Obsession & Bindings with Laurel & Dantalion

Obsession Rite

I’m finally ready to post an obsession rite. I’ve been sitting on the idea of posting one for a while (since my Dantalion journal existed publicly). Someone asked about one a little while back and then things came up.

Anyways, here’s an obsession rite (posted in parts). This is true-to-form pure obsession and bondage.

Blanket disclaimer: That your choices are yours and yours alone; this is only intended for humans who are legally adults.

(…when I googled “Obsession” for an image to post, this happened…)


Obsession with Laurel & Dantalion

I’m going to begin with the title of the topic. Half/half this is channeled. Which is why it’s been interesting to get up. I think almost anyone who channels regularly can understand that their language does not always fit coloquial language & grammar structure. Some of this is quite a bit more “formal” sounding, you’ll notice ellipses at times because I chose not to post the whole thing he said but, alas, he wants to be clear there was more. Compromise. If you’re interested in the whole version, it’s a bit more intense but I’m open to providing it in PM.

This rite was given to me by Dantalion, thus please treat it as you would an obsession rite handed to a human by a deity that specializes in obsession and routinely drives humans to madness (and potentially into subjugation). So whatever that means to you.

If I do get any questions, they are probably going to have (semi+) channeled answers. So if they come out stiff and formal or god forbid cryptic as fuck, you can blame that on my demon-to-human-semantics skills.

Mostly Channeled

A Life Binds Itself To Another so casually, so calmly, With No Regard for the meaning behind the “words” and actions. So simple it is to tie two people, humans, around each other and watch…Mirrors reflect what is, hold truths, pasts, futures, and all else inside them. Shattering it cannot release what was once within. How many do you believe will try at first encounter, at fifth or hundredth? So fickle in wants you are prone to be, be careful now treading this territory that is, perhaps, not meant for you…

You want this person bound to you; you want their soul rooted in yours and you want yours radiating into their existence like nothing else except maybe the sun itself is capable of. You want a binding, an obsession, that lasts a lifetime. Something that follows them through every moment of the day. A haunting until they cave and recognize their need and lust to be in your presence and beside you. You want yourself so deeply etched into their being that they cannot walk away and even if they could, would choose to stay with you and on a path of mutual existence no matter what hardships, horrors, or calamity lies therein. You want them so fucking obsessed, it was never a question of when it began because it has always been and always will be. You want them to know you, inside and out, and choose to stay no matter what they may find. And you, you understand this is no game and at the end of this you’ll be just as deeply bound, though perhaps into a slightly different position. This does not “wear off” overtime, it hardens and solidifies like cement.


The parts of this—from my current outline—will be as follow.
I’m not throwing this into one post on purpose.

  • Notes, Materials, Optional Materials, Set Up.

  • Notes on the Optional Materials In and After Ritual.

  • Getting Started, The String, The Enchantment of an Item, The Incantation, The Trapping. (& Potentially other things depending on how it gets split up.)



  • This is person to person. You obsess a person with another person (probably you).

  • This is not just entangling people’s energies. It’s deeper, longer-lasting, and demands a slightly higher risk. Which leads to…

  • If you’re prone to having things backfire… just don’t. This one isn’t a game. This one was handed to me by, I’d say at least, a God of Obsession. Dantalion gave me this. If you’re going to start, commit and do it well. Otherwise, lol you’re gonna be in for it and it will not be fun.

  • This ritual does NOT include a spirit.

  • You’re going to notice I’m giving you lots of loose advice and choices. It’s for a reason. I find that magick operates best when the magician is in charge of their craft and makes decisions purposefully and in alignment with their own nature. I also don’t want people who are starting out playing with this, so I hope to scare them off with the prospect of :sparkles: making their own decisions :sparkles:. This is not for them (potentially yet).

  • This is written super casually. It is NOT a casual ritual. Please don’t mistake my writing (style) among a group of—mostly I’d say—friends, peers, and betters for a lackadaisical attitude toward magick.


  • Something you can give the person (gems/ crystals/ rocks, pendant/ earrings/ chain, mirror, etc.). This is something you can give them that they won’t either throw/give away or immediately forget about. Something small, that can be worn or put in a safe place.

  • Smoke for cleansing. Your choice of incense, candle, something to be smudged. Just cleansing smoke.

  • Herbs & oils for obsession, lust, and the like. You choose, anywhere between 3-10 is a good number. If you really need a few more, that’s fine too.

  • Paper and pen. For writing names, birthdays, home address, and all the rest.

