What are the uses of Saffron?

I found this herb after attempting to connect with Astaroth. I was pretty shocked and excited about it as well.

I know its mainly used in love spells but is there anything else that I can use for?


Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Day: Sunday
Deities and beings (other than Astaroth): Eros, Helios, Sol, Sunny

Uses: happiness, healing, love, lust, psychic awareness, strength, raising wind, weather magic


Would you know any recipes for Astaroth?

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This is a potent herb ruled by the Sun (See, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, William Lilly, etc). It is also ruled by the Fixed Star Antares, according to the Liber Thebit version of the De Quindecim Stellis.

According to John Michael Greer’s ‘Encyclopedia of Natural Magic’, this herb was primarily used for protection, especially against diseases, and was used as an aphrodisiac.

Since it is a herb ruled by the Sun and Antares, I recokon the herb would be powerful for banishing demons as well.


I will get back to you on Wednesday sorry I am cramming for an exam.
What I do when I make a new recipe though

  1. Research a little if there are herbs specifically associated with the spirit
  2. Use the correspondences (element, planet, zodiac, etc…) to make a list of herbs that share 2 or more correspondences (changed to 2 because if just 1 it would be a very long list) . I use a spreadsheet for this and it’s posted here
  3. Connect with the spirit and go through the list- some may jump out as a strong yes, others may not- to narrow it down to like 3-13 herbs depending what feels right
    Hope this helps

Oh no worries, this isn’t really important yet anyways and I am sure I can find a few Herbs that Astaroth will enjoy, I also have a ton of Sandalwood.

It helps a ton, thank you.

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I think that there is a recipe in this book (I haven’t read it and don’t own a copy):