7 Goddesses

I plan to work with these Goddesses for the month of November and possibly into December.

The goddesses from this chant

Isis, Astarte , Diana, Hekate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna

I want to take this on because I feel a strong connection to them. I feel I need to work through some things and at the end I will have made myself stronger and better able to understand why certain things happen to me. With a clearer understanding of my abilities.

I will keep up my dragon work with Bune as well. Hopefully, setting time each week for that.

Hopefully, this journey will be a very fruitful one.

EDIT: this will take longer than a month so I changed the title, from the 7 Goddesses of November to 7 Goddesses.


I feel like several of these goddesses intermingle nicely, like like interlocking chain links. Building blocks.

I’ve decided to work with the goddesses I havent been known to work with first Isis, Diana, and Demeter.

Then I will make my way around to Astarte, Hekate, Kali, and Inanna.

I will start with Isis who in some ways shares certain qualities with Hekate. (Atleast to me anyway)

Here is some information on Isis. Just a brief informational link.

I love the Egyptian Pantheon so Im sure I will enjoy working with Isis. I have done alot of work with Set. So, I look forward to this working.

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I was working with Isis last night, meditating on her with this music playing

Music seems to always help me be there.

I was in what felt like a very dark room with Isis. There was a table with some items on it. They’re a bowl with dark liquid in it. It was I suppose a type of scrying bowl. She wanted me to look inside of it. I could magic in very raw form. It looked like energy , sort of like an energy ball or plasma.
It was moving and changing shapes sort of like it was responding to me.

Isis, told me that I had the ability to influence it. To manipulate it. She that I could move and bend magick to my will. Which I knew but sometimes we get caught up in other things and forget important things.

She said not only could I influence and manipulate my own magick but others as well.

She asked me why I saw others circles? Why I could I step inside and work with them. It’s because I can see and feel magick. I feel magick back to it’s core back to it’s rawest form. But I haven’t worked out the why’s of it all.

She wants me to take that raw magick that I see in the scrying bowl and work it into something I want it to be.

I wanted it to be butterflies and so beautiful butterflies flew up out of the bowl and into the dark room. You could tell they were magical. They felt magical.

Isis, seemed happy with this. See, you can manipulate magick to be what you want it to be. Think it, speak it, it will be so. Magick is not difficult. Magick is believing and knowing. Trusting yourself. Owning your magick.

Keep working with this over the next few days, keep coming back here and working with this raw magick. It should be as easy as breathing to work magick.

Once you master this we will move onto how to manipulate others magick just as easily.

I will be working with Isis, for a few days before I move on to work with the next goddess.

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I listening to the music again that I have for Isis, and I was looking in the bowl, and had the urge to just go inside the magick. To just become one with the magick.

Isis said thats right. You are magick. Feel the magick. Be one with the magick. Allow yourself to blend with and be magick.

As I was doing this just breathing and feeling myself as one with magick, I didnt realize I had moved to specific magicians circle, and turned his flames from a cool blue to a sensual pink.

I pulled myself back to the dark room with Isis and the bowl. She said it was ok. To just let go and be magick. Magick was taking me where I wanted to be and manipulating what I wanted, to just let go and be one with magick and to trust it.

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Note: I think something that I truly like about Isis is she’s known as a goddess but shes known as great magician. Its a unique thing with her. I feel like she can relate to me or me to her on so many levels.


Still working with Isis, meditating with the music. I realized something regaurding my circle readings. I could never really understand why I saw the flames with colors. At first i thought it was because some flames are orange or blue, like a regular fire or propane. But that doesnt explain all the colors I see.

I know the things I see inside a circle will always change because the magician is always changing and doing different things.

I also know that the flames indicate how well the magician is sheilded or protected. So, I know really high, hot, thick flames are good. Gaps in the flames or low flames means something is off, and some protection and sheilding work is needed.

But the color?

So, I keep seeing this certain magicians circle and last week they were orange and firey but this week they are cool blue.