  • A (printed/paper) photo of you and a printed photo of the other human. If you really really can’t find a picture (because for some reason the internet stopped functioning or your sta!ker skills aren’t up to par, a decent drawing or a fetish link can maybe substitute, feel it out; but please go find and print a picture).

  • Candles. 2-4. White, black, red, pink, whatever you want just have a reason.

  • Fire and a safe place to have it. None of that 'I’m gonna light a fire in an ice cream bowl on the table cloth near the curtains shit. Be safe and/or find a fire extinguisher and learn how it works.

  • Energy “wards” (not sure what other word to use; not the protection kind although those are helpful in general). This “ward” demands a material anchor. So set up an energy system grounded in something tangible (paper triangles, triangles made in twigs or tree trunks, spices thrown around, crystals/rocks, whatever you want) that amplifies focus. Something, both made with energy and at least one object, that amplifies focus.

  • A tarot card or something of magick ‘nature’ that sets the scene. (I.e. “The Lovers,” “The Devil,” a potentially charmed rope, a rose, a printed picture that mimics the type of relationship you want–I’m not saying type ‘sex s!ave’ into google and hit print but pretty much that.) Just 1 item of this nature, more than that is crowding your space and not helpful.

  • A string (it’s going to be knotted 9 times, and the knots should NOT be on top of each other, figure out what a good length is). Your favorite color, theirs, black, red, whatever you want that fits your end goal.

  • A mirror. Preferably one big enough that it can stand/rest upright in front of you in a way that lets you see your head/shoulders/some torso. Otherwise, stand it up in front of you anyways.

  • A jar or a biodegradable alternative (i.e. cardboard tubes). This will be referred to as “container” from here on.

Optional Materials

  • A fetish link.

  • A small mirror that can be placed into a container or kept discreetly.

  • The (awake, lucid) human themselves. (If they are asleep, incapacitated, or otherwise unconscious DO NOT have them around.)

Read the other section on these farther down.

Set Up

  • Mirror at the front.

  • 2 pictures (yours & theirs) in front of the mirror (facing you, not the mirror). The string goes between the 2 pictures. 2 candles right next to the pictures; they can be just outside or just behind.

  • The object that you are going to give this human right in front of and at the center of the string.

  • Take a moment, these things should be pretty symmetrical. The center of the mirror space you are using (so for example, if your mirror is huge and you’re using half then only take into account the half you’re using) lines up with the center of the string.

  • The tarot card or other object that exemplifies what you want goes right in front of the “gift” item.

  • You can have up to two other candles (lighting, aesthetic, etc.) between where you are and where the pictures are. (NOTHING GOES BETWEEN THE MIRROR AND THE SETUP.)

  • You face East, the mirror reflects you to the West. If you are left handed your picture goes on your left side; if you are right handed your picture goes on your right hand. The other picture goes on the other side.


Notes on the Optional Materials In and After Ritual

  • So if you’ve brought a fetish link, that can be put into your container, burned, or kept depending on the route you’re going.

  • A small mirror. This can be used to scry and see what’s up with your human if you have scrying skills. It can be put into your container. It can be left untouched or given to them. Just don’t break it. It won’t be “oh no my obsession rite is cancelled,” it’ll be whatever the equivalent of this energy is but reversed. So untouched or touched considerately and with care is best. Remember you AND the other human are being bound here, not just the one direction if that makes you any more careful about the mirror.

  • If you’ve brought the actual human, that’s fucking great and congrats! Have fun!! Mostly, they should sit pretty and be silent. Have them between the (big) mirror in front of you and you. They should be right in front of you. Put the pictures so they face each other a little more completely than you would if you had them slightly turned in and slightly facing you. Not all the way, but some of the way. They can dress your candle (the one beside your picture), but not their candle. They are allowed to tie every other knot and help put things into the container if you want. Other than that, they sit still (kneeling on their heels ideally or standing like a statue) and stay quiet. They will also need to bring a small item that will be yours to be placed in front of the string. The item they are giving to you will start on their side and the item you are giving to them will start on your side. These are to be traded at the conclusion of ritual. For extra possessiveness, make it (temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent) jewelry. Have fun with your mutually binding rite that will basically never unravel if done properly.


Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.


More forthcoming. Thanks for the read!


This is fantastic @Laurel_Spider thanks for sharing.


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What a great synchronicity. I’ve always enjoyed reading your topics, this is another one I’ll bookmark and follow.


Getting Started

  • These steps may be done out of this order. You, Cleanse, and Preparing Items may overlap. That’s fine.

  • Do everything well and give it your time, energy, and effort.

  • The only step here that requires your full dedication is the energy system setup.


Get everything & yourself ready however you think is appropriate.

