Dankquanicus Journal of Mundane Questions with Geomancy

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to post all here, but it will be regarding mundane (That is, world events, concerning nations and such etc) matters divined with Geomancy. But I have been inspired by @hypn0s’ journal looking at Horary questions.

I don’t have much experience casting charts for mundane questions, and not much experience looking at multiple significators in this way, but hopefully this changes that. I will aim to post readings divining the future before it the event has concluded.


Will Ukraine win the War against Russia?

Here is a chart I have cast with the above question. Ukraine is signified by the 1st House, with Fortuna Minor (The Lesser Fortune) signifying Ukraine. Russia is signified by the 7th House, signified by Tristitia (Sorrow). The 4th House signifies Ukraine’s land, which is being fought over in this war. It is signified by Puella (Girl).

I want to note that I don’t know much about the current state of the war at all or what has been going on.

Ukraine is rather strong and in fighting spirit, made strong by allies and outside influence.

It seems Ukraine will win the war, largely thanks to these outside influences in the war.

Russia is currently rather disheartened by how things have turned out, and they are not in the best condition, rather their status is rather poor. They may be resorting to more under cover operations, actions that are not seen.

Now, while Ukraine will win, it seems Russia will hold onto parts of Ukraine’s land or conquer more. Ukraine and its leader will be disheartened by this, but they will accept this, rather than continue the war to gain it back.

Ukraine will become more closed off in the future, and Russia will become more opportunistic, perhaps as a result of this land grab.

This whole situation will ultimately be to the benefit of Ukraine, however, serving them in the future and the long run.


I remember I judged a horary back in January about when they’ll invade and i got it right to the very day, but for some reason I’ve never thought about asking who’ll win. Good thread, we need more data on divining war questions. Following.


@Dankquanicus @hypn0s this subject horary astrology divination is fantastic. Keep on coming with it.


onto parts of Ukraine’s land or conquer more.

Dude this is wild. When this stuff was starting up, Decarabia told me to focus on “the favor of the land”. I have not done this, and this seems to align with what I was told a while back.
From my pov, your reading is right on the money.


For others that wonder why this can be talked about while other things are not - this is a planetary/celestial approach, NOT a distinctly political one. We allow similar things that have an actual OCCULT bend to them and are not mainly political or political with a thin Occult layer attached.

Discretion of the GMs, as we would have to answer for the content hosted on our systems.


Good call @norse900 this was a legitimate use of an awesome divination method on something that is common knowledge. It was done in a non political way too.



This is the content I’m here for :joy:

(Sorry Dank, going off-topic. But I am looking forward to much more of this. Absolutely fascinating.)


Thank you! And I want to add that this is not horary astrology readings that I am doing here on this thread. Geomancy is different from horary astrology but Medieval European Geomancy (which I practice) borrows the House Chart from Horary Astrology, and various techniques from it, translating it to Geomancy.

Geomancy seems to come either out of North Africa or the Middle East. There is a rather good case for it coming from the Middle East, as far as I have read. But it also spread to North and West Africa where it got developed into the Ifa system of divination.

So, European Geomancy borrows a lot from Horary Astrology, and so uses a lot of the same terms, but are not the same system (for anyone who might recognize the Medieval House Chart or look at the terms I use and be confused).


I’m so confused :thinking:. I’ll try to keep up.


I should clarify, Horary Astrology looks at the state of the Heavens to answer a question, but a Geomancy chart is cast with Earthly devices. I used Dice to cast the above chart, for example. The dice in this case are used to generate four figures by looking at the odd and even numbers of the dice, and from these four figures are generated the rest of the chart.


Well I can attest publicly that I’ve been consulting @Dankquanicus with his geomancy readings for going on 2 years now.

He is supra reliable!


Thank you my friend, it seems I’ve built up a small name for myself with this. I’m not a master, but perhaps I’ll reach it someday!


Your readings are the fire man! Everybody knows! :love_you_gesture:


Will the Taliban manage Afghanistan well?

I have cast a chart on the above question. Since this is about a foreign nation, I have rotated the chart to the 9th House. The House Chart displays this. The Rotated 1st House represents the people of Afghanistan, and the 10th House the Taliban. The 2nd House is the wealth and fortune of the people. The 11th represents the Allies of the Taliban and Afghanistan. The 7th the enemies of the people of Afghanistan, the 4th the enemies of the Taliban. The 12th the secret enemies of the people of Afghanistan, and the 9th the secret enemies of the Taliban.

