The worst thing you've done to an ex who effed uo

Ok, so I’m in a bit of a mood this morning as I feel like someone I trusted lied to me over something inane and stupid.

So, they will have a little lesson on lying to someone they know fucks with powers beyond their comprehension. They are Catholic too, so that will make it even more fun as I get a particular joy messing with Catholics (was raised Catholic and was pretty devout for a while there). The one rule I had was “don’t lie to me”. It’s not even a big lie, it’s the fact they thought I was too stupid to see the lie that irks me.

So, as I’m done letting people walk over me (especially with the power I and the rest of us here have at our fingertips) I’m going to punish him for his impudence.

My question is, what’s the worst thing you folks have done to a liar? Do you have any suggestions? I’m keen on the idea of him losing his ability to talk as it’s an integral part of his job or him losing his job. Doesn’t have to be that, it can be something much more entertaining for me. So any and all stories, suggestions and anecdotes are appreciated.

Love your work ladies and gents :hugs:


Talk to Baal or to Loki are my suggestions here.

In general, end goals are most important to my curses because I want to be working for and toward something specific, also I tend to handle more energy that I usually do with these workings so I like to always have a direction to be pointing it in.

Once end goals are determined, I come up with something fun. Like making a poppet, writing enchantments, finding/buying pretty stones to use, etc.

Then, I do some energy (binding) work and wrap my target up so they can’t get loose, that would be a shame if they got free before I was done.

And then, once I have all my plans drawn up, I figure out how/when I want to hold ritual and go through with that. Ritual includes the fun bits and also the more serious ones. My view is, if magick isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong. And, I think it’s important to shake out all the dirty feelings with curses, give it away and let the magick do it’s thing.

I’m opposed to sharing curses in depth, so sorry I can’t offer more than the things I’ve already posted currently (but if you have pointed questions about something I have background in I’ll do my best to answer). I’d say obsessions, but those can get dangerous, other than that divesting people of their ‘souls’ looks to be quite entertaining and so is/does tearing people’s energy apart and scattering it around/anchoring it in strange places.


My main goal here is to take away his ability to lie, so something that will affect his speech would be ideal.

Have already made a poppet especially for him, filled with seething rage at being taken for a fool lol.

Now THIS sounds fun. Coupled with the loss of the ability to either actually speak, or to be understood when he speaks sounds like it could be pretty entertaining lol


I have thoughts.

  1. The worst thing I ever did to an ex was leave them behind and move on to be happier.

  2. The Egyptians might scratch out the name and desecrate images of them. Put their name or image on the bottom of your favorite shoes perhaps.

  3. I would give a warning not from any place of morality, but that such magic tends to bind us to things more than it separates us from them. For instance which would separate you more form a culture you hate: intentionally seeking to upset that culture ie through shock, or being completely apathetic to that culture? It’s the same with this type of magic, where even if the energy you focus on the person is negative, it’s still more energy than just not caring about them anymore in the truest sense.


See, the thing that’s annoying me here isn’t the content of the lie. I can kinda understand it. What’s annoying me is they felt the need to lie to me over something so bloody inane. This is a person I’ve never asked for help, and if I did ask them for something, I always paid them fairly. I feel as though I’ve been used. Which, in itself doesn’t bother me, by why the lie? I don’t appreciate being taken for a fool by someone with the IQ of room temperature on a cold day.

So while I will move on, I cannot abide someone doing something like this and acting like they’re some great guy. And if the universe needs help showing him for what he is, I am more than happy to help. However, generally j would entirely agree with you.


Fair, then I’d give the Egypt stuff a shot!


When I was in the Army, my sister’s boyfriend had a history of cheating and playing games with her, even when they just had a kid together at the time. Court cases were happening over child custody. His family is Mexican, and the half-lived in Mexico periodically. So if he got full custody, his Mexican-ass family could just take the kid back to Mexico if they wanted, or at least just cut my family off from the kid. (If they did, I would have cursed his whole family HARD anyway)

So in my shaking rage, I called on Samael who was present with my during that time in the Army. I focused on images of violence on the guy, and said I didn’t care if he died. Roughly a week later, he got mugged outside a gas station by 3 dudes and ended up in the hospital for a few days, severely bruised and cut up. I found out 2 weeks later when my sister called me and said it happened a week ago. His relationship with my family gradually improved after that.

That was a few years ago. They’re married now, live together, and he gets along with my family miles better today.


It depends on the scale of the lie. If it is something trival that just annoys me, I play along until I find the proper point where thwy contract the lie and say something like “Hold on, I thought you said (insert lie).” This usually knocks them off their guard and I just keep at it while they try to back track, visualizing their panic as a stream of energy to take in with my breathing. It is kind of like a cat playing with a mouse while taking back a little of what was stolen from me in the first place.

If it is a serious lie that has caused major harm(lose of employment, physical conflict, etc), I just break out the Master Curse, which throws a lot towards the target to where they are too distracted to cause any further problems.

Bindings such as a Nailing Down ritual or the beef tongue binding could definitely come in handy. Various paths have some pretty effective ways to deal with liars and gossipers. On youtube, I have found Cresent City Conjure pretty inspirational for ideas to experiment with.


It’s not a massive lie per se, like it won’t seriously affect my life.

The gist of things is this is a person who I’ve NEVER asked for help before. I’ve never asked them for anything other than to be honest with me. I was short of money and asked if I could borrow money to fix something they pretty much fucked up. They lied and said they couldn’t help and made some bullshit excuse that I KNOW was a lie. Now, if they’d said “sorry, I can’t help right now” or even just flat out said no, I could respect that. But the fact they told me a blatant and obvious lie is what upset me.

So I don’t really want to hurt them, but I don’t appreciate being a) lied to, b) treated like I’m stupid and c) dismissed like that.


These are all excellent and appropriate boundries to have. From my perspective, which is limited bc I’m not you, it sounds like the heart of the matter is you want boundries. You want a boundry in which you are respected and treated with care and not carelessness. Maybe have a chat and look into spirits who are associated with boundries.


Completely reasonable to want boundaries respected. For a less aggressive approach, @CosmicTofu’s suggestion is a good one. I have found Baal a good one for helping with establishing boundaries.


With all due respect, why ask this question of yours? Are you looking for sanction for doing the ex some ill? You’ll not have it from me. If you are confident he did you dirt, you should be able to frame a suitable response on your own. If you’re not confident, don’t strike. Half-hearted blows are rarely effective, ever unseemly as to aesthetics. My best advice is to use your own creativity and judgment. That’s one of the goals in our practice. As a man wiser than myself put it, “Wit (know), will, and wager—but be silent throughout.”

Why ask anything at all, on a discussion forum no less? Perhaps for discussion?

Sometimes people just want to talk here. And sometimes we ask each other for help, about experiences, or for recommendations.

It’s not about not having any ideas or the ability, as you’ve rather rudely suggested something about using half-assed means. Sometimes people just like to talk to with others, especially about magick on an occult forum.

Also, you may be interested on the rule regarding moralizing.

Anyways, interesting advice on making sure to go all out when going after someone, I’m definitely someone that often agrees with that sentiment!


The purpose of this post was, as stated, to find out what others have done in a similar situation to my own. Often the best advice of what not to do comes from tales of others. Whether they care just to share a funny anecdote, a litany of woe or an honest piece of advice based of their experience with a similar situation; I was interested to hear it all.

With all due respect, I care neither for your or anyone else’s sanction on what I do magickally or otherwise. I was merely interested to hear other’s experiences and their suggestions based off the info provided within the post and subsequent answers.


Nail, meet head lmao


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Theres stuff I’ve done (with help from friends and aquantiances :heart: ) that I won’t ever speak about with anyone outside of it.

What I will speak about publicly is I’ve also done the typical things like freezer and binding spells.

Best thing I’ve done, however, and course with the help of Azazel, Lucifer and Lilith is realize my self worth, grew into a woman warrior , and I grew a stronger back bone , and developed empowerment to no longer be that timid girl who allows abuse and mistreatment. Because of that, this piece of crap lost all control he had over me, destroying his energy, resulting in him feeling worthless and his mental state spiral out of control …What can I say, its fun to watch him suffer like that …brings a smile to my face everytime… :woman_shrugging:t2:


I relate quite a bit to the last part of what you wrote.

My son’s father was an abusive alcoholic who made me into a shadow of the person I was when we met. I credit my son for getting me out - my desire to protect him outweighed my fear of his father. And I credit my spirit teachers for giving me the strength to stay gone and putting me on a path where I am in full control.


A Banishing ritual, properly directed at a target is always great value. Sometimes I just used to repeat the ritual when the mood struck me, as it seems to shape the Morphic field.

My ex pissed off and married a bloke overseas. I held nothing against her. Later, as lonely, stormy afternoons gave me the time, I began to put certain disjoined pieces together and slowly but surely realised horrid things.

In 2006 I performed a working - in unrelated matters - that attracted a Sprit or Spirits. I’ve never made inquiries. Since that time this entity or entities have been looking over me and doing things on my behalf. A few days ago I was saved from a minor motor vehicle accident by head messages. Anyway, long story short, I’m a heavy pipe smoker and the guy she married wasn’t a smoker at all. After some years of what appeared to be blissful marriage, he died of lung cancer. Both were half a world away from me.



So are you trying to get rid of the unasked for help? This reminds me of the tale where Henry II’s outburst got ol’ Thomas a Beckett murdered.