This includes setting up the ritual space. I’ll throw in a picture later because I think my earlier post might be confusing.


Handle your cleansing with/via smoke situation. If that means you burn 12 sticks of incense, then do that. If that means you find some obscure bush, dry the leaves, and smudge, then do that. The important things here are 1. use smoke; and 2. make sure you can’t feel any other energy in this space before moving on. This is a whole and complete cleansing. You have a Death Altar? great but make sure that’s not in this space. Your neighbor’s child likes to play in this room? move the toys and clear the energy. Figure it out. Whatever is here when you’re done is going to be amplified to insane heights and then trapped. Do this well.

This includes cleansing any items that are going to be used. Pull string out of the sewing kit in the basement? Cleanse it. Find a mirror hiding at the bottom of a drawer? Cleanse it. Paper towel role has been in the kitchen gathering (everyone’s) energy for almost a month? Cleanse it. Herbs? Cleanse them. You, The Space, & Every Thing need to be cleansed.

Focus (Amplifier) System

Okay, let’s call this what it is. You’re using energy and an object to “focus” or to amplify/magnify something specific. For me, this would be a circle casting anchored to the physical place with a stone, drawn circle, or circle made of something. I can see a triangle also being useful and a strong contender (“triangle casting” just doesn’t have the same ring to it though). If you have something you prefer, have at it.

So get the energy portion going and then attach that energy into your object of choice. The reason it needs an anchor isn’t because it’s “too hard” to keep the energy going for the whole ritual, but it’s a lot like it’s too much focusing on something that is meant to help you focus–consciously or subconsciously. The other main reason that an anchoring item is needed is to root the ritual in the physical world. This isn’t a manifestation ritual, this isn’t a pathworking; this is a literal obsession rite. The obsession needs to be clearly tied into the physical world and not just rely upon the two people’s energies tangling together casually.

You are using the anchor object so that there’s no need for you to think about the energy system after casting it, and as a part of the bearing the fruits of the ritual itself.

So you have your anchor and you’ve cast the energetic “ward.” Now to tie that into the object. There are several methods, I’ll talk briefly on a couple. (Anyone unable to connect the dots or who does/can not find another method should not be doing any part of this ritual). One way is the just hold the item between your hands (I either close my dominant hand around it or hold it in my nondominant hand and place my other above), and focus the energy into the item. If you’re using several items, like 7 tree twigs that make a triangle for example, you can lay them out and touch two, hold them all together before setting them up, or use another method that you like best. Push about half of the energy from your “ward” into the object. You don’t want all of it in there because then it’s too focused in the one space/place and not free to hang around the ritual area like it should be.

The end goal here (really what needs to happen) is that you have an energy system that exists to amplify in place surrounding you and the ritual set up. This should be anchored into something physical that either under, above, around, in front of, or behind you. Don’t put it just to one side because it’ll mess with the arrangement and things set to the side sometimes draw attention when you’re in an altered mind state that distract from ritual.

By now, you should be feeling something. Whether it’s amplified nerves, just yourself in a weird intense way, or something else I’m not sure. But this is the moment where you should be feeling high key ritual vibes. If you aren’t, then you missed a step or did one wrong. (If you’re a generally calm person, then maybe you feel so calm it’s blissful. You just need to be feeling something distinguished from before.)


Preparing Other Items


Dress your 2 (probably best if they are tall) candles in whatever herbs and oils you’ve brought for that purpose. Please do not make them more of a fire hazard than they already are.

Place these over a foot apart between you and the (big) mirror that shows at least your face.


  • Possible additional materials: something to hold the photos mostly upright.

Mark the backside of each photo with all the personal details you can manage. The more, the merrier. Full name, date of birth, favorite color, favorite band, favorite food, most feared way to die, fears in general, smells commonly on this person, what makes them cry the fastest, laugh the fastest, secrets (although don’t get too graphic with those, just a gentle one will do), etc.

We, magicians, are used to name & birthday. But the truth is, we use those as binding anchors for our magick. As a direction and an end location for it to settle. In this ritual, you’re using ideally much more information about them as a means to anchor the obsession into not just their name, or their birthday/hour/whatever, but also into so much more of them. You’re going to fill out your photo in the same way.

If it scares you to write down, write it down. The more authentic and honest you are with these little sheets of paper, the stronger your ritual is going to come out. Names, which I’ve though so much about lately, hold a lot of power. They are the words we cloak ourselves in. Something to represent every aspect of us. But the reality is, that people hide a lot from their names too. Don’t associate everything they are with that collection of sounds. The aim is to include all of yourself and all of the other person. Don’t go exposing all their hidden secrets on a photo, you’re not trying to be mean, it’s just unique info or info that can–when added up–be made into this person and/or into yourself.

