Elementals of the Arbatel?

Has anybody worked with or encountered the elemental beings listed in The Arbatel of Magic?

  • Och :fire:
  • Hagith :droplet:
  • Aratron :herb:
  • Phaleg :tornado:

If I’m understanding correctly, The Arbatel focuses on prayer and the use of divine names and seals, while Bardon’s system involves working with the elements and the corresponding elementals through visualization, meditation, and ritual practices. Would anybody be able to verify that?



These are not elemental spirits. If you read the Arbatel, they are presented as the Spirits of the Planets. So, the Magical Calander gives their Seals for the “7 Spiritus Planetarum”.

They are celestial spirits.

I have once called upon Och and Ophiel before, and I believe twice I have called upon Hagith. As well as Bethor once before as part of a different ritual to make holy water with a plant ruled by Jupiter.

Interesting spirits! I mostly used the ritual to contact them from ‘The Master Works of Chaos Magick’ by Adam Blackthorne (Excluding when I called upon Bethor), so not following the directions in the Arbatel. This was also before I learnt astrology (But the Arbatel only recommends to call upon the Spirits on the first Hour of the Day of their Planets). I’d need to interact with them more to give my own opinion on them. They feel very… Interesting. Hmm, different from the world, I’d say. It’s hard to explain. I’ll say, I currently don’t believe that they are the same as the Planets, however.

Edit: Important to note if you haven’t read the Arbatel - These are only 4 of the 7 Spirits. They are called the Olympic Spirits in the text.


Also, Phaleg as Air is interesting… since he is the spirit of Mars. But, Mars rules over Fire, not Air.
The other attributions do make sense. But again, they are not traditionally elemental spirits.


I have not; I’m currently reading through The Goetia of Dr.Rudd and The Practice of Magical Evocation in my newfound attempt to understand the post-pagan roots of western ceremonial magick.

Clearly I have a poor understanding of The Arbatel and will need to read the actual text. Thank you for yet more clarification Dank. Your knowledge is truly impressive :slight_smile:

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