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This will be my own journal for random thoughts and the like in the future.


I have calculated the exact moment that Mesarthim, the Star that once long long ago signified the start of the Sign of Aries, entered into the first degree of Taurus in 1771.

From this time, I speculate it may be possible to get an idea of what will happen from that time until it enters into Gemini. Now, House Placement and those specific details could show what will occur in a specific area, and that is specific to the area of the world being observed. So, I am only going to look at the Signs the different Planets were in during this transition and what aspects they were making to get an idea of the world in general during this time.

Saturn was in Leo.
Jupiter was in Capricorn.
Mars was in Virgo. Applying to a Trine aspect with Jupiter.
Sol was in Leo. Applying to a conjunction with Saturn.
Venus was in Cancer. Applying to an Opposition with Jupiter, and Sextile Aspect with Mars.
Mercury was in Leo. Mercury was Combust and applying to the Sun.
Luna was in Aquarius, in Face. Moon Waning.

My first thoughts were with Venus being in Cancer signifying growth and increase of population as something significant to this age. And this is indeed true, with the population massively increasing in the 18th Century, although the Industrial Revolution started a little before 1771. But the population continued to increase rapidly from then and reached 1 Billion total world population around 1804. It seems this will continue and be a large focus in the age.

The Sun in his Sign is a signification that Power and Rulership will be a large focus in this age, but with him being conjunct Saturn who is in his Detriment, these Rulers shall rapidly move towards destruction. With Saturn in Leo and conjunct the Sun, this also signifies destruction and harm on rulers, so a focus on Power and Rulership but established in a strong cycle of rise and fall. Perhaps rulers causing significant destruction in their wake as well.

With Mercury in Leo, this signifies a great desire and increase in knowledge and searching for profound knowledge. Well, this needs no examples! Even though we are at the start of the age, it is already considered this age’s specialty that we have learnt so much and developed the many fields of science. Now, with Mercury conjunct the Sun and also Combust, this can signify that this desire for knowledge is furthered and lead by rulers, with them funding this essentially, but also oppressing it, not allowing it to develop freely.

The Moon in Aquarius, in her Face, and Waning… I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this. The Moon does govern growth and health of body, so this could be an unfortunate sign for this, although reduced since the Moon is in her Face. Perhaps the Age will be marked by some ailment in the bodies of the creatures of the Earth (Causing coughing, oh no…), but the things of the Earth will get past this. Otherwise, this can further signify a desire for more occult knowledge and such profound insight. This placement is still rather favorable for the growth of plants. Perhaps nature will take hold more strongly, or there will be an increase of growth in that regard, but trouble for animals.

Mars in Virgo. I am seeing this as a distinct destruction to the Earth. I believe this may signify that industrial society will indeed collapse in this Age, and the Earth will have been significantly altered in this way. It may take another Age for the Earth to recuperate. But in any case, significant damage could be done. And well, I suppose significant damage has already been done! There may be trouble in growing and harvesting crops later in this Age. But I am getting the sense that this is somewhat more specific to mankind, with other natural growth springing forth. Perhaps what we grow will become significantly more difficult to grow, or that part of the ecosystem being altered in many ways, but with other species of plants thriving in the new environment. It could also be a result of industrial society collapsing and giving way for things to grow. But a lot of plant species will still suffer (Mars in Virgo, Saturn in Leo). Saturn in Leo could also signify that excessive heat (Global warming likely) causes this.

Jupiter in Capricorn, his Detriment. Al-Biruni says that Jupiter rules over Mankind, so I take this as further signification that industrial society will collapse and mankind will suffer for this. And since he is in the House of Saturn, further signification of new plant growth taking over, although this being an aftermath of a changing environment and other species of plants being destroyed or harmed in the process. In that way, the destructive force of Mars aids this new growth.

Well, that is a quick interpretation of what these placements might mean. I may return to this in the future. Of course, this is simply my own interpretation from a quick look at the Planets and more could be said.

You might be able to look at how a specific area will fare throughout the Age, and gather far more specific information from that, since the Houses can then be looked at along with everything that comes with it.


Brief note: When Mesarthim entered into Aries in 389 BC, The Moon, Venus, and Mars were in Aries. The Moon applying to a conjunction with Venus in her Detriment, and Venus applying to a conjunction with Mars.

