Complex Spell for Wealth: Knot, Candle & Tarot Magick, Goetia

My fiance recently ran into a difficult situation at work. We live in Europe and the war is resulting in an energy crisis. He was recently swayed to leave one employer for another with the promise of better conditions and a 20% pay increase- but this has been compromised by said war and energy crisis.

So, I improvised a spell using my intuition, experience, and what I have learned from:

  • The Elements of Spellcrafting (Jason Miller)
  • The Book of Candle Magic (Madame Pamita)
  • Knot Magic (Tylluan Penry)
  • Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (Scott Cunningham)

Phase One: Witches Ladder (Binding)

I went into the local woods and collected ivy and rowan, in exchange for a song. I sing this particular song regularly to them; it is a Lithuanian folk song about a rowan tree.

I cast a circle, reached out to Hekate, and began the binding. I tied nine knots in the ladder, using ivy to bind the employer to their promise and prosperity to them both. I used rowan berries to protect both of their finances. I powered it with the IO HEKA IO HO mantra.

This was done on a Saturday, in the hour of Saturn.

Phase Two: Tarot & Candle Spell

The next day (Sunday, hour of Saturn), I improvised a spell using six candles, six tarot cards, coins, herbs, a picture of my fiance, and several magical oils.

  1. Temperance, Abundance Oil, Attraction Lil
  2. King of Pentacles, Fast Luck Oil, Commanding Oil
  3. Two of Cups, Reconciliation Oil, Lavender EO
  4. Four of Coins R, Black Cat Oil, Road Opener Oil
  5. Ten of Coins, Protection Oil
  6. The Sun, Crown of Success Oil

I surrounded the cards with rowan, bamboo, and basil. I surrounded their picture with coins in the shape of a hexagon- the strongest shape found in nature.

Again I cast my circle, called Hekate, and powered the spell with the IO HEKA IO HO mantra. I charged, anointed, and carved each candle one by one, using them to tell a story. The employer is successful, adores my fiance, is true to his word, and they both make lots of money.

I burned them on a fire-safe surface that happened to be gold and feature a smiling sun. I placed a petition (written in gold and green) under the plate.

Phase Three: Petition to Duchess Bune

When my fiance returned home he burned a separate petition to Duchess Bune, asking her to watch over their short term cash and help grow their investments in the long-term.

In less than an hour, a friend called and offered €150 for a menial task. Hail Bune!!

Phase Four: Petition Candle

On Tuesday (hour of Saturn) I rolled the original petition that I wrote with a beeswaxed-wick into a sheet of beeswax, making a candle. No circle or Hekate, but I chanted the mantra into the candle and used visualization the whole time it burned.

On Thursday, we will petition King Paimon to ensure the employer’s wealth, good fortune, and success in business.

:warning::fire: Rolled petition candles burn hotter and less predictably than normal candles! Roll them tight, try to keep the petition paper small, and absolutely do not leave them unattended. They can crack ceramic plates, set fire to resin, etc.


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Thanks! To be more clear, the way I did it was:

  1. Spoke the “story” as I carved, charged, and anointed each candle.

  2. Retold the “story” as I lit each candle.

I should also note that it would have been better, and smarter, and safer, to have placed the herbs on the white plate. One of the rowan leaves caught a bit of spark.


We used another beeswax petition candle, adding dragons blood resin as an offering to King Paimon to amplify and empower the prosperity magic. We also used King Paimon Oil from Belladonna’s Botanicals, Abundance Oil, and Fast Luck Oil.

Burned in the hour of Jupiter. This time my fiance did all of the visualisation work.

The leftover wax is from:


I completely forgot that I evoked Bune that morning, asking her to oversee the situation. I also reached out to the local river guardian and genii locorum, with whom I have an active and positive relationship.


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I repurposed the leftover wax from all candles used in these spells, using this method.

I will use it in the New Moon money bowl I am planning.

Why an owl? Because I had a little leftover wax and an owl mold. I wish I had a silicon dragon-turtle mold, or cat mold, but alas I do not.


Inspired by @Arianna to go foraging for oak leaves, pondering my future money bowl, I came across this beauty:

Actually it’s quite hideous, but I can fix it up with some magickal painting. Cheers Universe for the Horn of Plenty! I’ve been wondering all day what to use for a bowl :slight_smile:


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