Benebell Wen & Western Astrology: Avoid!

Benebell Wen & Astrology

In accordance with the discussions below, I think it is safe to say the Benebell Wen is not a reliable source of astrological information. Quite the opposite, actually. She is wonderful for tarot, good for general Chinese esoterica, OK for (simplified and eclectic) daoist magick, and not at all recommended for western astrology. I’m not qualified to comment on her eastern astrological content.

You’ve been warned! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shout out to @Dankquanicus and @hypn0s for the insight and clarification :dizzy:


Perhaps someone experienced in BaZi could weigh in on her video below?


I don’t know it, but I know people who do. Those people don’t partake in freely disseminating traditions on social media.

Based on her knowledge (or lack thereof) of Western astrology, I wouldn’t bite. Even if it’s “good” by any metric, it’s a waste of time.

Western astrology cannot be learned from a book.
Jyotisha cannot be learned from a book
BaZi/Zi Wei Dou Shu/Feng Shui/Wen Wang Gua cannot be learned from a book.
Western geomancy cannot be learned from a book.
Ilm-al-ramal cannot be learned from a book.
Alchemy cannot be learned from a book.
X, Y, and Z occult Art cannot be learned from a book.

To really learn any of the above, you need a teacher. A good teacher is wise. She isn’t a wise person, she’s someone who sells entry-level diluted esoterica to people who think the mysteries of nature can be found on youtube.


I mean, they can. Mysteries of nature can mean just about anything. But I appreciate your overall message.

She does not seem to be reliable for traditional western astrology from what we have discussed so far, but what she says regarding the traditional western traditions in general should be further reviewed as well, because I remember here there seemed to a misunderstanding of something in Alchemy:

I have not studied Alchemy, but have a tiny bit of knowledge on it currently, but she seemed to have made a mistake regarding that. Although I’m not fit to say for sure. But it may be best to take what she says regarding traditional systems with skepticism.

One problem is also that she does not seem to cite her sources when it comes to these traditional systems as far as I’ve seen. So we’re not sure where she’s getting this from.

Now, what she says about modern psychological astrology is rather left to each person to judge for themselves through practice. Modern astrology in general is a bit difficult to judge, because often times predictions are very general. It’s different from traditional astrology where in natal astrology or horary astrology more concrete predictions are made and can be verified.

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