Try to throw at least one thing, and no more than three-four down that aren’t common knowledge per photo. How you choose to define common knowledge though, is up to you. I’d say if most people I’ve known for less than 1 year-5 years don’t know then it isn’t common.

Other than you, your pen/marker (something permanent that writes), and something to hold it up, nothing should be touching the picture. Not herbs, oils, candles, string, or anything else right now. Eventually, the string will rest at the base of the photos.

Stand them both up in front of the 2 candles. They should slightly face each other, but mostly face you. (Exception if you have brought the other human with in which case they should half face each other and half face you.)

The String

Choose your color (I’d probably go with red unless you have a good reason otherwise). The string should probably be about a foot long? But I’m not about to go measure one. Long enough for 9 comfortable knots with space (1-3 inches) in between. Lay the string out flat between the two candles and their photos. It should not be touching either photo.

The Mirror

This is for the mirror that is big and faces you. You should be able to see you face at a minimum in your position either seated or standing. Preferably, also your shoulders.

The mirror actually has it’s own cleansing rite. It’s not too long or anything, but I’ll post that later on under something like “Mirror Cleansing.”

Just make sure it isn’t going to fall or break, is behind everything else in your setup, and that you can see yourself easily.

(If you’ve brought the other human, they go in front of the mirror. Between it and the string.)

Object to be Gifted

This one also gets it’s own attention during the ritual, but for now make sure it’s cleansed and set it down at the center of the string, between you and the string.

The Other Object (Setting Object)

This is ideally a tarot card (or rendition of one), an image, or a simple symbol (not sigils though) of what you want from this relationship. If you plan on using a container (jar, etc.), you might want to use something you can put in there.

So, because I don’t want to ruin a tarot deck, I might print out the 2 of Cups, The Devil, or 10 of Pentacles. If you’re using The Lovers and this person doesn’t already love you, just know that’s absolutely hilarious and consider something else. There’s a reason The Devil and The Lovers look like corrupted mirrors of each other in some major decks including Smith-Waite (which I refuse to call by another name).

This goes in front of the object you’re planning on giving them. You can maybe put under if that feels better, but only if you can still make it out well.

The Container

Just have it ready and somewhere it will not and cannot be distracting. Keep it within reach though. I’d say if you’re standing or seated on a chair, keep it on the floor. If you’re on the floor, I suggest you put it to the side of your nondominant hand where it isn’t constantly in your peripheral vision. You can have it a bit in front of you too as long as it won’t/doesn’t get in the way of anything else that will be going on.

When it’s time to use it, then obviously it’ll have to move to a more convenient location where it’s in front of you.

Today has been a fucked up day. My apologizes for typos. I’m not going to re-read for them though.


This is one area I’m not 100% sure of how to spatially arrange. Do you by chance have a photo or perhaps a sketch of this. I’m transcribing this into my BOS now.


Honestly…I thought I posted somewhere I was planning on uploading one. I wanted to reply to that post so they’re connected but I can’t find it anywhere. Yeah, I’ll post one though. I recognized one was going to be necessary.

I’ll be uploading the “incantation” soon-ish and then going through the ritual itself once all the parts are up.


Way cool :sunglasses:


Image of Setup Map

I made a mini mistake that only applies to some people. If you are left handed then the image is accurate; however, if you are right handed then it is wrong. Right-handed people should have their own image on the right side and the image of the other (presumed) human on the left side.

  • The things listed in parentheses are “optional.”

  • An additional “item to be gifted” should be on the other side of the string IF AND ONLY IF you have brought the other human.

  • Not to scale.

  • The smudges are because I’m a lefty.

  • Directions (NESW) labeled in bubbles at the edges.


Very cool :sunglasses:

Do you think this could be done to obsess two other humans with eachother? Apologies if you addressed this and I missed it!


I haven’t addressed your question anywhere, let me do my best to.

The issue that your question raises with regard to this specific ritual as I’m presenting it without amendments or substitutions, is the issue of the mirror (which I plan to post on tomorrow) and the issue of gifting or trading items.

The answer to your question (in instruction/ritual format) is unlikely to appear here until after I’ve finished copying this ritual onto here in it’s entirety and even then I’m not 100% sure that I could add that to this rite without making a couple drastic changes.

Hypothetically, yeah, with a couple shifts away from my instructions it should probably work. But I’m not prepared to explain how to make those shifts at this moment.


Oooohhh I get it…:man_facepalming:t3: