Miranon Cosmology

In this thread I will dive deep into expanded Consciousness and how you can use the Miranon cosmology to understand the different levels of consciousness and the roles it plays within it.



The above is the original transcript of the recording of what was channeled by explorer #6 from the inspect named Miranon. The drawings are the items explorer 6 later drew of what was shown to her.


What you perceive as reality is represented by a blue level. We begin and conclude a meditation at focus level one as a means of establishing a shared experience. The focus level at which your consciousness is operating could be very different. As we explore these resonant colors, you will become more aware of the focus level at which you exist. But it’s safe to assume that you awaken to a blue level in the morning.

Color Blue, Geometry: Horizontal. Awake, conscious and physical. A security state where the conscious is learning and testing to feel comfortable and understand how this level operates. Miranon says in session 6 SHE 20:44 “The first level is always a pulsing level; it is the beat of life. Of the impulse of being. It is the flowing quality, as we have talked about earlier. And since entering into any new plane of existence is oftentimes difficult for the consciousness, this color is a very soothing color. It allows the being, or the consciousness, to make a smooth transition. But this level is also a level that is somewhat difficult for the consciousness. Because on this level, it is new to this plane and it must become secure. It must develop feelings of being comfortable in his new plane. Therefore, it can only flow in the horizontal direction. They’re all levels in which the being is becoming comfortable with this new plane of existence. In which it is learning and establishing the foundation for the other levels within that plane of existence.”

There is a very subtle point here that needs to be clarified when Miranon said, “new plane of existence, in which it is learning and establishing the foundation for the other levels within that plane of existence.”
Think of a “new plane of existence” as a different perspective on the reality you are currently experiencing.
It is a fresh viewpoint that modifies how you communicate with others, perceive difficulties, and react to them. This viewpoint might appear uninteresting compared to fantastic imagined worlds, but keep in mind that Bob intended that people would find a practical side to this knowledge.

The white level of transition flows into a calming level of blue after introducing an idea, a period of adjustment, and being at ease with a new notion. In order for the consciousness to experience the event, these blue levels are used to quiet and relax it. At the lowest levels, a blue level represents objective reality; at the upper levels, it is more nebulous and subjective. It is the moment of awareness and realization. It is experience before you make a decision. It is the instant before dualities are established. It is the spirit pulsating to expand and contract, entering or affecting the tangible. It is awareness as the knowledge that every moment is distinct and novel and will never be repeated.

A blue level represents objective reality; at the upper levels, it is more subjective. Therefore, at higher blue focus levels, you may experience it as a black void because you have not developed the virtual senses to perceive it. By returning your attention to that level over many meditative sessions, you will gain experience in accordance with your ability to perceive. This process becomes invaluable as you will need this skill to develop your senses at higher levels. This explains why, as you begin meditating, it is difficult to visualize anything at all.

The blue levels are: (F1, F8, F15, F22, F29, F36, F43).

Here is another representation of the Miranon Cosmology.

There is a nonlinear, spiraling pattern to studying this material. The simple formula looks like this: A+B=C but in order to know A, you have to have experienced C. The only way to know C is to use the formula. This is the formula for the transitional levels of the resonant colors: A = Blue, the event, you experience reality, B = Red, you interpret the experience, you reflect. C = Yellow. You balance what you understand as your interpretation, your reflection of the event, with what really happened. D = Rose, Help from outside to provide healing and guidance on what happened in the event you interpreted as good or bad. This helps with your interpretation to decide whether to expand or shrink awareness. E = Green, More guidance and help to smooth and ground your reaction to the learning from the event. Some form of compensation can happen here to make the person whole. F = Purple, where you demonstrate mastery of the lesson learned. G = White, Transcend to another level of understanding to perceive everything in a new way. This new level of understanding lets you see everything differently, so the process begins again at a blue level. Here are the key words: reality, event, self-reflection, balance, interpretation, expand or shrink awareness, ground, compensation, mastery, transcend. Watch how the meaning of these words changes as you learn more about them.

What are these new planes of existence? It is the transition from one thought pattern to another, similar to the changes a child goes through to become an adult. When your internal dialogue changes, internal feelings and thoughts, then you can respond in more productive ways. The phrase, “when you change your internal world, the external world changes.” is what Miranon is talking about when he says, “new plane of existence.” These transitions in perception are discussed in greater detail in the White Level. Affecting personal change is the purpose of the resonant colors. As your awareness increases about the resonant colors, the processes of being open to new information will become more clear. For now, let’s continue discussing the blue level.

The more attention you focus on a level, the more real that experience will become. Consider what you mean by paying attention in your waking physical life. You eat, drink, socialize, and interact with things in the environment. You may focus your attention on a single object, such as reading a book or looking at your cell phone. When you engage your attention at a focus level, you are investing energy at that level, and the experiences you have “there” become more realistic because more of your awareness will exist there. Consider how you develop a personal relationship with someone. You invest in emotional currency. Just like a garden, if you do not pay some attention to this space, it will not produce what you want. So a plane of existence is this new way of seeing and interacting with the world. By being aware that this new perspective exists, then you can apply your attention to making that perspective real. You make it real by consciously practicing and responding to the world in a new way. This is what is realized when you enter a blue level, it is this new idea or this event that you experienced that will change you.

A blue level is the moment of awareness and realization. The information was learned, and the incident took place. It has already happened by the time you realize it. Consider when you are shocked or totally surprised. For example, a sneeze. In that moment, on that occasion, you are present. It arrived so quickly that it was immediate. A sudden realization that it happened and you are only now becoming conscious enough to understand it. You haven’t yet made up your mind about what to think. That pause is still present. You’re not sure exactly how to think about it.

While experiencing a blue level, you are a child in amazement, paused at the moment of a first encounter. This event can be so unique that you haven’t even thought about fear yet. The greatest and most amazing enigma currently unfolding is that it is now. You stretch out your awareness to confidently encounter the moment until your protective ego boundary is triggered, moving you to a red level. This process will happen automatically unless you consciously prevent it from happening.

A blue level is experience before you make a decision. It is you in the open, fully exposed before the protective layer of the ego can put up a barrier. It’s simply being here and now experiencing the ambiance. Usually, this instant of pure reality passes so quickly that we are unconscious of what is taking place. As we move through these resonant colors, keep in mind that we are slowing down the thought process so you can become aware that it happens. A blue level is where the observer side of your being can intervene and consciously direct any desired response. It is the space where you think before you act. This pause before deciding how to react is where you can subdue an impulsive reaction. In short, use this space to become aware of thoughts and actions you may have previously been unconscious of or thought were impulsive or uncontrollable.

A blue level is the spirit pulsating to expand and contract, entering or affecting the tangible. Pulsation is a word used by Miranon to describe the blue level. It is the effort of the spirit to push into the physical in a pulse of expansion and retraction. For example, the beating of the heart. This same beating may be the reason ocean waves are used at the beginning of the meditations. It is a soothing, familiar sound that is also restful.

A blue level is the instant before dualities are established. Imagine how much meditation you have to do in order to truly experience the moment. All possibilities for reactions are possible, but as soon as you attempt to identify the moment, decide if it is good or bad, and have a reaction, you enter a red level. This blue level is known as the “base level” in remote viewing. You can describe something using its color, form, texture, sound, smell, and even taste. However, the moment you label the target, you have moved to a red level.

What the color levels are for is to understand the process of self-learning. The blue level is real. What happened or the information you heard? The red level is what you think about it. The yellow level is balancing what is real with what you think. The rose level is help to get guidance and healing from others. The green level is more help to ground and become whole again. Purple is mastery of the skills learned from the lessons taught at the blue level. This is teaching and writing to pass on the information to others. The white level is to transcend the lesson and reach a greater organization of thought, which then leads to openness to engage another blue level.

Itzhak explains how the blue level is perceived by the body through our limited nervous system senses. How increasing our awareness changes our perspective from ego-centric individuality to cosmic unity in less than 6 minutes.

Itzhak Bentov presents several theories that encompass the ideas presented in the seven color resonance. Like any idea, it is possible to see another perspective that helps reveal the deeper meaning. All return to the same idea. In this 2-hour video, look at the last several minutes from 1:43:20 to 1:46:20. This is the revelation that the observer experiences.


What is meant by “having an experience”? A full sensory experience is possible when viewing a large piece of art. It can be reminiscent of a first experience as a child. For example, in my first experience with fireball cinnamon candies, I was at a brothers little league baseball game was sitting right behind the catcher behind the fence. I popped open that clear package and tossed in that red sparkling ball into my mouth. The experience was overwhelming. Fast forward sixteen years later, and I’m in a museum looking at a six-foot-square brightly lit red panel. I could almost taste the cinnamon and feel the flush of heat on my face. I have the answer to my question now: why would a painting of a red panel be in a museum? The answer is to experience RED. In this case, my experience was composed of my memory of cinnamon candy and the color I was seeing. Only half of the experience was what I was seeing outside of myself. In fact, when you factor in the taste I had and the sensation of heat, the actual external sight was only 20% of what I saw. It could be argued that the red panel was just a trigger for the experience that I already had. It is generally accepted that the majority of any experience is an internal experience. We relive our first experience that was programmed during childhood rather than the actual external experience. This is the red level.

