Essence or herb associated with the planet/ God Pluto?

:eyes: I’m trying to become familiar with that type of energy (I know, sounds stupid)


In his capacity as Lord of the Underworld, mullein for sure. Asphodel and cypress as well. As a stretch, aconite, which was said to rise from the foaming venom of Cerberus’s jaws. Aconite is extremely toxic however. Also pomegranate via his queen, Proserpine. Poppy and henbane (toxic) have strong underworld associations.

In a non-mythic context, I would go for plants that grow low to the ground, or do well in the dark, or have strong deep roots. Mandrake, for example (toxic). I would imagine yew would work as well (also toxic). Some modern magick practices involve offering dates soaked in wine to Pluto.


Thanks a lot for all the info, I’m going to try with the mandrake cause it is the only one that it’s available for me :smiley:

I tried to do my research and found out all that poisonous stuff (I remember that someone once told me that Angel Trumpet is Plutonian and I did not understand why at that time but I guess it is because of the venom) scorpions (duh, l know) & roots that grows underground.

And I consulted this with an astrologer and she said that Scorpio/Pluto influences over lakes, small ‘bodies of water’, blood, and it can be understood as a black void, cavities.

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I also like to believe Pluto IS a planet

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@Mythopoeia would root veggies also be underworld/pluto related?

Make sure it is European mandrake, not American mandrake / Mayapple!

I think I read that certain indigenous peoples would feed it to difficult children, to force a confrontation (and scolding) with their ancestors…

I would say so. They are the riches of the Earth. Pluto is as much about wealth as ruling the dead. But you won’t find any traditional sources on it, for obvious reasons. Saturn has classical jurisdiction over roots (and nightshades).


Also, when I was looking for other things associated with Pluto I found that Myrrh was used to bury bodies so most people associate their smell with the dead.

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