Rose & Damiana Love Jar Spell 🌹🫙

Rose & Damiana Love Jar Spell

This spell is a straightforward modification of Juliet Diaz’s “Damiana Love Box” (Plant Witchery: Discover the Sacred Language, Wisdom, and Magic of 200 Plants). Diaz drips red wax over a wooden box; it makes more sense to me to do this with a jar / bottle.

This is a spell to either cultivate a romance / relationship you are in, or bring back a lover who has strayed- assuming they still have feelings for you. This is not a domination-style spell, but could be modified into one (see this list of recipes featuring love domination oils for inspiration).

I would do this in ritual with an entity like Freya, Duke Sallos, Hathor, Haniel, etc. Hekate has also been called upon for love magick (more like bindings though) in the PGM for example.


  • An empty box
  • A picture of you and your partner
  • Entwined strands of your hair
  • Anything else that symbolizes your relationship
  • A handful of dried rose petals
  • 1 rose quartz
  • Affirmations or love poems to invoke the kind of relationship you want
  • Images from magazines of what you wish to manifest
  • A handful of dried damiana
  • Red candle

Step One: Intent

Diaz says to “write a letter of intention for the love you will share, and place it in your box”. I would make a sigil instead, or write a simple petition. If your jar is large enough, you could fit a letter in with the rest of the ingredients. I have had fantastic results with writing petitions on dried Solomon’s Seal leaves.

Step Two: Content

Diaz says to “add all the items except the damiana and candle to your box. Sprinkle the damiana over everything.” We can do better than this. Cleanse your herbs and items first (incense, mantra, mudra, energy, etc.) Use intention, visualization, and words of power to charge each item. Braid the hair and pour your intention into it; employ knot magick if you’d like. You could anoint them with magickal love oil as well.

Step Three: Ignite

Diaz says to “close the box and light your candle.” Again, we can do better. Work in a candle spell. Cleanse, consecrate, and charge your candle as you did your items. Carve your sigil, if you made one, into the candle. If you did not make a sigil, carve your intent upwards. You could carve in symbols of love, such as hearts or the astrological glyph for Venus. Consider working in one of Jason Miller’s advanced planetary calls:



Sound out the second syllables a bit longer than the first syllables.

Make sure Saturn is not retrograde if you choose to do the second one! Ideally Venus would not be retrograde either. Avoid a waning or dark moon (unless you are binding / dominating).

Step Five: Seal

“Drip some red wax all over the top of the box. Sprinkle more damiana in the wax and allow it to harden. Keep the box under your bed or in a safe place.”


  • Plant Witchery: Discover the Sacred Language, Wisdom, and Magic of 200 Plants by Juliet Diaz
  • Advanced Planetary Magick by Jason Miller

Why isn’t something of the target braided or knotted? Knotting the lovesick’s hair without tying it to the target seems almost like a self-inflicted working. I may have missed something. It is late. Apologize, if I did.


Damiana will increase your sexual desire and ability, well at least it does for men. The Elixir is best, but tablets will do. Just overdose. You won’t die, just overdose. Also works as an attractant. I used to use it and it’s great - just don’t follow the directions and remember that the elixir is alcoholic and tastes bad.

Just saying.


Your own hair is braided with the hair of your “beloved” :slight_smile:


Lol, I figured I was having a dense moment. Thanks, Myth.


No worries - it wasn’t too clear from the text. Good that you asked, so it is clear now :slight_smile:

  • Damiana
  • Catnip
  • 3 Drops Vetiver Oil
  • 13 Drops Rose Oil or Lotus Oil
  • White Rice
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Rose Quartz Crystal

(@Arianna, in case you are still interested in love rice)


Love this guy. Amazing channel!


Agreed! I’m going try his bats blood ink recipe soon :bat: :drop_of_blood: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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It’s the laundry washes… for me

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Do you have a favourite? I tend to just add a few oils in.


I love bats heart ink and dragons blood ink and doves blood ink. I used to have a shop where I could buy all those kinds of goodies, goofer dust, coffin nails…

Those were heady days.


In the Philippines?

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No those were back in the states 20 years ago when I was first starting in the occult.