In this 15 minute video, Eckhart Tolle describes the red level as (4:25) object consciousness

Red Level, Realizing, reflecting on the possibilities and exploring new capabilities presented by the event witnessed in the blue level. The red levels are: (F2, F9, F16, F23, F30, F37, F44). This is the realization of self awareness and the separation of self from other.

Notice how very little attention is spent on the red levels. Because the red level is the voice in your mind. It is the egoic self. Meditation is used to master this part of ourselves and put it to work constructively, as opposed to being constantly distracted by its desires. While in red Have tea and have a conversation with your ego. In my opinion this level is avoided because it is the most controversial and the most misunderstood. Everyone thinks they know who they are.

16:00 minute video. Eckhart Tolle discusses the ego narrative (6:15) that filters (the red level) the view of reality (the blue level).

What Miranon said about the red level:
“The second level is simply a mirror image of the first level. It is the reverse, and the two are very complementary. Because security has been established, it can have a color of greater intensity, a color with a higher vibrational rate. And that color is red… When a being is on this level, he is developing an awareness of all the realities of that plane. In your plane of existence, it would be a total awareness of the senses, a total immersion into the outside reality brought in by the senses. And because it is still directed to an understanding, a learning about this plane of reality, it is still on a horizontal level.”

This statement by Miranon has many terms to unpack. Earlier I spoke about the “Observer” as the self. In the red level the awareness of self and the other are created. Higher red levels redefine the perception of self. The following 51 minute video from Richard Smoley explains these concepts. At 22:00 minutes he states the observer is the self.

Discussing the body and the way we process reality is the core idea behind the blue level (what happened) and the red level (how you process it). In this 9 minute video on trauma, at 0:56 seconds, this doctor will say the same thing. [6 ways to heal trauma without medication.

The resonant colors work to illuminate this universal truth about how humans process reality. One of the ideas I’d like to show is an understanding of how the seven resonant colors model the process of interacting with reality on both a small and a large scale. This should help demonstrate how meditation can impact your life in a practical way.

This red level is also where you decide if the experience is unique or novel. Often, we will dismiss an experience because it is boring, saying, “been there, done that.” Now you decide, “Was it a good or a bad experience?” You create the duality in your life. You decide if it is traumatic, beneficial, or a life-changing mystical experience. The choice has always been yours in this space.

The red level is the mask we wear. It’s the persona. At one level, it is the REBALL we create to interface with the world whether that world is internal or external. We protect ourselves; that is the role of the ego. It is a necessary part of the survival of the individual on any level.

The Blue, Red, and Yellow levels are called “horizontal” by Miranon because the kinds of activities that take place on these levels are restricted in the direction information and experience appear to flow. If you think of an ant crawling on a basket ball, the horizon may appear horizontal and the ball may seem like an infinite space to move upon, but at some point it is possible to realize it is finite.

It is the “change in perspective” (the white level) that is demonstrated in the methodology presented by the resonant colors.

To summarize the first two levels, the blue level is the created objective, physical world as we typically experience it on our level of waking physical reality. Higher blue levels are less dense realities, such as ideas, time, space, and dreams. The red levels are our internal understanding of what we experienced in the blue levels. It is represented as a reflection of the blue level. In higher red levels, there is less separation between the red and blue levels.

The separation between the blue and red level is the veil. As you move to higher levels of red this separation dissolves.


Here is a little doodle I was asked to make on the theory of the I:Here and I:there

Quick breakdown I’ll go into detail later.

My I:here is represented by the little red fellow in the bottom. My I:there is representative of everything else. The source in the middle and everything else connected to it and to everything else. As I feel I am a small piece of everything just as everything is a small piece of me.


Yellow, balancing, unifying, and testing what you have learned and making it a normal and neutral event. The yellow levels are: (F3, F10, F17, F24, F31, F38, F45). It is used to harmonize the blue and red and create understanding, preparing for moving to higher white levels. This is a balancing level where what was presented as reality in the blue level is reconciled with what you created in the red level.

The role of the yellow focus levels’ is to gently overcome resistance to learning a new way of thinking.
It is not by forsaking prior thought patterns, but by realizing that growth, particularly spiritual growth, is achieved by forgiveness, healing, and eagerly progressing to higher levels of understanding. The yellow levels are a safe haven for this type of balanced energy. This is why Focus 10 is so crucial.

Here is what Miranon said concerning the Yellow level.

