Vlad Dracula Tarot

Going through my stuff I found my Vlad Dracula tarot. I love Vlad. I have worked with him before on a Halloween.

Thought, Id practice a bit with this set. Its a fun set, but to be honest I havent used it all that much.

They have this pretty gold around the edges too :heart_eyes:


I shuffled the cards and asked a question.

Is so-so friend of foe?

I got Ace of coins

Prosperity, contentment, pleasure, finacial gain and money.

Considered most favorable of all cards in the minor arcana. The suit of coins is connected with the element earth and the idea that prosperity grows from the soil.

I will take this is as the answer being friend.

This card is most favorable after all. And it speaks of gain and favors that maybe alotted through this individual.

I need to play my cards right and keep this one close. And see how this card shows up and things manifest for me.

All in all i take this as a very good sign.

I just did a one card draw. Maybe I will do something a little more indepth later on.

I do like this deck, next to the occult tarot and my halloween cards. These might be my top three decks.



Since I have worked with Vlad Dracul before I thought I would ask the cards, Is there anything Vlad wants me to know?

I got six of cups

Simple happiness. The joy of celebration. Events from the past coming to prominence again.

I think what he’s trying to say is be happy. Enjoy the simple things. And celebrate your friendships and successes.

Remember your happy memories and find joy in sharing.