Leviathan's Charging of the Sigil Ritual

Fresh from my new working earlier.

Leviathan came to me in my ritual space when I was waiting for the ham and green bean casserole to cook still. It was time to learn something he wanted imparted to others. I’ve been contemplating a pamphlet about my different uses for sigils, so this isn’t a surprise.

He had me grab my wand for him. The wand isn’t necessary, but can be helpful.

I traced his sigil in the air in front of me with white, general energy. This is just an outline, like one would make on a piece of paper. I “opened” it by charging it with blue, watery energy.

Having done this, focus on the entity attached to the sigil. Leviathan here.

The next part is spoken “into” the sigil itself. This is pushing the intent, but partially so. You’re sending the instructions into it. These don’t have to be much more than spoken word and whatever emotions, visual outcomes, and similar.

At this point, you’ve traced the sigil into the air, activated it, caught the attention of the entity behind it, and stated your purpose.

Leviathan gave me the words for what was going to be pressed upon the sigil. It shouldn’t be seen as the absolute way to do it. It seemed a little awkward to me, to be honest.

“Leviathan, I ask you to attack X for the act of harming A. I ask you to pay back Y for crimes against B.” This was for two targets. They could’ve been separated, but weren’t. I had done other rituals earlier against both targets at this point.

Having been spoken the requests, under the gaze of Leviathan, I was then instructed to charge the sigil to fuel both workings and to pay for them, if I desired to. I charged this with straight, regular, white energy.

When I was told to release it, I let go of my connection to it and watched it disappear instantly.

This basically is a tool free petition ritual that can be done when space or privacy or other constraints prevent the rituals you’re accustomed to. You could draw this on paper and charge it that way, if you prefer. This may be a good way to practice your energy skills with an entity you’re comfortable with.

Happy Casting.


Would you mind sharing a picture of the sigil you used?


I use Dukante’s sigil. Here’s one burnt into wood.

I did put a circle around it to contain the energies.


Thank you :slight_smile: :ocean: