Two-Faced Doll Binding 👥

Two-Faced Doll Binding

“Causing two people who give me grief to make each other suffer might fall into the “evil witch” category of behaviors. When irritated long enough, I turn people who treat me like an enemy against each other.”

~Diana Rajchel

:point_right: This is Diana Rajchel’s spell, and much of it is her exact wording. If you like it, please consider purchasing her book (reference at end).


  • Paper Doll Poppets (2x)
  • Pen
  • Your Hair
  • String / Thread
  • Optional: Lemon
  • Optional: Knife

Step One: Prepare Poppets

Write the name of your targets on the paper dolls. If you don’t know the person, write “troublemaker #1” on one and “troublemaker #2” on the other. Place your hair on top of one of the dolls as a decoy: this will make them read the other person as your signature.

Step Two: Bind Poppets

Lay one poppet on top of the other with the hair in between them. Wind the thread around the packet. If necessary, fold the dolls into tiny squares. You may want to say something as you bind, such as:

I tie you to the other,
I entangle you together,
You are each other’s trouble,
And you can stop it,
Or you’re stuck forever.

Step Three: Freeze Poppets (Optional)

Slit the lemon with a knife and stuff the packet in, then throw it in your freezer. The pair will be stuck sending negative energy to each other thinking it’s you until you have mercy and take the packet and/or lemon out of your freezer.

Ref: Hex Twisting (Diana Rajchel)


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