[TUTORIAL] Spare sigils

What is a Spare sigil?

Is a type of chaos magick, quite simple that lacks the need of trance. It is named after Austin Osman Spare, the man who developed the technology. Which is quite sad, since people swears he could do almost anything with it, but he died at 69, suffering of gall stones, anemia, high blood pressure, bronchitis and who knows what else.

A sigil is a representation of something. In this case, of what you want. But it very well may be used to link to a spirit. It is used for angels and, specially, demons, but some other type of spirit may give you one. I’ve been often asked what is the spirit of any given Greek god and I’ll tell you the same thing I always say: none, because they don’t have any.

How to craft a sigil

First decide what you want. In this example, you want to own a house. So you write in a piece of paper: I own a brand new house. Do it like this: succinct and in present tense.

Now you proceed to take out all the vowels and consonants that appear more than once, so it reads something like: OWNBRDHS

Once you have it, merge the consonants in a symbol, like this:

And then proceed to stylize it into something more “occult” like, where is harder to find the letters, like this:

Ideally, better than this since I suck.

How to fire a sigil

It is said that you need a moment of perfect clarity to do so. Dance until you fall to the floor, deprive yourself from sleep for three days, or, as most people do, masturbate.

During orgasm, there is a perfect blank moment, that’s when you focus in the sigil and imagine it going away, into the universe. What this does is to carry your will.

After that, it is done. Relax and let the results come in any way they can manifest.

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Gordon White’s take:

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Chanting also helps. Stare at the sigil. If you can, close your eyes and see it. Workout a word from the letters and chant for the appropriate time. If you place a sigil where you intermittently see it, in time you won’t. That’s when things tend to happen.

Also, I recommend avoiding paying a lot of money for Austin Osman Spare’s books. He’s really fucked up! Great Magician, just cursed by his grade and the Great War. Just saying.


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A sigil (from the Latin Sigillum: a little seal or signet) is a coded reference, an access code formulated to allow desired reality into the here and now. It is a Glyph of Desire, a stylised image which does not suggest the desire. Their benefits are that a sigil is both effective and inexpensive to construct. Rendering a desire as an unrecognised glyph allows that desire to depart from the shores of conscious thought and move into the subconscious – which is linked to the multiverse. The fact that we cannot rationalise the process is the reason why the process works.

The multiverse is malleable and that is why we get up in the morning, but that same malleability can make the outcome of Magickal acts unpredictable. The matrix upon which the Magician impresses his or her desire is ipso facto subject to infinite pressures from various directions. Despite this, whether you think you will succeed or know that you will fail – one thing is certain: You will be right!

Magicians, like most people, often desire/want/need things that they are unable to obtain through normal means. Sigils are an expedient way of obtaining what would otherwise seem to be improbable, provided that the will of the magician (no matter how strong) does not put too great a strain upon the multiverse. If you are a pimply faced kid with a body odour suggestive of personal hygiene challenges and whose sartorial tastes are tracksuit pants and tee-shirts and you are wanting to obtain the lusts of a porn Princess, take it from me, no sigil in the world is going to be directly effective. You will just have to trust me on that one. With much less effort and time you should perform magick for money and use the invocation of an open cheque-book. That invocation rarely fails! If your open cheque-book invocation is powerful enough you can even purchase entire nations.

However, if your tastes are more conducive to reality you could try the following:

  1. In your Magickal Journal write down your desire/need/want in the present tense. Make sure you use as few words as is possible to accurately convey your outcome; for example, I Am Attractive To Women. Take the first letter of each word, in this example: I. A. A. T. W. Cross out all repeated letters, in this case you will be left with: I. A. T. W.

  2. Use these letters to form a mantra, for example: WATI (Wah-tee) or TAWI (Tah-wee). The more meaningless the mantra the better it will work.

  3. Using the letters, make up a design on some material – paper, parchment, leather, wood etc. You may also wish to write the mantra upon the sigilized design or upon a piece of paper to be stored with it. Concentrate upon the design and mantra you have constructed so that you are familiar with the outcome you are seeking to obtain. Put this design away somewhere safe and consciously forget about it. It helps to construct a series of unrelated sigils and store these until you have consciously forgotten the purpose of each one.

  4. After you have forgotten the purpose for the sigil you created it is time to charge (vitalise) the sigil. Charging can be performed in any number of ways, but two of the easiest are to concentrate upon the sigil while chanting the mantra, for best results until you have achieved a trance like state and/or standing with straight up-stretched arms, palms turned towards the sky facing upwards and calling upon the energy of a deity, planet or of the multiverse to flow into your body and allow you to consecrate the sigil. When you feel the build up of energy in your chest to the point that you cannot hold it any longer, lower your outstretched arms over the sigil and you will feel the energy travelling down to your hands and tingling out of your palms into the sigil. Keep over the sigil until the energy stops exiting your body. Then shake your hands and laugh. With practice your ability will increase both in terms of force and time required. You will know when the energy transfer has taken place and be able to collect and transfer energy effectively.

You can carry the sigil with you until your desire has been manifest or burn it and set its energy free.

You are (1) trying to construct a simple talisman (sigil),
(2) ensuring that your sub-conscious mind is aware of the sigil’s purpose,
BUT (3) that your Conscious mind is ignorant (thereby escaping the workings of the Psychic Censor) and
(4) Charging. As the Sub-Conscious mind collects and records everything, by seeing the sigil, performing the chanting and/or energising the talisman you are causing your sub-conscious mind to set about realising (making real) your desire!

Energy exists in myriad forms. Because of the philosophy and techniques of science, humans have yet to develop much in the way of conscious Magick. There are numerous ways of collecting Magickal energy. Sacrificing living beings is one. Masturbation and sexual intercourse are favourites. Whatever techniques are employed for collecting Magickal force it’s harnessing and directing are often ill-considered, with the consequence that there is nothing to show for all that effort.

The inability to properly direct Magickal power is one of the hardest challenges to overcome and one that can bring ordeals, which in some cases span numerous incarnations. You must make a connection between yourself and your target. This can allow for your force to affect your target but similarly enables cross-contamination of you by them. Like sex, protection is often required. Often miserable deserving victims host numerous contagious neuroses, complexes, compulsions and problems.

For ritual work, preparation must take most of the time. You will need to gather your instruments. You will need to obtain your ingredients. You will need to phantasise your will having been fulfilled. See the vivid details. Hear the sounds. Smell, taste and enjoy the agony and ecstasy of your will to be.

Once I was consecrating a talisman for sexual love. After the conclusion of the consecration I received a telephone call from my targeted recipient. She advised that she was naked and just about to take a shower when she smelt my distinctive aftershave. She felt so sure I was lurking outside her flat that she had to telephone me in an effort to set her mind at ease.

Record all your results in your Magickal Journal.

Nanny Really Loves You!

Many so called Magicians either do not recognise the Psychic Censor or hate it. Both attitudes are misconceived. If the Psychic Censor is unrecognised it will effectively dominate everything you do. If the Psychic Censor is hated, you may loose yourself on the way to the closest Insane Asylum, which is where you will find many friends.

Wanting something is rarely an effective tool in obtaining it. Your Will may be strong, but your conscious mind is anxious of failure. If the conscious mind were not programmed to be anxious of failure it would lead individuals to construct for themselves (and actualise) a perception of failure, the severest manifestation of which leads to suicide or worse.

Psychic Censor: “Yes, I am sure that you will, but do not get too upset if you FAIL.
Remember the last time you tried and things did not work out? I am
SURE that you do!”
Will: “Yes, how could I forget?
Alright, but I am still going to try – ever mindful of the fact that as I
Have FAILED BEFORE, I could FAIL AGAIN and if I do…”

Small holes sink big ships! Your Will has already been assaulted by Nanny and severely weakened.

The Psychic Sensor is extremely important because it:
Shields us from the intrusions of other realities.
Edits out most telepathic intrusions.
Lessens our ability to correctly divine the future.
Prevents us from recalling our dreams (fully or in part).
Minimises our ability to register significant co-incidences
and synchronicities.
The Psychic Censor does this because pedestrian life is impossible without it! Without the Psychic Censor, existence would be like a permanent hallucination.

But for Magicians the Psychic Censor appears malicious. We have to find ways to temporarily overcome it. Normal people sometimes inadvertently do so by Boredom: - leading to strange flashes of subliminal perception; Sleep: - Going to bed with a problem in mind and awaking with a solution in hand and Obsessive Concentration and/or Repetition. Magicians can consciously employ these stratagems.

Sigils work by stimulating the Will to function subconsciously, thereby subverting the Mind’s Psychic Censor. You may choose to energise your sigil before your day begins and at its close.

Hope these notes help.


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