Nightside gifts of the spirit

I’d like to start a thread about the gifts of the spirit of the LHP.

First id like to draw a parallel and subsequently demolish it immediately after.

In the faiths Christianity and sufism ( Islam ) and all over the Hebrew kaballah there are tails of humans gaining supernatural gifts or abilities.

Let me be clear we are not talking about casting spells or performing rites and probably aren’t talking about spirits making these manifestations either. These are the gifts of the “holy spirit” some say and they are like the siddhis of the Indian faith and occult system. The siddhis were spiritual abilities ( powers) that showed how far along the path the magician is ( good book Adepts, masters and mahatmas )

What were talking about here are powers like these that relate to LHP practices. Or latent faculties of the mind like with clairaudience and clairvoyance can be rediscovered with the right training and patience.

Lete say I’ve seen some stunning acts of divination that even I and Orobas cannot duplicate to his day. I attest each word of this is true, my 3rd teacher as a routine matter would tell me the contents of what I’d been reading on the way to his house. Like I’d been reading about white spires and we’d have a cig and he’d say “ol ivory towers eh” and he’d always hold his glance when he did this. It always made me light headed and want to vomit because I couldn’t take reality being bent so overtly in front of me. He did this so many times.

I knew a Bardon adept that could within 20 min of focusing his gaze on your garden variety glass ashtray could crack it 4/5 times. The sound was disturbing to say the least.

Knowledge: many of us have seen or witnessed the transference of knowledge or skills like stones, herbs, astrology etc during spirit possession. This is known.

I knew OF a man would could almost literally force choke and squeeze your torso so hard you couldn’t breathe.

What about y’all? what have you witnessed in terms of dark gifts.

I myself am sm now studying fascination through gaze or object, a light form of hypnotism or mesmerism. Mesmerism isn’t the same as hypnotism and I advise googling it. Mesmerism would be a better term for this I think.

I’m looking also at evil eye practices to curse , wither or sicken those I hate.

I’ll let you know if I make progress, the key is practice practice practice I imagine.

Bruce Lee is not afraid of a black belt who can kick, but he fears the man who practiced the same kick 10k times, could be a deal like that.

When we rediscover the right theory and practice these gifts ripen in our minds and souls and give us extraordinary faculties.

Occult literature is flowing with examples of these and these were not crack pot sources. Manly p halls writings on the things the rosicrucians could do is just one example of suped up practicioners.

The Magick of Solomon, Maimonides, or Baal shem tov.

Even Crowley was reported to have a few tricks up his sleeves.

If you’d like to share seeing something yourself please feel free but try to keep it to what you have seen firsthand or have 2st hand knowledge of from what you consider a credible source. I won’t debate the authenticity of the claim with you, were all adults and larping gets none us anywhere, we all know that. What I would like to do is compare notes on what kind of practices or excercises these individuals were engaged in to engender this kind of growth.

I’ll update this sometime soon.


Advanced clairvoyance and clairaudience…

This is a trip. As many of you know I have a part time gig as a professional psychic for one of the big 6 companies that service the English speaking world.

I was doing a reading for a woman I had never spoken to before. She depressed disappointment and frustration in a love matter. She asked would the right one come soon.

I did a 4 to 6 weeks read and on romance I drew the ace of swords , so yes it was quite possible to swept off her feet by a love affair.

I asked Orobas to describe the man. He told me tanned, angular face, long nose and coal black hair, he has glasses on his face and takes them on and off alot.

I used this language to describe the man and age said OMG that’s Joe…he takes his glasses off like that just like you said.

I couldn’t believe… how the fuck am I doing this. This isn’t a fluke either. This happens all the time. It’s like my relationship with Orobas has unlocked some kind of advanced Clair’s in my mind.




In yoga (real yoga, not soccer moms in contortions at the 'Y") such powers are called siddhis. There seems to be mixed feelings about said powers. On the one hand, they represent accomplishment. On the other, they do not necessarily lead anywhere. It’s fascinating that someone can break ashtrays with the mind. It is not necessarily the optimal use of one’s time. Any drunk uncle can break an ashtray (and entire array of crockery) just by crashing into the table.