, when acquiring a business - House 10.

I considered separating Twitter as the current owners of the company (House 1) and as the company itself (House 10), although I decided the distinction was too tenuous, perhaps wrongly so. When considering Saturn as “the business”, the Moon does in fact translate him to Mars, connecting the company with Musk. I must admit this is my first horary of this type; more case studies are needed to confirm the right methodology.


This one is a surprise. What I think I missed is a rare case of a collection of light. The Moon will conjunct with The Sun, who’s holding Lula’s (Venus) light, immediately inside the next sign. From my experience, an aspect not perfecting in a sign is generally a frustration, but it is theoretically possible to work if it happens right at the change of a sign, as it does here. Again, it rarely happens, but when it does, well, it does.

I have to say, I’ve done over a dozen of those election horaries and this is the first one I got wrong. A little unfortunate is the fact that it’s also the first one I shared publicly… oh well.


No one is 100% accurate. Spirits get it wrong all the time, and they can see beyond what we can. With something as complex as horary astrology, perfection cannot be expected. Even taking it on as a study / practice is deeply impressive :dizzy::sparkles:


In A Guide For The Perplexed, I believe, there was a note which I read that, paraphrased, was that while stars can exert power over us and our choices and decisions, God can override them at any time.


The stars are influencers, not binders and you can override them at any time. Ditto divination. Why bother if the stars or divinations deny choices?


Well, yes, that’s the whole purpose of magick - to override fate. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with divination and not know where you’re headed.


I agree, just don’t be bound by stars or divinations.


Entry #4 - Is my husband cheating on me?

Taking a step back from global issues, here’s horary proper (that is done with concern) on something a little more mundane. The querent is a married woman who asked me whether her husband is having an affair behind her back. She had been getting anonymous, cutting phone calls and text messages from someone claiming to have witnessed her husband spending time with his mistress; the whistleblower said they were acting “in good faith”. When confronted, the husband denied it to be true and maintained his innocence.

The querent is given Lord 1, Venus, and The Moon, while the husband gets Lord 7, Mars, and The Sun, as a natural significator of the primal man.

The Moon is on the cusp of the turned 12th house from the 7th, thus the querent is thinking about her husband’s affair. We see Mars in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Mercury isn’t a significator of either party which immediately raises suspicion. If it’s symbolizing a lover, it might be someone with whom the husband had already had entangelements (because he is retrograde). Venus is in her Fall, thus the querent perceives herself as not good enough; The Moon is also in Venus’ Fall which means the querent’s emotions are weighing her down. Both of them are also ruled by and exalting Mercury, so she feels overpowered by whatever he is signifing. Turning our attention to him, we see him in close proximity to The Sun (the husband) in his turned 12th house, just separating from conjunction. This close of a conjunction (archaically also known as coopulation) is a powerful testimony of being with someone else.

What’s interesting is that the aspect perfected in Libra, where The Sun Falls and Saturn is exalted. The Sun is his own Fall is certainly able to cheat, but why would Mercury agree to it with such negative feelings towards it? The first part of the answer to this question lies in the nature of combustion; When a planet is combust, it is overwhelmed by The Sun’s heat, in this context as a smittening sexual attraction. This is true despite negative reception. Mercury being in Sun’s Fall isn’t enough to resist the attraction, but it certainly indicates some form of resentment or disappointment, for reasons yet to be discovered. It is also worth to add that as a planet moves towards combustion, it disappears from sight as The Sun conceals it with its blinding rays. This adds a meaning of hiddenness to the configuration, further strengthened by the querent’s significators being in aversion to it (signs in aversion to each other can’t perceive what’s going on in them).

What is Saturn symbolizing? Why is Mercury in Fall of The Sun?

