Journal of Electional Astrology

On the 5th of October in 2021, I ordered a book from overseas. I cast a Geomancy chart beforehand on whether or not I should order the copy I had selected, and this was the chart cast:

(The screenshot is of a recration of the chart I made on Georatio)

The Judge as Conjunctio, plus two Fortunate Witnesses, gave a positive answer, and showed me that the book will arrive. In the House Chart, I looked at the 5th House as signifying the book (Following John Michael Greer’s description of the Houses in his book 'The Art and Practice of Geomancy), and here the chart perfects by Occupation, a very strong sign that I will obtain the book. But, the figure in the 1st and 5th is called Carcer, meaning ‘Prison’. This seemed an ill sign to me, so I turned to John Case to see what he says of Carcer in the 5th House, and he says this:

This denotes the Child to be of melancholy Disposition, Saturnine, full of ill Humours; 'tis not good to Eat and Drink; the Promise shall be performed, but long [first]; the Messenger shall come safe, but shall [stay] long, and be in danger to be Imprisoned

—John Case, The Angelical Guide, page 174

Every scan and transcription of the text I could find has some parts of the passage obscured, but we get the idea - This signifies delay, but that it will arrive.

I ordered the book immediately after I interpreted the chart, ordering it in the Hour of Mercury (Fortunate for making purchases and orders), which was the only electional factor I looked at, the rest being unplanned, as I did not know more of electional astrology at this time.

I ordered it under the conditions shown below:

Now, 3 months passed since ordering it and I still had not received the book. As I understand it, this was because of restrictions in place from the pandemic at the time, but the seller gave me a full refund on the order as this was still much longer than expected. Eventually, I got a message that the order was received by the post office! There was additional trouble getting the package from the post office, but eventually I did indeed get it, even after much difficulty and waiting - Just as the Geomancy chart I cast showed.

Now, looking at the above Astrological chart, I placed the order while the Ruler of the Ascendant (Mercury) was Retrograde, and immediately, this signifies delays. William Ramesey says this regarding that:

Let not the Lord of the Ascendant by any means be retrograde, for it will occasion tardity and hindrance in any thing, although all the other significators were essentially strong and promising the effecting of the business; it causeth also much trouble and pains in the business, although naturally never so easy to be accomplished.

—William Ramesey, Astrologia Restaurata, Book III, Page 124

We’ll look at the Ruler of the 2nd House as the Planet signifying the book here as it is a moveable object and the action undertaken was to obtain the book. The Ruler of the 2nd House while purchasing the book was Combust (A serious affliction, which likely signified the trouble from the restrictions in place from the pandemic), applying to the Sun while he was in his Fall and applying to a Retrograde & Combust Mars in his Detriment at the same time, and the Ruler of the 2nd House was herself applying to Mars here, further afflicting her. The Ruler of the 2nd House was the Moon, who is also looked at in any election whatsoever, so this is doubly unfortunate. Considering that she, along with Mercury, also rule over travel and delivery, this is actually triply unfortunate.

As a general consideration, both the Fortunes were Cadent, but Mars was Angular while unfortunate and the Ruler of an Evil House. So, an added ill indication.

Despite all that, the Ruler of the Ascendant was well dignified by being in his Triplicity and Term, and Angular in the 4th House which also signifies the end of the matter. So, this was a fortunate indication, and the Ascendant was in a fortunate Sign as well, and the Ascendant and 2nd House just so happened to be in the same Signs as they were in during the Revolution of the World that Year, and the Moon was also in the same Sign then as the Ascendant was in the Election while fortunate by a Trine Aspect with Jupiter.

But with that, the Dispositor of the Ruler of the Ascendant, the Ruler of the 2nd House and the Moon (Who in this case was the Ruler of the 2nd House), was all Venus (Who was also the Ruler of the 4th House). So, she signified the end of the matter, but she was in her Detriment and applying to the Dragon’s Tail while also Cadent in an Evil House - Severely afflicted.

@hypn0s I’d be very interesting to hear your comments if you have any on why the Significator of the end of the matter was so unfortunate but the matter indeed had a good conclusion.


I’m not quite sure what was the question behind the geo chart (“Should I order this copy?” is vague to me on account of what satisfies the “should” condition), but I can tell you that the 5th house attribution in Greer is a misunderstanding.

5th house is the house of creation, because it is in trine (aspect of nature of Jupiter - the creator of the manifest) with the 1st house (life force). Also because Venus joys there.

Every signification of creation and Venus can be applied to this house:

  • Children (as the succedent of the 2nd angular triad, meaning what succeeds the father, symbolized by the 4th house)

  • Sex

  • Fun and parties

  • Arts

And what’s relevant here - books, but only the books you’ve written, as a result of your creationary act. The book/painting/sculpture/youtube channel you authored can be understood as your “baby”. Same applies to spells you’ve cast, by the way.

As to the “end of the matter”, it’s an overused concept. It’s only really ever relevant in court cases, where there is an actual “end of matter” at stake, meaning the verdict. It sometimes can be useful in medical astrology, too, but rarely.

The idea of applying it to everything was probably, originally, like many other such fantasies, just a last resort thing, when you either want to give a positive judgement but the chart doesn’t comply, or when you have no idea what’s going on in the chart and have to grasp at something.

A very similar strategy was once popular in horary - in case of doubt, look to the 11th house because it signifies the querent’s hopes and wishes. When you think about it, any question can be boiled down to “let’s see if your hope/wish comes true”, but to do that is nonsensical, because it’s a roundabout way of looking at the problem; and just like magick, astrology always takes the shortest path to everything.


I have often asked vague questions of simply “Should I X” through Geomancy and Tarot (As well as answered for others) and haven’t had trouble with it, as often times in my mind I understand that this means the action will have significant benefit to me or something of the like - Like in the chart above, my main concern was if the book will be of good quality, and if it will arrive to me. The book was of good quality, even if with some markings, and did reach me.

Thanks for the explanation of the 5th House! I generally understand that books themselves would belong to the 2nd House as a moveable possession (Hence why I look at it the 2nd House in the election chart), and the knowledge that can be gained from them in the 9th House (So, William Lilly and Al-Biruni assigns books to the 9th House). But, this is actually not so much a misunderstanding on Greer’s part, as he seems to be following his source material in this case - Christopher Cattan says the sort of knowledge contained within books belongs to the 5th House in his book on Geomancy, Book II, Page 90.

Even though it’s a strange attribution, and I don’t use it anymore (The above chart is from two years ago), it does seems to work, interestingly enough.

Very interesting! Thanks a lot for your comments! :slight_smile:


I didn’t say you had, just that I personally didn’t understand what that question meant, so I couldn’t comment on the chart because I wouldn’t know which houses to look at

Well, yes, that is different. I understood from the OP that you took H5 as the significator of the book, which isn’t the same as taking it as the knowledge that book “offers”. I also agree with Cattan here and disagree with Lilly. To me, when you’re asking whether you will learn something from a book you’re thinking of buying, the author of that book is H9 and his knowledge, that should be assessed, is his turned H9, i.e. radical H5. I suspect Cattan’s rationale is similar.