“The Third level transverses or goes through the middle of the first two levels and can reach out a little more directly into other spheres, other forms of life on the same plane. This level has a different intensity to it. On this level, there is more of a development of inner awareness. It is still a horizontal level, but the color for this level is yellow, and it does not have the heaviness of the second level. There is an expanding of the consciousness, an increasing awareness of that plane of existence, it would be a development of the mind, an expansion of the mind. There comes a need for more power. In this way, power can be gained over other forms of existence on that plane, but primarily only on that plane. Again, this level is a horizontal level, it does not ascend or descend.”

At one extreme, becoming completely absorbed in the red level is equivalent to creating a fantasy world.
What is happening in the physical world must be reconciled with your version of reality.
Our sources of information about events are frequently corrupted by our filters and the intentions of others.
This creates a schism between what your intuition says and what is revealed by external sources.
This reconciliation takes place on the yellow level.
While it is impossible to fully comprehend an event, there are levels of awareness that will improve your ability to distinguish noise from signal, as outlined in Remote viewing technique.

Edit: I understand I barely touched on this subject so I will be coming back to yellow.


Introducing the rose level associated with the heart center. Initially, this is where you receive assistance in whatever form it is required, and you are willing to accept it. Being “open” is key to reaping the benefits of the rose level. Being clairvoyant at this level means developing and using empathy. This level is related to loving acceptance, forgiveness, and trauma recovery. An adept user of this level can enable the flow of loving energy to help and heal others

Saying “thank you” when it appears inappropriate is the quickest method to reach the rose level in any situation.
This keeps you involved in a loving manner.

The Rose level is the way out of the first three horizontal levels; Blue, Red and Yellow. Is it any surprise that love is the answer?

An (NPC) AI becomes sentient through the love of another person. Love: The key to waking up.

This is a fun movie that anyone can watch and get something out of it. The important point I want to make is that there is a scene where the game resets. Free Guy returns to being an NPC and appears to have lost higher abilities, as is represented by an advanced “dialogue tree”. The love shown by a player unlocks the block to the advanced dialogue tree, and Free Guy’s higher functions return. A metaphorical scene depicting how love overcomes obstacles.

In one of the conscious theories I read, being conscious is defined as having “the ability to respond” to your environment. Consider this when meditating on a void. It is only a void because you lack the ability to form a memory, use words to describe the experience, detect a presence, or use your senses. The first step in raising consciousness is knowing that the possibility exists.

When you pose a question, you open up the possibility of a response.
You expand your dialogue tree. When you remote view, channel or have an OBE, you answer questions by gaining information. Raising your rose levels indicates that you are developing the senses necessary to identify and accept the solutions.
A question is a doorway, a vehicle for rising above a horizontal level of consciousness and entering a vertical rose level of consciousness.

Rose level, Healing trauma from the event

You’ve just learned something that has an impact on you.
If the experience did not soften your heart and open you up to the potential of forgiveness and love, this level will attempt to breach the individual’s protective boundary.

Do you seek the advice of another person?

Do you meditate to communicate with your inner guide?

How do you respond when someone approaches you for advice?

How do others react when you reach out to offer advice?
Their reaction may provide some insight into how you respond to them when they wish to speak with you.
Life might be messy at times, but the solution is always to respond in a loving manner.

Under what circumstances are you available and willing to receive guidance?
Reading literature, having a polite debate, and self-discovery through study are some examples.
Find a realistic and comfortable method of being receptive to new knowledge. Simply being conscious of how open you are will bring more love into your life. That is a miracle.
This 5-minute video can show how to be open and promote healing.

The “Rose level” is a vertical plane through which energy can descend or ascend. So it is a good place for healing through love to integrate new information into being. The rose levels are (F4, F11, F18, F25, F32, F39, F46).

This is a transformation stage because it has access to parts of the mind and body that are closed off. It enables communication, so guides can aid in healing and conflict resolution by teaching new skills and abilities. This is the place where negative and positive experiences are harmonized and neutralized so that they can be absorbed in their whole. Trauma is recognized and addressed.

This level has access to all levels, both upper and lower. If the information was not completely comprehended or generated conflict with other parts of the self, it is reconciled with the support of loving teachers and guides.

Here is what information was presented in Miranon Session 6 SHE 28:06 :
"The fourth level of this seven is the one that both Leona and I are on, and it is one reason we can have contact with each other. It is the vertical plane. It is the beginning of the ascension and dissension. This plane can either ascend or descend, and therefore we can meet. The color for this plane is a rose color. It is a lighter color. It is a plane that brings greater unity through all the planes. The primary quality of this plane is what you call love. It is an openness to realities beyond this reality, beyond whatever plane you happen to be on. It opens the door to expansion into other realities. "

Miranon’s statement about “expansion into other realities” can be immediately thought of as a reality where I feel better. It can be for fanciful things, but consider the rose level for making a small change to better the world around you for others.

