[TUTORIAL] Spare sigils

What is a Spare sigil?

Is a type of chaos magick, quite simple that lacks the need of trance. It is named after Austin Osman Spare, the man who developed the technology. Which is quite sad, since people swears he could do almost anything with it, but he died at 69, suffering of gall stones, anemia, high blood pressure, bronchitis and who knows what else.

A sigil is a representation of something. In this case, of what you want. But it very well may be used to link to a spirit. It is used for angels and, specially, demons, but some other type of spirit may give you one. I’ve been often asked what is the spirit of any given Greek god and I’ll tell you the same thing I always say: none, because they don’t have any.

How to craft a sigil

First decide what you want. In this example, you want to own a house. So you write in a piece of paper: I own a brand new house. Do it like this: succinct and in present tense.

Now you proceed to take out all the vowels and consonants that appear more than once, so it reads something like: OWNBRDHS

Once you have it, merge the consonants in a symbol, like this:

And then proceed to stylize it into something more “occult” like, where is harder to find the letters, like this:

Ideally, better than this since I suck.

How to fire a sigil

It is said that you need a moment of perfect clarity to do so. Dance until you fall to the floor, deprive yourself from sleep for three days, or, as most people do, masturbate.

During orgasm, there is a perfect blank moment, that’s when you focus in the sigil and imagine it going away, into the universe. What this does is to carry your will.

After that, it is done. Relax and let the results come in any way they can manifest.