On Holiness

I have been thinking about holiness in general for some time after noticing something from studying banishing rituals.

When you look at various banishing rituals, you will find that holiness repels evil spirits. This relates to how close the substance or Spirit is to the Highest Sphere. That is, in the elemental world, Fire is the highest of the Elements and Agrippa says in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book I, Chapter 5, that Fire weakens evil spirits and strengthens good ones:

The Celestiall, and bright Fire drives away spirits of darkness; also this our Fire made with Wood drives away the same, in as much as it hath an Analogy with, and is the vehiculum of that Superior light; … As, therefore the spirits of darkness are stronger in the dark: so good spirits, which are Angels of Light, are augmented, not only by that light, which is Divine, of the Sun, and Celestiall, but also by the light of our common Fire.

–Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius. Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Illustrated) (p. 29-30). Vectura. Kindle Edition.

Going a good deal higher, are the Angels, and the Celestial Gods, and above are the Gods beyond the Celestial World, all the way up to The One. Usually, simply being in contact with these beings purifies oneself.

Spirit, which underlies all things, is similar to Light, so this should not be so surprising, as Light banishes and repels Darkness.

Now, interestingly, when a person attains a good degree of holiness, simply being in contact with them often has the power to heal illnesses and banish evil spirits and uplifts the soul. And this is attested in most cultures, if not all. However, attaining that degree of purity requires a life heavily focused on matters of the spirit, a life like some of the great Sages of India have lived, and like the Saints of Europe and Sages of the Ancient Roman Empire.


You should’ve posted this under the rhp category.

Sure, but I use it to get rid of lowly evolved spiritual entities, to clear and clean my work space. “Listen to ME - All of you. Fuck off!”
Then I can either call in the spiritual entity with whom I wish to work or do my own stuff.

I can heal heaps of diseases and I can banish spirits I don’t want or (think) I need. I can also uplift souls. Therefore, I must be holy! Spare the thought.

I did it in the rough and tumble, full of nicotine and caffeine - sometimes the holy grass of the Arabs and/or alcohol. I’m versatile.

My advice is to loosen up and get down and dirty. Unless you wish to become the Supreme as a drop re-entering the limitless ocean.

Ps. And you know what? You brought back thoughts I experienced decades ago (and less strongly constantly). Fortunately I’m more than half-way on my Magickal journey and with only enough fuel to get to where I’m striving to reach I have to keep going.
Good luck. Our Path is inherently lonely and long.

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