What I have realized is that the color relates to two things, one the way a type of magick is being done, last week he was very aggressive, not in a bad way. Aggressive, like in his work, aggressively doing what he needed too. And the workings needed an aggressive stance. Hence, if he was doing aggressive work, his mood or energy came off as aggressive and so I saw that with the orange flames, :fire:

This week they are a cool blue, which tells me that this magician is in a more relaxed and calm state, He did probably alot of more aggressive work last. Which also makes sense with Halloween and usually big projects.

Now he is more relaxed and calm. The cool blue feels nice. Like you just sat down with a cold beer and are just unwinding.

Now, I understand a bit more about my abilites and Im thankful to Isis for helping me see this. 🩵

Hey! Already working for me!

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Isis, keeps trying to teach me something about magick that I’m just not quite understanding.

Instead of being angry or hurt, and lashing out touch the circle of the magician and put into it the desired effect.

So, if the circle is the shielding and defense of the magician but the color of the flames are the emotion or mood of the magician, touching the circle with the intent of the magician being in love, it should help lower all the defenses against love and change the color of the circle to a color associated with love.

Somehow it’s suppose to be a simple easy touch, that causes like a ripple. Like skipping stones on the water.

It’s interesting. And I hope to try it out.

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Isis, is really amazing. She’s taught me something else. Usually, I just look at the flames of a magicians circle and make note of the height, thickness, color, of the flames. Then I walk through the flames to get inside the circle.
Isis, has shown me that if I stand inside the flames I can pull magick into me. Building up my strength and power. So that once I step through the flames and into the circle , I could do think that are normally difficult to do. Things that would cause the magician to be aware I’m there and possibly leave my own mark in the ritual space.

I haven’t tried this yet, I’m waiting until I feel another magician doing magick and follow the pull to the circle.

So, that’s two things now that I want to try out.

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Its odd that I never thought of working with Isis so much before, it feels like everyday I learn something new and I know I should have moved on to the next Goddess by now but dang I keep learning new stuff.

Just this morning I was sitting in a hot bath thinking about how sometimes I do magick so easily and other times it feels like hit and miss but I know I have the ability to do it. Maybe sometimes I try to force it or think on it too much, but Isis said to weave the magick in. Like weaving something into a tapestry, weave what you want into the magick and into the world around you, and the finished project will be what you want.

I think I get why goddess are known or associated lots of times with weaving now. They have been trying to tell or show us how to do things all along. Maybe everyone else got that lesson and I skipped class that day? But it seems to make way more sense to me now.

It’s time to move on to Diana but I feel like will be coming back around to Isis again soon.

Here is some information on Goddess Diana.

Again I can see where her traits intermingle with other Goddesses, like Hekate.

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Working with Diana,

So far Ive begun to embrace an aspect of myself thar I kept puahed back, its something that Ive known. I live for the thrill of the hunt. I like finding circles locking in on them and getting inside.

I like knowing once Im inside its my game, I can can do what I want. Kind of like a cat playing with a mouse before it finishes him. Does that make me bad? Idk. But its the thrill of hide and seek. Whats the shielding like? The cloaking? How do they operate? Inside its like waiting for the moment to execute the perfect take down.

Its a rush, hunting and taking out my prey. Its gotten difficult to find a good challenge, like the ulitmate hunt. If there is a ritual with any type of blood, the hunt is easy, the prey just comes to me.

Ive decided to embrace it. Its part of who I am. I enjoy the hunt. I enjoy the game. Its like the ultimate rush.

I set my sights on my target and I dont stop til its done. Its what I do best. I said I was baneful. I tried to ignore that part. That I wasnt toying with prey. But the past few weeks have lead me to see what a huntress I am.

Diana, is teaching me to embrace the sides of me that I didnt want to face or acknowledge. But it takes all the peices to make the puzzle complete.

I am a hunter. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Once Ive got the target, I can the utilize things Isis has taught me , like weaving their magick the way I want it to go.

Im gonna be your hero whether you like it or not. :fire:

Diana, is also teaching me about patience. How to wait for things to come closer to you. To be silent and patient. To be strong enough to wait for what you want to get close enough that you can take the shot with a slim chance of failure.

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Diana, is taking me on a fine hunt indeed! But I still have to be patient and it’s so freaking hard to be patient!