Tea & Tarot: Halloween Spread Work-Through

Tea & Tarot: Halloween Spread Work-Through

I want to learn tea leaf divination, get some tea magick practice in, deepen my relationship with the Fate Lachesis, and put my shadow tasseomancy & tarot rite to the test.

I am also fascinated with (and impressed by) @Laurel_Spider’s Halloween tarot spreads. So, I’ve decided to work through them all (minus the coffin spread).

I will pick one spread each Monday, work it into my tea & tarot rite, and record the results here.


Tea & Tarot: Ghostly Visions

I. Unseen: King of Coins
II. Unheard Voices: Two of Blades
III. Denial: Page of Blades
IV. Untouchable: Judgement R
V. Mask: Seven of Rods

A diving angel, pursued by a spider monster and a bird monster. A hound’s head.

In arguments with my partner I assume an air of superiority and don’t acknowledge how badly I can hurt them, or that I am capable of making mistakes in our relationship. I attack and deflect when I should listen and apologize. I act like I am better and my actions are justified. If they are hurt, I tell myself it is because they are sensitive and weak. If I am hurt, its because they made a mistake. Its not fair to them at all. I need to hold myself accountable and recognize that I fuck up, and their feelings are valid when I do.



Tea & Tarot: Witch & Broom

I used an incantation to Hekate Phosphoros instead of the Mercury of Luna planetary call. I did not take the planetary hour into account (it was Mars) or invoke Lachesis. Oolong, mugwort, anise, lemongrass with a very weak tincture of belladonna, datura, black henbane, and mandrake from Belladonna’s Botanicals.

I. Origins: Temperance R
II. Dark Night of the Soul: 2 of Blades R
III. Motivation: Page of Blades R
IV. Boons: 6 of Blades
V. Escape: Knight of Coins
VI. Avoid: Justice R
VII. Hazards: 2 of Elixers R
VIII. Direction: 6 of Rods R

A maggot. A werewolf warrior. Woodlands.


Tea & Tarot: Vampyre Thief in the Dark

I forwent the planetary call and stirred the tea (masala chai with anise, lemongrass, ginger, and chamomile) while invoking Lachesis. I added the same tincture from before. I didn’t take hours into consideration, but it was the hour of Saturn during a total solar eclipse in Taurus on a Tuesday (with a retrograde Mars in Gemini).

I. Leaving: The Hierophant R
II. Giving: Five of Coins R
III. Regulate: Judgement
IV. Taken: Knight of Blades R
V. Regulate: Page of Coins
VI. Change: Ace of Rods R

An enslaved land spirit. An old male ancestor.

Hmm. There may be an ancestral curse at play, looking at the leaves. Hierophant R indicates that hiding who I am is exhausting. I’m putting energy into moving forward (5 of Pentacles R), that’s not so bad, though I should be more discerning about it (Judgement). Knight of Swords R does make me think someone external is being an asshole, but it could be my own frustration. Looks like I need more grounding either way (Page of Coins). There’s a blockage that needs to be “busted” (Ace of Wands R).



Tea & Tarot: Bats in Flight

I didn’t take hours into consideration. I stirred an adlib spell to Hekate in hot cocoa with chai masala, rose, lavender, mugwort, anise, pepper, chamile, and lemongrass. This reading was for my relationship with an ubi I refer to as Daughter of Lilith, which has been stagnant for a year now.

I. Sleeping: Page of Coins
II. Waking: Page of Rods R
III. Beginning: Three of Blades R
IV. Wings: Ten of Coins
V. Flight: Four of Wands R
VI. Landing: Wheel of Fortune R

A decapitated mouse. A witch on a flying serpent stirring a cauldron in the clouds. A Xenomproph. A woman with a bundle looking over a cliff. An underworld ferryman.

There is loyalty, and a strong physical link (Page of Coins). There is also disappointment and unmet expectations (Page of Rods R). It began with me taking back my power, getting sober, and starting a journey of self improvement and spiritual evolution (Three of Swords R). Her view of me is very beautiful; she is committed (Ten of Coins). Mine is less inspiring; I don’t really feel the connection anymore (Four of Wands R). I would like to, though. Wheel of Fortune R is…an interesting card to represent the bottom line of our relationship. The tea reading is equally perplexing. I did not gain as much clarity from this reading as I had hoped for.


Tea & Tarot: Jack O’ Lantern Fears

I. The Top: The Lovers (R)
II. Eyes: Ten of Rods (R)
III. Mouth: Queen of Rods (R)
IV. Pumpkin: Knight of Elixers
V. Flame: The Empress

Spirits descending upon a person in sleep paralysis.

I have deep-seated trust issues and a high hostility attribution bias (The Lovers R) and I don’t like opening up about what I carry (10 of Rods R). I don’t like admitting when I do not feel in control and do not do well with authority or submission (Queen of Rods R). My own emotional immaturity flies in the face of my self-image (Knight of Wands R); all things that need to be worked through before I find my real power (The Empress).

Night terrors are also a real goddamn problem. I had one just last night; a spirit came to me in dream and condescendingly demanded that I use my amulets to ward it off. The only read I could get off of it was the letters “R A V” in a triangle.