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I have a question for those who know astrology. What does it mean to have your Jupiter, Venus, mars and Chiron in the 8th house? Please and thank you!


I summon @Dankquanicus (because I suck at astrology)


I have not studied modern natal astrology, nor traditional natal astrology. Most of my knowledge is in traditional astrological magick and election astrology.

But from what I know, having Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in your eigth house gives them power over your death. So, they play a part in signifying length of life and quality and manner of death. The Lord of the 8th House is also important, as well as the essential dignity of these planets that are in the 8th House.

So, a basic question like this hardly reveals much, since this is something that is quite complex. But the natural signification of these planets might be taken to reveal quality and manner of death.

I believe @hypn0s has studied traditional natal astrology (and, in my post, by traditional astrology I mean traditional ‘western’ - i.e. European and Middle Eastern - astrology, to be clear) and may want to comment on this!


Thanks @Dankquanicus! I’d also love to hear any recommendations for books on astrology. I’m trying to decipher my natal chart so any suggestions would be lovely. Thank you everyone!


I remember from my astroleger that she mentioned that ‘Mars and Aries can indicate the places where you’re going to innovate and succeed’, if it’s placed on Scorpio I can think about sex, bank owners (yup), secrecy, poisonous things, what I call ‘plutocracy’, mental illness or distinctions.

Jupiter usually can expand (for the good and for the worse)
And I’ve heard that Quiron represent a fundamental wound, something like that.

And all of that sounds pretty vague, ngl.
It’s important to know ere this planets placed, if there’s a conjunction, an opposition, etc.

Astrology is just complex af.


That I agree! Just figuring out your own chart is a task.


Just like delineating any other fact or event from a natal chart, ascertaining the cause of death is a matter of compounding multiple testimonies.

I would consider:

  • The sign on the 8th cusp
  • Planets in the 8th house
  • The ruler of the 8th house
  • Fixed stars on the cusp of the 8th house
  • What’s happening in and to the 8th sign from the Part of Fortune
  • Where is the Part of Death and its ruler located
  • Placements of The Moon progressed through specific number of days from birth
  • Which malefic is the anareta
  • In which house does the apheta encounter anareta, if the death is brought about by a ray or conjunction
  • Fixed stars on the 7th cusp if death is brought about by apheta’s descension below the horizon

And a few more things

@Duchess Unfortunately, astrology isn’t as easy as “this and that planet in this house means this”. There are millions of people out there who have Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the 8th house but you’re not gonna all die the same way.


I’m not really worried about my death. If that was the case I’d simply ask. I was asking for more generalised answer to this placement. I would love any recommendations on any good books and such on this topic. Thanks @hypn0s! :grin:

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That’s the thing - there is no delineation without looking at the chart as a whole. If you shred a Rembrandt, you can’t expect to understand the big picture by the time you’ve finished looking at every piece of the canvas individually.

“Generalized” delineations of placements are really no different than glossy magazine sun sign horoscopes. There are millions upon millions of people with the placement you’re asking about, but it won’t work in the same way for all of them. Anything you might read by googling “Jupiter in the 8th house” is simply worthless, because Astrology is about the synthesis of forces that make up life, not their isolation.

Natal astrology cannot be learned from a book. Find a good teacher is a solid advice, and do not start with natal would be my best one. Learn horary first, and, preferably, electional second.


For your 8th house…meaning the occult or anything supernatural is the theme of your life. Jupiter expands your supernatural abilities and mars gives u supernatural power

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Hi there! The 8th House signifying the occult is more of a modern astrology thing, since in traditional astrology the 8th House signifies death, so modern astrologers attribute anything “Dark” to this House, as well as Sex.

Traditionally, the 8th House is the House of Death. Jupiter placed in that House is one case for a long life, your spouse being rather wealthy, and recieving good wealth from inheritances. Of course, this is altered depending on how well fortified Jupiter is or how afflicted he is.

The 9th House is the house signifying religion and the occult in traditional astrology. If Jupiter was close to the Cusp, then that can be a fortunate sign when it comes to religion.


Oops, sorry! I thought your post was a question, I didn’t realise it was a response to the thread! Sorry about that.


Based on my knowledge of astrology which is modern…the 8th house is the house of the unknown, supernatural, occult etc.