Wealth Magick Square

Is candle colour important? If yes then ea had choosen bee wax candle and told for money, wealth choose green, so which colour ?

How to trace paper? Through tracing paper? Or just copying shall work?

Where can i find abhramelin square to trace off? Which book?

Considering ea a competent it took him just few seconds to gaze, what duration should a beginner gaze before burning it to ashes?

What to do with ashes after burnt? Just water it down in sync or just dispose in the air?

Can i just take printed square and trace over it with marker which is much simpler than normal tracing?

Why did ea used both pencil and marker?

Why not just put the square in photo frame and keep it in temple near dieties ?


And also is specific intention necesorry like give me wealth through, petrol pump buisnesses? Or a new job? Or new chicks for pimpin buisness?
Or i can just gaze at it without any specifics?

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If your using someone else’s work, it might be. There are years long associations with candles and color, so if it’s suggested they are usually tying the associations into it to amplify the work.

However, I never have the right colors, or i need it when I’m broke or a trip to town can’t happen- I use what’s on hand. You can usually find something about the color that supports your cause, so you can replace what they were using to amplify the work with something else sometimes- others you just don’t have that little oomph.

It won’t make a work fail to have the wrong color, it just adds to the energy in your favor.

On top of what you have. Usually you would print it; then draw lines directly on top of the printing to direct your energy through intent at the sigil, this preps it for opening/use.

I only need a few seconds personally, and that’s all anyone needs but. The beginner should spend 5-20 minutes doing this, while they focus on what they are doing, so that they learn to feel the sensations related and then can know that the few seconds the used were equal to 20 minutes of time. The practice develops the senses that will later help you to just know and just do without all the time.

Yes this is what he probably means, based on my experience with his work. I can’t be sure, I didn’t watch the video (I just don’t do videos).

The energy would constantly be flowing into your space. This can have negative affects on others including people and pets if you just let it be. The energy just piles up and can leave you feeling icky over time. It comes down to good spiritual hygiene.

The squares can be found by googling the abhramelin operation and then choosing one of the books written, I’ve read over a few but the information is a bit conflicting imop and good discernment should be used if your using an older operation for these squares.

There’s newer methods that are supposedly simpler and safer, like most types of magic but idr offhand which authors wrote them.

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I can’t answer this because I’ve not worked intimately with the squares.

In india there is isnt chritianity and all that stuff so a person can rarely find candles here forget about coloured ones, so in past sually burn it straight away from matchstick or lighter, and for diety fire feed etc used jyot(oil lamp) as that a way better feed than wax

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Dont what you said about cant qnswer this but you answered most of its, tha kyou so much queen

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I know what you mean, I’ve helped a few people in India and they were also afraid to let anyone know what they were doing.

I think I’m almost all cases you simply need to pause with the idea of what can I do instead at the back of your mind and wait.

Your subconscious will give a valid substitution.


I haven’t worked with them but maybe once or twice

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I am so grateful you told me not put those squares in frames becoz maybe in few weeks, i have a wall in my hope where i have put bunch of pics of dietis and sigils and i was about to also paste some squares there, but now i will not, but in india ppl have used Kubera squares in temples

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I’m sure you could do it in a way that was empowering, but you might need to consider setting up some sort of boundary to keep the energy where it belonged, banish as necessary if it became stagnant or heavy, and keep good spiritual hygiene practices.

A lot of us do have active and open things in our homes, but we also have active protection, and a good idea of how to handle it if things go awry.

So it’s not impossibly bad to do, but I would recommend getting a good handle on energy work and spiritual hygiene first, so that you are safe.

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Btw what what do you mean by getting stagnant and heavy, and need to banish, what does it feel like or in detail , or is it like in India they say dont keep supreme god shivling at home as its so powerfull energy radiatuon that one might not be able to tolerate it if isnt used properly, very explosive energy they say like supernovas, so ppl then resort to keep Shiva photo rather

And if you have protective diety in you home, woudnt they auto banish if required?

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To me it feels heavy, like the air has weight to it. How it feels to you will depend on you personally. That’s why it’s a good idea to practice banishing and resetting the energy of your space before you do anything- so that you can take care of it this happens.

If you’ve not figured out which of your senses your most likely to notice, and haven’t practiced these things, you might not even notice you have a problem, until you have a bad problem. Spiritual stuff can be rather subtle, and if you’re not used to it, having no idea the energy around you is a problem is common.

Similar yeah, people who aren’t used to can feel creeped out, sick to their stomach, have nightmares, and other spiritual phenomena that’s just uncomfortable, and if they aren’t familiar with it and what to do about it, it could be unpleasant.

If we were all taught how to protect ourselves and clear the energetic space around us, I doubt that would nearly as common of a thing, but worldwide we are not taught handle it appropriately imop.

That depends.

If it’s a servitor yes. They will probably alert you, take care of it you want etc.

If it’s a deity my experience is rarely. Most deity’s I’ve worked with have let me figure things out on my own- like when I’m being attacked spiritual.

They do this because it doesn’t do me any good for them to save my ass. If I can’t discern for myself I am being harmed and attacked, then J probably need to go backward and work harder somewhere on something.

How can I host a forum and help people, if I can’t discern between intrusive thoughts and psychic attack for myself? (Just one example)

So no, it always. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to learn how to notice things- rare is the entity that is not a servitor or spirit of the dead that will be there full time always to babysit you and take care of it because that does nothing towards helping you long term, and letting you figure out how to deal with it, actually does help you.

That doesn’t mean they won’t help when asked, or otherwise just take care of it for it, it don’t expect it- your path might require you to not rely on something outside of yourself.


I am quite impressed with your knowledge girl, you have managed to feed and satisfy my curiosity like never before, i hope someday you will get heavily benefitted and rewarded for such balance of knowledge and nature

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Thank you. :grin:

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