Study Spell?

My best friend asked if we could do a spell to help her focus and study. I’ve never done one, and while I could make one up or google it, I wanted to ask the forum if they had a go-to spell? She is not chill with demons, so no petitions to King Paimon or anything like that. Thanks!

Maybe @Czar ?


Not a spell- my suggestion would be to charm a bracelet or something. I guess there’s a spell involved in that, but it’s not just a spell?


Oh, good idea; she’s very artsy and would love that. Thanks!


Gabriel can help with discipline and focus, if your friend is fine with angels. She could also make a vision board, she brings the art, you bring the magick.

I suggest looking into why exactly she is having trouble studying, then you can craft a spell that will bring about the best results.


Thank you @Celestia!


happy to help :hugs:


I would probably do a candle + jar spell and carry the jar to class/exams with me including herbs, stones and talismans associated with improving learning capacity, memory, stamina, reducing procrastination and anxiety (if they are issues). Anxiety can really affect test performance. There are some binaurals in YouTube that help with those things too.
Other things to work on:
Gaining the favor of the professors/teachers (maybe a separate jar spell) so they’re more willing to help

Instead of jar spells, could also make a gris gris bag or sachet with the same herbs and stones (if doing a gris gris, it is recommended to do odd number of ingredients between 3-11)

Create or use a sigil (or a magic square) for her academic success, which can then be drawn into notebooks, textbooks, other school supplies.

Wednesday is a good day for academic/intelligence type spells

I will update with more when I think of it


Oh I should have mentioned she’s a PhD researcher; she doesn’t have classes or exams. She has to write and publish papers, present her research, and pass a defense.

Thank you @Czar ! I’m going to make your study tea recipe for her as well :slight_smile:

We’re going to make a simple Mercury talisman on the 17th (good election, but early af in the morning :unamused: ), an oil for candle spells, and the tea. I think a sigil for her is a good idea too! Then she could carve it into the candle, or keep it near her when she needs it.

She isn’t witchy, so I think having a tea blend, dressing and lighting a candle, and putting on a piece of jewelry when its study time would be ideal for her.


I have listened to an hour of this in the past to see if I felt “off”. I didn’t

I have used several for our various friends studying in the past.

Helios as described last night.

Bune came forward again for business and schooling. 2 candles.

Aim for increasing Intellect.

Vapula for Science and Crafts. 2 candles.

Foras for Logic and Intellect. 2 candles.

Phenex for the Sciences.

I’ve recently use Paimon to help someone in the Sciences, too


I think the runes ansuz and sowilo can help


I’ve also been keeping a list of crystals that can help with studying/academics:
agate (green moss agate, stone agate, white agate), aventurine, azurite, calcite (blue calcite, honey calcite, optical calcite), Carnelian, dumortierite, fuchsite, fluorite, Galena, garnet, heliodor, Hematite, Jasper (mottled Jasper, red jasper, yellow jasper), kyanite, labradorite, larvikite, Lepidolite, mica, muscovite, opal (fire, green), pumice, pyrite, quartz, spodumene, tiger’s eye, yttrium fluorite


Thank you everyone! :slight_smile: ( :nerd_face: )


This is just what I needed to find!


You cheating bastards!

Ps. That’s a joke.


Study Tea! With a little help from Mercury.

  • Mate
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tulsi
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme

I experimented with calling Nachiel and Sorath through Helios. I didn’t feel any tension or conflict. I asked them to bless a ring for her, to feel confident and shine when presenting her research.

(Sunday, Hour of the Sun)

We also enchanted a bracelet in ritual with Mercury during the excellent election yesterday, to help her focus.