Saturn is turned house 5 from the 7th, signifying the husband’s affair (its sexual part). Both The Sun and Mercury exalt it, so there was an incentive to keep it alive (I say “was” because Mercury has moved out of Libra into Virgo, the chart for an important reason is showing us the situation retroactively). The reasons for negative feelings of Mercury towards the Sun is him being ruled by Venus - his wife, and The Sun being the dispositor of the Part of Marriage (signifying their marriage itself), from which we can infer that the lover wasn’t too happy about not being able to secure the hubby for an exclusive relationship. In fact, she was so unhappy that she retrograded from the relationship into Virgo, suddenly appearing to the wife, which points to her as being the anonymous caller (targeting the wife because its in Venus’ Fall, while at the same time maintaining false appearances by virtue of being in his own exaltation). The notion that the affair had ended by the time the chart was cast is further supported by Saturn being retrograde. Notice that Mars is in the middle of Gemini (ruled by Mercury), and The Sun has just entered Libra (where Saturn is exalted), therefore it will take a long time for the husband to come to terms with the affair’s conclusion.

And so it proved. When pushed against the wall, the husband admitted to have had recently been involved in an affair with a lover from his past. Unwilling to leave his wife behind and settle down with the mistress, she broke off the arrangement and attempted to destroy their marriage in an act of revenge.


Entry #5 - Will the Queen die?

This chart was cast on September 8, following reports about the Queen’s health having taken a sudden turn for the worse. I asked whether she shall recover or not.

As the head of a foreign state, she is given turned house 10 from the 9th, or radical 6th, and its ruler, Mercury. Because she is a queen, she is also given The Moon as a natural ruler. Death is assigned to the lord of the 8th house, The Sun, as well as the turned 8th house from the 6th and its ruler, Saturn.

We see The Moon just separating from a conjunction with Saturn, thus the Queen had already met her death by the time the chart was cast.

Her passing was announced 3 hours later, with the time of death recorded as 16:10 CEST, shortly before I asked the question.


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No problem, any comments are welcome - makes me feel less like i’m talking to myself at times!

Very good question for a horary or geomancy btw. I have personally saved plenty of money by divining in advance if a grimoire is going to bring me results.


If anyone’s rooting for any country that will soon be playing their group match in the world cup and want to know the result in advance - I’m taking questions and would love to post predictions in this journal.

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Entry #6 - Will Poland win the match with Mexico?

I have only marginal interest in the outcome, but perhaps I identify strongly enough with one team to validate the chart.

Poland gets the 1st house and its Lord, Mercury. Mexico gets the 7th house and its Lord, Jupiter.

Jupiter is in a succeedent house and in station, which makes it fairly strong. Mercury is in the 7th house, captured by its enemy, and combust by The Sun. The testimonies are heavily in favor of Mexico; If i were to make an educated guess, I’d say the result will be 1:0 for the favorite.


A draw! I must have underestimated the power of station. Regardless, a draw is hard to predict. Till next time


Entry #7 - Will Johnny Depp win the trial against Amber Heard?

This chart was cast on April 20, shortly after the trial had started being televised. I wanted to know who will win in advance; I didn’t strongly identify with either party.

Because he’s a stranger to me, Depp is given the 7th house and its Lady, Venus, while Heard gets the turned 7th house, from that of Depp’s, as his opponent, i.e. the radical 1st house and its Lord, Mars. The judge is given the 10th house and its Lord, Saturn, while the jury verdict is given the 4th house and its Lady, The Moon.

Essential dignity will tell us who deserves to win. Venus is exalted, thus Depp has a very strong claim to justice, but Mars is in its triplicity, which means Heard also has a valid point in her favor. Of course, exaltation is a lot stronger than triplicity, so Depp is still overwhelmingly in the right. The fact that Mars also exalts Venus means Depp could easily settle with Heard, if he only wished so, but of course he won’t because he literally exalts his case. Now, this does not yet tell us who will win; after all, justice isn’t always just.

Saturn is in its own domicile, so the judge is impartial. It is also in Mars’ bound, which means she slightly sympathizes with Heard, but this is muted by the stronger dignity of rulership in Aquarius.

The Moon applies to square Venus, thus Depp wins. That said, Moon being but in the bound of Venus and the aspect being a square, it hints at the verdict not being fully in his favor. This is further supported by Heard’s turned 2nd house conjunct the North Node and also being ruled by Venus - her pocket will get a little heavier as well. Despite that, the fixed star Algol (Medusa’s head) conjunct the cusp foretells bankruptcy.

And so it was. On June 1, the jury found both parties liable for defamation, with Depp being awarded $15 million in damages and Heard being awarded $2 million in damages. Two months later, Heard declared bankruptcy.