Silencing Spell?

Silencing Spell?

Does anybody have a go-to silencing spell that isn’t a cow tongue curse? Maybe a jar or freezer type spell? Preferably baneful. Thank you!

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I haven’t really used a freezer or jar spell for silencing @Mythopoeia, I’m curious about this as well.

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Ask Ba’al to make them croak like a frog whenever they open their mouths to speak? Before you come at me for posting fantasy trash, this is a real thing. It’s not gonna be a cutesy “ribbit-ribbit,” but it’ll do something funny.

Aside from that, cut their astral/etheric/energetic tongue out—or their vocal cords. You can summon them into your space to preform your ritual or you can project to where they are. You can take things out or preform bindings this way. I’m kind of changing over my style a little bit to be more “hands-on” which is why these are my current recommendations.

But it you want something that just works but isn’t super fancy or ritualistic, put your energy into a spell and let it go. I’ve silenced people using only words and killer intent before. You speak your spell/curse with all your passion and then blow it away and it goes to grant your wishes. See it forming as you say the words, see it manifesting as you release it. And then wash your hands of it and go about your other business.


well that was the best possible answer :joy:

That is inspiring, to say the least. Thank you!


It was done to me

I had my voice ripped out of my throat in february this year I couldnt even eat. Lilith restored my throat chakra and People even „like“ my voice(now). It wasnt like that before.
I could imagine she could also destroy somebody’s voice…do the opposite. I have put a representation of my throat chakra on the altar. I think it would work with a target link. And the petition to mute them. :mute:

The witch that did „that“ used simple but effective energy work though. With enough juice its possible.


I used this Vovin’s freezer spell before and it worked. I had a classmate last semester who always wanted to copy my work and would text me to send her my work a lot. I only let her do that once because for that one instance, she said she didn’t have time because of something with her daughter. But then just messaged me all the time expecting me to do that for her over and over. She stopped after the freezer spell though


“Our text describes the struggle between Medea and the monster. She won because the powers of evil in and around her, which she could control and channel into a single force, were so strong that the monster was literally knocked over. Medea worked herself into a state of trance during which her hatred became material and the ‘‘images of death’’ that she had conceived assumed a reality all their own. This is perhaps the first explicit description of the power of the evil eye and of black magic. We owe it to a very sophisticated Greek poet who professed to be shocked by the mere thought that someone could be hurt by magical operations. Whether or not Apollonius himself believed it, we can be almost certain that most of his contemporaries did.”

(Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Collection of Ancient Texts, pg.045)