I reckon the taliban will manage Afghanistan well in the future, bringing some prosperity to it. However, the Taliban may not rule for an exceptionally long time. Rather, they may not be in power for long (relative to these kinds of matters).

The people of Afghanistan are happy and rejoicing at the new rise of the Taliban.

The Taliban seem to be managing things aggresively currently, perhaps especially behind-the-scenes. They may be dealing with internal struggles, that is, conflicts on the inside. But they will calm down in the future, although they will become weaker with this, and they will be especially influenced by a large group of people, particularly their allies and the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s allies are strong and powerful, and can be a great aid to them. However, their allies do not have the people of Afghanistan as their best interest. Rather, their goals run counter to the well-being of the people.
With time, their allies will become calmer and more restful as well, and with this, weaker. Losing the larger of their power, or acting more passively.

The enemies of the Taliban are saddened by their rise in power, and feel disheartened at this. They can no longer act against the taliban directly, but they will act, and it seems they will especially target the financial wealth of the country. Perhaps trade restrictions, etc.?
The people will become in a worse state due to this, and they will become disheartened.

The chart does perfect, with the significator of the Taliban passing to the 5th House, and the significator of the people passing to the 6th. So the taliban will manage the country well, and particularly through improving the healtcare for the people, and through creating jobs. They will become in better condition due to this.

Now, the secret enemies of the taliban are quite aggressive and angry, and scheming in the dark, so to speak, and it seems they are actually of a neighbouring country. They may not do much damage to the taliban, however.

The secret enemies of the people are similarly weak and passive, not acting against them.

Now, this does not have a good ending for the taliban, as I said above, they may not continue long into the future as far as political parties go. They will suffer in the future at this, and will be weakened at the events of their downfall, and the country will likely suffer at this as well, with things changing for the worse.


Hello Can you make a chart for iran ! It is an important country in middle east for a wave of revolution.
Will these chaos and tensions lead to a revolution in Iran?


Excellent question! I will cast a chart on your question, and likely post it tomorrow. It’s very similar to another question I cast a chart on yesterday, which I am about to post about.


Will the riots in China incite political change?

I have a cast a chart on the above question. The rioters are signified by the 1st House, the opposition (Such as those supressing the riots) is signified by the 7th. Political change and power, and politicians, are signified by the 10th.

Now, I want to add, I’m not entirely sure how accurate my interpretation is. When I cast the chart, I was unfocused, and had just performed two other readings. I suppose we will see if my judgement is accurate.

I reckon the riots will lead to political change in China. The rioters will have at least some of their demands met. However, the extent of which I am uncertain. Because the chart does not perfect, I reckon it will not be most of the changes the rioters are hoping for, and potentially the changes will be something a bit contrary to what the rioters were asking for, but still at least somewhat satisfactory. This can open up doorways to further political change.

The rioters are strong and powerful, with great determination. Their opposition, those who are suppressing the riots, are not so worried about them. In fact, it may be that part (or a good amount) of the opposition actually agrees with the rioters.

The high politicians are seeking ways that they may appease the rioters, in a way that will be beneficial to the rioters. They are seeking opportunities for this, and are willing to make changes for the rioters.

Over time, demands may continue to not be met, so the rioters will become more violent in the future, spreading more chaos and acting more violently. The opposition will become more secluded, perhaps fortifying themselves and becoming less interactive with the rioters.

With the significator of the opposition passing to the fourth house in opposition with the tenth, the opposition’s actions are not conducive to political change but rather likely give the rioters further influence. Perhaps inciting more to the riots, or giving them influence through their poor conduct.

This will lead to a happy outcome, that will please the rioters. However, as I said, their demands are unlikely to be directly granted. Another resolution may be found, that still pleases the rioters.

This situation will not drag out for long, but is rather approaching its conclusion swiftly.


very interesting. Divination has always been a hobby of mine and I’d like to make it a profession.


Okay, my two cents for the next mundane event.

This year, Venezuela experienced some process (that we won’t go into detail to avoid the political trap). This process had the consequence of bringing back goods and trade, but the crisis is not over.

The question is: will this lead to a Venezuelan spring and further recovery, will everything remain the same for some time or the situation will devolve further due to the same crisis?