How do you do this if you are unable to stop what your doing and meditate?
You must first obtain entry to this level through meditation and self-training.
Then connect the word to the emotion of unconditional love and forgiveness.
Then, in your daily life, simply say the word to access this loving, creative aspect of yourself.
“Thank you” is the word.

Say “thank you” when you’re stuck in a predicament and don’t know what to do.
Say thank you if you are in an argument and suddenly realize it.
These few words start a new conversation tree.
It elevates your awareness to the rose level, letting you pause and consider how to respond in love.

Saying Thank you for everything that comes your way is the fastest and most powerful way to grow spiritually.

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Today, we’ll start with the green level, which is incredibly exciting since it’s all about thriving, having and displaying talents and abilities that help make the world a better place.
Many self-help and get-rich-quick books concentrate on this level.
Personal development skills such as wisdom, courage, power, and blessings can lead to prosperity.
It is entirely up to you how you apply your abilities.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of each level’s compensation in terms of ability. It will serve as a summary of the previously stated resonant color levels.

The blue level represents reality as it currently exists. When you can see reality for what it is, you can distinguish and recognize the truth. This is referred to as wisdom.

The red level is the interpretation of reality. When you can observe yourself and others’ interpretation of reality, then you can discern intention. With wisdom and knowing intention, you can face life’s situations without fear, but it also involves facing them despite fear. A person may not be fearless, yet they tackle a risky, unpleasant, or terrifying circumstance because they are confident in their intention.
This is referred to as courage.

The yellow level strikes a balance between reality and interpretation. This is where project management comes in, because it is all about matching intent with what can be done and how to achieve it. This is the ability to behave wisely and courageously in order to accomplish anything.
This is referred to as power.

The rose level is healing. This is counseling and training. When we have endured trauma and have recovered, we now know the way out of that situation. The best counselors are those with living experience. When one has found the path, then that path is available to all. They can take the lead by showing that hope is available. This is the greatest miracle of all: that hope and love exist so we can transcend our fears. We appreciate and give blessings.

I am sure you can think of many other abilities.

Green Level, Normalizing. The explorer uses the new information or ability with ease. A phrase like, “We do that all the time” is a good example. The green levels are: (F5, F12, F19, F26, F33, F40, F47) New awareness is expanded and abilities are explored through work, adventure, exploration and experience. This is a demonstration level where having learned a skill to the point of being able to creatively apply it. Problems are easily solved and there is a high degree of confidence in applying the ability. The explorer may teach or write about the subject to pass along the skill to others. I am writing to you from a green focus level.

It’s the difference between knowing that we should always respond in love and actually putting that knowledge into practice through our experiences until it becomes a part of us.

An element of the rewards associated with the green level may be monetary. You may be of service to others because you have developed a skill and obtained an ability. You can share your talent in a variety of ways and be compensated for it. Making sound decisions that cause others to thrive is always welcome in business. It is possible to creatively find ways to solve problems where everyone profits, including the planet. Journaling and publishing a book can be both therapeutic and educational ways to share your spiritual journey. These stories are always captivating because they combine life’s drama with the unveiling of a mystery or a miracle. As a manifestation of your gift, you may produce art, write poetry, dance, or sing. The green level is about being comfortable with who you are.

Bob’s green level in his recorded meditation is F12. What is the green level’s practical application?
When you feel overwhelmed, bewildered, and out of control, go to a green level, center, or ground and feel normal. It is the recognition that this skill exists and is not new; it is already a part of who you are. The green level is this acceptance. The distinction is that you are aware and can access this skill with conscious will. In Monroe’s materials and classes, you may learn more about the H+ approach and how to use a personal identification code (PIC) code. These strategies provide key words that allow you to rapidly access particular levels and aid you in your meditation and daily life. “Okay” is the key word for the green level. The affirmation is, “I am okay.”

The green level represents acceptance. It is the end result of a mechanism we employ to process events automatically. The “resonant colors” method of moving through levels of awareness fits nicely into these grieving stages. Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross established the Five Stages of Grief Hypothesis. It says that after the death of a loved one, we go through five distinct stages. Denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and finally acceptance are the stages.

Here is what Miranon said about the green level in Session 6 SHE 30:21
"The fifth level is very interesting, this fifth and sixth levels are closely tied together. There are very few consciousnesses that are on the fifth or sixth level. For example, when I transcend the 46 level, I will be in level 47 and 48. I will not be just in 47. They are very complementary levels. The color for the fifth level is primarily green. It is what you call your healing light. And it works very closely with the rose light in level four. The two again are interrelated. But in the fifth level, there is a tranquility, a sense of inner peace that comes from the development of this awareness of the love consciousness. It is primarily a descending level where you become more acutely aware of the realities of the levels beneath you… It is primarily a level that gives you an understanding, like the rain. The rain would be on the fifth level. As it falls, it understands it has an awareness of the reality that it is entering. It is a different reality from the reality of which it has been a part. "

In this statement from Miranon, an important point is made, and that is that the focus levels blend together.
Think about the scenario of a broken arm. You enlist the aid of a doctor. When you receive treatment, “healing begins.” On a rose level, I am seen, known, and loved. Healing continues after returning home. However, you are reminded of the wound because you must work while wearing a cast on your arm. You imagine a day when you will be completely recovered. On the green level, I’m okay. Then comes the realization that you are completely healed. This is a different reality than the one you’re in right now, without the cast on your arm. It’s time to play on the purple level.

Do you see how reality changes as you move through the color levels?

Okay, I see that the levels are phases that I go through when I process a situation. So what? When you are aware that something is happening, then you have a choice about what to do rather than responding impulsively. In other words, “you become conscious.” It is the same skill as becoming lucid within a dream. You change the level of conscious awareness within the dream. Now you are changing the level of awareness in your life. This change in awareness is represented by moving through a white level. More on that after we discuss the purple level.

This concept of higher orders of consciousness reaching into lower to states (our state) in order to heal and complete itself is shown in the following from Bob’s book Ultimate Journey. p. 205

Bob: Miranon! Are you still on your forty-ninth level?

Miranon: I am, but I am ready to move. You come at the right moment.

Bob: I was not intentionally trying to find you.

Miranon: I perceive what you are doing. You have learned much.

Bob: Yes, I have. And I understand now your purpose in returning.
The task of gathering in your parts, as you called them, is not
easy, is it?

Miranon: That is true. As with you, others are performing that function,
other parts of me. Now you too are searching.

Bob: But I do not know what I am searching for. Is what I seek the
same as your goal? We are gathering together the parts of us,
up and down in time, from belief system to belief system. I
cannot—we cannot—leave until we gather all in.

Miranon: That is so.

Bob: Then, my friend, what do we do when we have completed our
That is what keeps me moving onward to higher levels. I
think I see the end, but then I see greater vistas beyond.
Perhaps we should search together.

Miranon: No, my friend. We move at different rates. I cannot change,
nor can you. And I perceive you have found the way and I
have yet to find mine.

Bob: I don’t understand. Found the way?

Miranon: The way to obtain your answer.

When we complete the mission, the contracts we enter into are satisfied. The rest of the time is spent playing. We are free to act as we like and to ignore these limitations. We go on to the mastery levels, which are the purple levels.


Purple level, Expanding in new areas by creatively applying the new information or ability. The purple levels are: (F6, F13, F20, F27, F34, F41, F48) You become aware of higher levels and are ready to transition into a white level. You see, developing this ability means realizing that new opportunities exist that you had never thought were available.

You notice the harmony between things that on the surface appear to be utterly dissimilar. Patterns and methodology become revealed to provide a deeper understanding. You identify the impediments to growth and, if necessary, resolve them with assistance. Regrets are resolved because you can evaluate your life from a different perspective.

You might have experienced brief moments of unified consciousness, in which every moment of your existence had a reason and significance, which led you to this moment so you could understand this knowledge. It becomes simple and essential to forgive oneself and others. Everything else that is beyond your capacity to forgive is resolved by the loving mercy of a higher being. This love removes all barriers, enabling advancement to the next level of understanding. Everything is clear and simple; all you need to do is breathe and let your life’s events unfold without opposition. It’s like drinking liquid luck and experiencing a fantastic day. Key words: Growing, Thriving, Health, Playing

Miranon said in Session 6 SHE 30:21 "The sixth level is primarily an ascending reality. It allows you to have greater understanding of the levels yet to be attained. And in this reality, you can transcend the plane upon which you are currently existing. (Bob) You are in this … plane. Yes, you are in the fifth and sixth plane, but you are working primarily from the sixth plane. You have an awareness of the fifth plane also… The color for this sixth plane is purple, but it is a different kind of purple. "

Being in the purple level is being in the “flow”. You are the ability and the knowledge. It is not a skill you access it is who you are. The energy of being radiates.

The following is transcript of Miranon and Bob discussing the transition from Purple to the White level. SHE 20:24
You’re welcome How are you today?

Bob Monroe 20:27
I’m much better than earlier. I had discomfort earlier that lasted for a short period which I could not understand. I was going to ask you if you did?

SHE 20:40
It is the discomfort that I sense is also coming for Leona. And I needed to be sure that she was comfortable before I came. When we are changing levels, there are changes that must occur not only in the etheric body, but in the physical body. And these changes bring about much difficulty for the physical body that is undergoing it and for the mind that has to experience it. There is almost a sense of of death, because there is a part that has to die. But there is also with it, a sense of new growth coming. And it is a form of energy that must be incorporated into the lifestyle of each person. It brings with it potentials for much growth very quickly. But it also brings with that responsibility for certain changes in order to become comfortable with it. As I said to you earlier, you are essentially in two levels at the same time. And you are now beginning to make the transfer to the higher level and to the level 20 and the level 21 rather than then in the crossover of those two levels.

F20 is purple and F21 is white. Consider the transformation that happens when a loved one passes away. It’s possible that you endured their illness for a very long time. You made a lot of changes to support and take care of them. Change has occurred since they have left. Even though you may feel “okay” and have finished the mourning process, this transition will have unexpected effects on your life. You are ready for something new. The peace that comes with knowing you are okay and realizing there are new options accessible for your live comes from being at the purple level.

Apparently, higher consciousness is in a state of perfection and unification. There is no need for novelty because there is no “need” at all. The only need that arises from awareness is to expand the state of perfection through self-knowledge and the discovery of others. NDE survivors describe seeing a light and a threshold, a portal through which they are greeted by others and given the option of continuing or returning to a physical existence.

This is the white level, F21. If you think of a portal like the front door to your home. You pass through the portal, not spending much time at the threshold. In meditation, you can prolong your stay at this level. You meet and greet people at the door. You can also meet and greet thoughts and ideas in a white level.

At the beginning of consciousness is the first statement followed by the first question. I am aware of myself. "Is there anything other than me? The white levels are embodied in the key word “Hello?”

A portal is a point of transition.You have control over what comes into and goes out of the house through the front entrance. Some portals can be exceedingly challenging to pass through, like a bank vault, or really simple, like a park’s entry. We discover and pass through conscious gateways as explorers. There are numerous real-world applications for this in daily life.

A question is a white level. It opens a portal to obtain information. When you ask from a purple level, there is a union of heart, mind, and spirit. On this side, the purple side, you do not have the information. You have the question. You cross into the white level, where all levels can be accessed. You experience the blue level, where the answer is, because that is reality. You are on the other side of the white level. You have the answer. Now what to do with the answer? That is the red level. Then the progression of processing the information continues through the rest of the colors as needed until you accept the answer. The key to this is to seek the truth in the answer. Then it is easy to accept.

A sign of having made a transition from a white level into a blue level is discovering your train of thought is judging your previous actions. This is the reason you might ruminate before going to sleep. You might think, “How could I have done that?” Rather than seeing this as recrimination and a source of shame or other emotion, embrace this as a sign that you are becoming conscious. An affirmation phrase such as, “I did the best I could with the information and understanding I had at the time.” “The best I can hope for is to learn from this and not repeat the same mistake again.” The solution to any problem is to find a creative way to respond in love—even to yourself, especially yourself. The purpose of the color patterns is to recognize and learn that this process is happening. Once you are conscious of the pattern, then you can learn to move through the process with less resistance and less trauma. Life on the physical plane is hard. Would you pay attention if it were easy?

An interesting product of this type of pushing into new levels of perception is like reading the best stories, the ones that make you re-evaluate everything you’ve been taught to make you question every truth you’ve come to believe. These changes in perception change your understanding of how you identify yourself. A change in perception makes you re-evaluate all your past actions in light of this new understanding. There is an experiment where red makeup is placed on the nose of a child. They are then shown their reflection in a mirror. As they develop from a small baby to a toddler, at some point the child becomes self-aware of the reflection1 and is embarrassed. These changes in perception represented by the white levels of transition are the triggers for these moments of embarrassment. Look for them and anticipate them as you journey forward. For this is a sure sign that you are transcending to a higher level of understanding. The Five Stages of Self-Awareness Explain What Babies See in the Mirror by Joshua A. Krisch
That’s a mirror (Level 1), there’s a person in it (Level 2), that person is me (Level 3), that person is going to be me forever (Level 4), and everyone else can see it (Level 5).

There is fascinating material about mirrors, crystal balls, and reflective pools. It is worthy of its own course. The primary point from the Miranon material is the red level is a reflection of the blue level. Meaning we never see reality for what it is. The white levels are stages of consciousness. I just use the child realizing itself in a mirror as an example of stages of cogitative development. I believe that the spirit is like a kid when it awakens and starts to grow via conscious meditation at the many levels. The spirit goes through the same developmental phases as a child in terms of cognition before quickly becoming an adult. You may have observed that when you dream, you may respond more maturely and without as much dread. If you kept a dream journal, you could observe how your awareness has increased and how you are now better able to control your dreams. These are indications that you are ascending through the white levels and becoming more mindful of these other states of consciousness.

While you’re meditating, try to manifest a mirror at that level and take a look around. What is interesting is not only your own reflection but also the reflection of the environment at the focus level you are at. As a practice, one way to ground at a focus level is to reflect light into the eyes using water, a crystal, or a mirror. We typically think of grounding when you return to reality, but you can ground yourself at these other focus levels. This is done the same way “there” as you do it “here.” Use your second body senses there, just like here.

White, Transcending into the next higher plane of learning, teaching or creating. The white levels are: (F0, F7, F14, F21, F28, F35, F42, F49) You move into a new understanding and raise your level of conscious awareness at this level. This frequently calls for adopting a fresh viewpoint and a fresh way of thinking about what were once considered to be unquestionable truths about reality. Each transition level presents a new reality with higher degrees of energy organization and a lower density of material matter.

Color white, Geometry: Circle. This level is depicted by a full circle because it is situated on the periphery of groups of the other six levels. All other color levels can be reached via light pulses that are emitted from this level, which acts as a transition zone. It has an apparent membrane that needs to be pushed through in order to move from here to there. These adjustments might be quick and easy to make, or they can be difficult and take a lifetime. These changes might be physiological, like birth or death, or they can be developmental, like learning to walk or seeing patterns in your environment. A white level is represented by many different symbols, such as doors, windows, fog, storms, guardians, and many more.

Here is what Miranon said about the white level: Miranon Session 6 SHE 34:14 “The seventh plane is the full circle at which you understand and have a complete awareness of all that is in your plane of reality. A complete and total understanding not only of yourself but of all the levels that you touch. If you will notice, the seventh level touches or crosses every other level of existence. It has the harmonizing influence. It is the level that unites everything within the level and it also has the ability to cross into other levels since the light is pulsing since the light radiates, it touches all the levels. The levels above it again space is not right, but the levels above it below it on top of it and behind it for lack of better analogies. The color for this level is white. There is no color, or there is all color. It is the highest level you can attain and still stay in the plane of reality upon which you exist. That is the basic understanding I have of these levels. If you have any specific questions, I will try to answer them.”
Bob Monroe 36:04 "In these particular levels now, these seven levels apply to physical existence here, as I understand and there, these as have been described, are in the whole scheme of levels, would be level 15 through 21. Is that correct? "
SHE 36:25 “This applies to all levels of existence, physical [and] non-physical. It does not matter.”

The white level represents both the end and the beginning. “Hello.” When I write about channeled dialogue, like the Miranon material, I find I am often writing and rewriting the introduction. When I finish the last paragraph, I return to read the introduction and find I’ve left something out.

After going through multiple iterations of writing, reviewing the material, and then revising, I’ve realized there’s something else going on. If the material’s content were limited, I could just list the ideas, talk about them, then write a conclusion to wrap things up. With the help of the resonant colors and the focus levels, I continue to find new applications for the theory and fresh angles from which the pattern emerges in the struggles of everyday life. Due to the fact that this is an infinite living system, you learn something new every time you go through the procedure. This is explained in the video for “The Book of You.”

This rhythm of pulsating inspiration and evolution might be as basic as a heartbeat or span the entirety of a person’s life or the history of the universe.
It is the flower of life’s pattern of consciousness.
We can see it when we look inside.
We can see it when we look outside.

Notice how the diagram of the seven colors look like DNA as seen from the top.

Here is some science that ties it all together. This 20 minute video is amazing because it tells about the connection of Light, DNA, the resonance with Earth and the cosmos. It explains how we are antenna to these systems because we came from them.

This video relates to the white levels because it connects the four sacred relationships. The relationships between us—you and I, the planet, the universe, and the creator.

The Resonant Colors process connects to the source enabling the evolution of self-knowledge to continue. With the sentence we created using the keywords from each of the color levels, I will wrap up my exploration on this subject. Hello, wise, courageous, and powerful. Thank you for love and empathy. I am fulfilled and accept this experience of thriving in peace and joy and returning to all the presence of wisdom, courage, and power.

These videos will teach and take you through the focus levels from 10-21 which is what you’ll become familiar within the gateway experience. There are plenty other audios that are helpful that you can find within the channel these all mostly come from.

Make sure you wear headphones and have the headset on correctly.