Favorite Curses for Internet Stalkers?

I’m having an issue with someone online. Hitting me up across multiple platforms, making new accounts to talk to me, asking for free services, wanting very niche information even though they can’t handle basics, etc.

I’ve done a rite already with Belial so that Belial can take this person off my hands. I’ll be meeting with him again soon to see if he has any updates he wants to share; if he’s decided not to hamper this person’s ability to communicate with me, do any type of magick at all, etc. for a little while due to whatever reason he has, then I’m going to consider some other routes. I’m getting very annoyed very fast. (Lucky me they seem interested in spirits I have great long term relationships with.)

So….other than like offering a soul to Belial, having obsession creep in and destroy sense of self, and having Sitri exercise his wicked side, I’m wondering if any of you have fun spells, enchantments, rituals to get people to just leave you the fuck alone? (Fun & serious rites, magick isnt worth it for baneful if it’s not fun :smile:)


Only curses ? Because there is a protection ritual (for stalkers) in one of Damon Brand’s book, the Magickal Protection one.


I don’t need protection, I can handle being annoyed. I want them to feel it and go away.

This is punishment style I’m looking for.


Oh I see ! I’m sure a few people will give you good ideas for that :rofl: :smiling_imp:


I originally did this because I had an anonymous hater who kept stalking and spamming one of my Tumblr blogs a while ago. Even when blocked, kept switching IPs, screenshotting and harassing me.

I embedded a picture of Sabnock’s sigil into my icon (opacity overlay like… 3%? Basically unnoticeable). Within a week or so, hater fell extremely ill and their blog was deleted.

I’m sure you can alter that with another spirit and inflict some other kind of damage.

In terms of petty baneful, I made a custom sigil, digitized it, then embedded in my blog/pages that basically makes [people who are against me/bother me] eyes hurt for scrolling on my page too long. It’s simple, but I think it’s funny.


My favorite type of baneful!

I’ll definitely consider some sigil work. Thanks for the recommendation.

Congrats on your magick with it!