Samael whispered to me


Dont know who follows me and who doesn’t but for several days, I was under attack. Bad dreams, sickness, nothing going right. I could see a black cloaked figure , but hadnt had time to dig into between work and helping with my neice and nephews, getting them back into school routines and stuff.

As Im sick and looking at this figure I see it is Samael, I know what hes here for. I could see the dagger planned to use.

Go ahead, run it through my heart. Do it now and do it quickly or dont do it at all. If you follow my journal you could see it unfold.

Samael, let the dagger go. And pulled out a sword. A very interesting sword with glyphs on it that seem to glow a bluish color.

He didn’t do what he was sent to do. The death curse. Instead he came very close to me and whispered in my ear… the name of the one who made the curse.

You chose to play the game. Next time find out where your spirits loyalties lie.

I’m just going to assume, you know what time it is now.

Samael, gave me the sword.


Samael please,

Return dagger to sender,with a kiss, signed arianna…

:skull_and_crossbones: :kiss: :skull_and_crossbones:

Come on pretty baby, kiss me deadly…


Whoever this is…they should spend more time working on the WHOLE. JCI isn’t the whole. Not even close.

Yea, cause we want them to be successful.

There is nothing that can enslave all. Or the JCI -which the Goetics as presented can work through.

The world is larger than the Christ-Lucifer paradigm. Not everyone agrees to party like it’s 1585 and the Lesser Key is king.


I hear ya.

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Set, and I were just discussing this this morning, actually. :heart: