The Differences of Clauneck & Mammon

It’s known that Clauneck and Mammon are very popular among the infernal occult scene, but it’s mostly Clauneck who gets most of the fame. From my meetings with Clauneck, it seems his nature greatly differs from Mammon. I was wondering if people would be willing to share their experiences with how Mammon works with them. (what he tends to do, how he acts, etc.)


Just wanted to say I love the topics you’e posted about so far!

I haven’t worked with either of them. I have heard good things about Clauneck, though! Maybe @DarkGodofQlippa had some wisdom to share, here?


Thanks! I love talking with people about personal accounts and experiences with spirits.

Clauneck appeared to me with slightly wavy grey hair, a stronger angular face, and black form-fitting clothes with decorative gold accents. He also spoke with a high-class English (UK) accent. His whole image and tone was like a renaissance-era English nobleman merchant. He was curious on me and helped briefly with my investment plans but then he lost interest.

Mammon is more of a mystery to me, and many people have different opinions on him. So I thought I would openly ask.


I never resonated with clauneck, had some excellent success with Mammon though.


What I have seen (from other people) about Mammon is that they call him a lot (and I mean A LOT) for gambling. And seems like they do have success.

Clauneck, again, according to people, seems to be more general purposes regarding money.

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For me Mammon seems to teach about money and how to go about gaining wealth.

Where as Clauneck is great for those in a pinch times when you need fast money.

Or that’s how I have experienced them.


I’ve always used Foras for treaure magic. They were actually the first spirit to tell me, “Treausre can also mean TREASURE, ya know… not just things you’ve missed or forgotten!” Ever since then, i’ll use Tzadkiel for a windfall here or there, but Foras is amazing when it comes to treasure AND invisibility afterward for preventing people from noticing it and getting envious. Haha

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Foras is great for finding investments with potential. He helped me on multiple occasions, and quickly. He even brought people to network with me and I found some great upcoming opportunities because of it. He is a business man’s demon that is very underrated. He bestows charisma and charm, too. :fire:

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I recently heard that clauneck is like a servitor or part of Lucifer…

I wouldnt doubt that hes an extension of Lucifer’s power. But a servitor, likely not. I think he’s more a close agent, someone who acts freely but still obeys him directly.

Paymon is A free acting king that closely obeys Lucifer, like one of his chancellors.

Astaroth is a “free agent” type too. Though I do think him and lucifer are not so compatible. He seems to very much have his own agenda. I do have reason to believe Astaroth’s actually falls more under Satan’s power.

Zagan also seems to be “his own agent” of the larger Qliphothic agenda. No particular masters.

I’ve also observed King Balaam’s possible autonomy as a draconic Jinn ruler, but also a necromantic “void ruler”. (Most likely)