These Planets in Aries alone signify great warfare throughout the Age. The Moon being conjunct Mars in Aries here can further signify that drive towards warfare. Venus in her Detriment here is also a significator of the suffering of Women in general. Warfare and the lack of rights and often times ill treatment of Women are indeed two things that were dominant throughout the previous Age.


Indeed, I believe that bees dying en masse is already having this kind of detrimental effect :frowning:


A bit earlier I came across a comment on Reddit which was this:

“There isn’t a religious angle to working with archangels.
They’re free agents despite the claims some assert.”

This struck me as rather strange, so I would like to speak about it.

This partially gets into the trouble of UPG and trusting direct spritual experience (Evocation, pathworking, etc.), as it’s not the first time I’ve seen this being said, and often times it’s from people who have a distaste for Christianity, or “Abrahamic faiths” yet want to work with Angels rather specific to that tradition.

Now, it’s very convenient that after thousands of years, suddenly, when more magicians have a distate for these faiths, they experience these Angels as being “free agents”. That is, they do not serve any God really. While in the past it was generally the reverse, and their names even often times refer to God, meaning things like “They who are like God”, and “Healing of God”, and “Hero of God” etc. (And we should know, a name is not just a name).

So, it’s rather bizarre to say that they don’t fit in a religious context either. Of course, they can be called upon in a syncretic approach and that has been done for a very long time. But to say they don’t fit into a religious context and are free agents seems to be more a product of bias than the reality of the situation, and with them being free agents already removes their title of “Angel”, that is, “Messenger”.

It’s good that the idea of UPG has been given more attention in recent times, but many still consider direct spritual experience to still be the solid “truth”, despite many magicians having contradictory experiences on the same thing. Of course, I am NOT saying that you can’t have accurate spritual experience either, but caution is advised.


@Dankquanicus what is your opinion on archons/parasites/psychic censor?

Parasites and the psychic censor seem to enjoy a consensus of being real

While archons are much more controversial.


I do believe in the existence of spiritual parasites, and I have encountered them once or twice in my practice, and consider them more generally as just evil spirits. However, I am doubtful that they are as prevalent as most magicians (On these types of forums, anyways) seem to think. I suspect a good deal of what other magicians call “spiritual parasites” are just them having seen illusory visions that their mind produced during ritual or often outside of it.
Traditional grimoires don’t really mention spiritual parasites too often as far as I’ve seen (At least, none I’ve read have actually mentioned them), but do mention evil spirits at times and evil spirits were often warded off in folk magick, so there’s definitely danger of evil spirits and it’s good practice to purify your ritual space or sacred space. It does seem that ritual makes you more visible as some say. Although, I haven’t seen a banishing ritual in traditional texts, rather there is general purification. So it seems that evil spirits are warded of if one is in a spiritually pure state, so they may not be as prevalent on such paths, hence the lack of a need for a banishing ritual (I’ll need to do more research on the traditional context)

On the Psychic Censor: I had to search around for that term a bit, and seems to be considered as something preventing one from seeing psychic phenomenon in daily life? Using that definition, it sounds interesting. I’d have to look into it more to form a proper opinion about it.

I believe you’re asking in the sense of how some magicians believe there are several beings who they call “Archons” that are said to prevent humans from obtaining union with The One or force them to reincarnate, preventing them from effectively ascending beyond the material world? “Archon” is a Greek word that means “Leader”. These magicians often also use the term “Demiurge” to refer to a similar being preventing people from Ascending.

I do use the word “Demiurge” in my philosophy/religious belief. “Demiurge” means “Craftsman”, in this context referring to the Creator of the material cosmos. To me, I don’t believe in an evil Demiurge, but rather believe the Demiurge to be entirely benevolent, as in Platonism. Similarly, “Archons” can refer to the Planets and Stars, etc. who I also believe to be very benevolent. I believe some of them have some ill work to perform that is necessary for the world to function. We, for example, could in theory perhaps have evolved with immortality (Although, I’m not knowledgeable on evolutionary biology!), like some Jelly-fish and other animals have evolved with immortality, because they renew themselves. But, most animals did not evolve to be immortal, because well, it’s not as effective to be immortal! Further, the plant kingdom is also the foundation for the animal kingdom. Without them, most animals would not survive, and that is still consuming something. The world is supremely interactive, and animals keep the plant life in check and in turn they keep the animals in check. And within these kingdoms, there are further species that control the population of species within their kingdom.

