Seal and Sigil Magick Techniques
just add 4 to the end of it.

This video is very good. I learnt a few things – however, I have never used this method with what is a Seal.

Checkout Austin Osman Spare’s definition of a ‘sigil’ and it’s not a Seal! Spare was the Magician who promulgated Sigil Magick.

That stated, I guess the method given using Seals also works and when required, I’ll give it a try. Finally, when I print from online, I always trace the Seal with spit, sometimes blood. I use a lancet and the chewed foot of a safety match. In the past I’ve used urine and yellow paint for Baneful (sigil) Magick.

And I never fold either sigils or Seals – but that’s just the Ceremonial Magician coming out in me. I apologise, but I just can’t do it.



Ah, good ol’ write a sentence with your desire, transform it into an image and fire it by getting your mind blank for a second… can’t get one of those to work to save my life (and I had the nerve to write a tutorial in how to do it, go figure).

I’m pretty sure is still chaos magick, but then again, I haven’t seen the video. Care to dispell the confusion, Al?



I was and am not good at getting my mind blank on command.
What I did was write what I wanted in present tense and with as few words as possible - no ambiguity, then design Sigil. I’d do this several times with Sigils for different things. Back in the early 1990s I was meeting up and doing weekly experiments with two other Chaos Magicians.

After purpose of Sigil was consciously forgotten I’d chant the intonation whilst staring at the Sigil. Ten minutes was about the shortest time. Than I’d place Sigil in a separate envelope and wait a week, maybe two. Then I’d refer to my notes, discover purpose of Sigil and write up results or be pissed off that I had no results.

Let’s just say that with practice you get better. Some of the results we got in three Magician workings were just spectacular. That’s how I got hooked.

Alternatively, forget purpose of Sigil then place Sigil where you always see it, until you don’t. That’s when Sigils work.

Hope that helps.