Moon Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio?

Moon Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio?

I am wondering if there is a traditional astrological interpretation of this alignment? If Pluto does not have a place in traditional astrology (I’m not really sure what the time range is; perhaps it “caps off” before the discovery of Pluto), what is the interpretation of Moon in Scorpio?

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Pluto is not visible to the naked eye so does not appear in traditional astrology. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus do not appear in traditional astrology.

The entire practice of astrology in the west essentially died off in the 1700s during the “enlightenment”, and even then when it was revived it did not maintain the same philosophy or technique as it had before.

As for the conjunction with Pluto I would treat this as the Moon conjunct a fixed star.

Traditional astrology is also generally not so focused on individual signs, but rather dignity. For example, Venus in Sagittarius. This generally makes Venus peregine, a minor affliction, and have the qualities of being peregrine, unless Venus is in her Term, in which case she is dignified in one of her lesser dignities, and so have some of the qualities of Venus being well dignified.

You could look at the qualities of the Sign itself, such as it being a Common Sign and the House of Jupiter, Beastlike, etc. And use that in an interpretation, but for electional astrology this is not usually done. The nature of the Planet does not change so much with the Sign they are in. The qualities of the Sign are looked at for the Moon, however.


Isolated placements don’t mean much. It’s like looking at a painting by shredding it and trying to make sense of every piece independently. There is no context. You’d have to look at houses which Moon rules, its phase, relation to the Sun, visibility, accidental dignity, sect, exact degree, aspects to other planets, lunar nodes, rejoicing conditions, condition of dispositor, reception, etc.

The very best you can say about the Moon, just by the fact of it being in scorpio, is that the native won’t be the one to express their emotions, will hold grudges and be prone to depression. As you can see, not very helpful nor accurate delineation can be made from singled out testimonies.

As to pluto, I wouldn’t consider it unless it’s closely conjunct a planet. It could mean an obsession with accumulating money or a tendency for isolation


I have no idea what these are and will need to look them up. Thank you for bringing them to my attention :slight_smile:

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