I don’t personally believe in an evil Demiurge or evil Archons. I believe it comes down to personal belief and perspective, however. There are also different ways to see the same phenomenon in the world.


So basically what you’re saying go with the established knowledge and not UPG= unverified personal gnosis because it’s fickle and easily corruptible.

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I would say that, yes. At least, UPG should not be held in such high regard, there should be an air of doubt surrounding it. And we have often seen people who really dig themselves deeply into a pit from trusting their UPG too much and refusing to reason.
Of course, this is not to say that UPG should be avoided. I have my own UPG from experiences, but I do not let it lead me, so to speak.

Recently, I discovered that Plotinus actually had a similar approach. To my knowledge, he himself had many religious experiences but believed that truth can only be arrived at through reason.


I would like to continue with this theme today.

It is pretty clear to just about anyone that industrial society is going to collapse, since this mode of living is quite simply unsustainable.

“Look, I’m no airy visionary, no twisted-truth Koresh,
not vaguely Nostradamic, anyone with eyes to see
can see the world’s a total fucking mess.”

As one example, it takes millions of years for oil to form, and yet we are burning through our oil supply so fast that it suggested that it will be depleted within around 2 centuries from now. In any case, every barrel of oil mined up and used up took millions of years to form.

With that, the collapse of industrial society and acceleration of global warming is not going to be as massive a catastrophe as it is often depicted as (that is, it is often depicted as everything dies). Realistically, things are going to get a lot harder in a lot of places, but this is not equal from area to area. Some plant species and animals will likely thrive better under the new conditions, while others will suffer tremendously. It is still a massive catastrophe, but not the end. It’s unlikely to be the end for mankind either, but things will be more difficult. As I said, in any case, industrial society is set for collapse.

With that, now may be a good time to focus on ecological magick. That is, pray to the Gods of nature and the spirits of the Forests and of the Earth that they may do well and these areas be protected and thrive. This world is full of spirits and is completely connected together as one unified body. We do not percieve the infinite spirits present within and over everything, that also ultimately drive everything on. So it is good to now focus effort on ecological magick and strive to have the areas around you thrive and be protected from harm, and do your gardening and ecological efforts according to the celestial cycles that it may proceed well. There are many ways to focus on nature.

The troubles ahead are unavoidable at this point, we’ve already gone too far to stop now, but we can hope to cushion the fall a bit. On an individual level as well, we could at least hope to help lessen the damage in some way.

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Beautiful people don’t need confidence, and powerful people don’t need to perform immense mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they are fine.


Yes that is right, but unfortunately beautiful people have confidence
They have what they don’t need it so much


That is definitely true a lot of the time, although I I’ve also met and seen beautiful people who lack confidence.

A lot of the time, for those seeking love specifically, their desire for confidence is really simply a yearning for attractiveness, the sort that beauty itself gives.

Similarly, for those in unfavorable cirucmstances, they may read all the “Buddhist” sayings in the world to convince themselves that they are okay, and everything is fine. Yet, this is really a yearning for a better state, for better circumstances. The powerful are themselves in good circumstances, and so need no convincing that they are fine.


Then how do affirmations work?
How does the subconscious work?

In my life from my experience you can change your circumstances with affirmations and guided imagery.

Did you ever try it @Dankquanicus?
In order to disprove a hypothesis in science you need to do an experiment and falsify it.

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I think there’s been some confusion. I don’t mean those who have magical power when I refer to the powerful, I mean those who have conventional power; That is, those who have great wealth, authority, or high station.

I am quite sure that affirmations and the law of attraction work for some, although I personally believe it is a power of the soul and not a law of the universe (hence, why it works for some, and not at all for others).

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i agree with you that some souls are more powerful than others and its crucial for the LOA to work.
but i argue that anyone can develop their soul to a high enough level to use the law.

so in my book anyone can become powerful materially

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Still really enjoy this song. Thanks for sharing.

Are you familiar with

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Glad you enjoyed it! I have mixed feelings about King Dude, but I really like that song from them!

Thanks for linking that channel! I feel I’ve seen their channel once before, but can’t remember for what song. I used to be quite into that kind of electronic music (And gothic style music in general), so will check that out!

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Sudden urge to make one hell of a correspondence list.