Primordial Beasts: Behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz

This is going to serve as a record of notes of my workings with said entities. Most will be from personal experience fdom various methods, although I will likely have some that are more research based (as I am always interested in how people in the past came up with ideas that have been preserved, especially when it came to religious/spiritual beliefs). I have no set deadline on any of this so this will be written as I go. So, I hope you enjoy.


Empowerment Rite

This is a ritual I have been using for a little over a week now to feed some extra fuel for the Master Curse. I have noticed that it not only helps to speed up the results (as my target is quite falling apart more every night since I began) but it helped to keep me centered and focused overall. This is inspired by the Three Worlds in modern druidry (land, sea and sky). The imagery used in the meditation is Rudolf Koch’s Eye of the Dragon, shown below.


Take a few deep breathes to relax. Focus at first only on your body as you inhale, hold for a moment and exhale. Take time to acknowledge that in this moment, you are at the center of existence in that moment. Know that your voice travels far beyond your space, to the places the spirits we call onto dwell.

Call to Behemoth by actually speaking (it can be loudly or just a whisper, as long as you put in the intention of getting his attention), looking in front of you towards the right. You can use an inchantment or just chant his name. I do chant but I also use the title “Lord of the Earth” as a bit of an extra flare. Use as much or little flowery language as desired. Ask for him to empower your rite so the results manifest faster. Allow whatever imagery feels right to serve as a representation of him if it occurs. Lately, it has been less of image of an actual beast but a giant horn of one emerging out of the ground.

Look forward towards the left of you and call to Leviathan, similar to how you called Behemoth. You could use titles if you wish or simply chant his name (I use “Lord of the Seas”). State the same intention and allow whatever imagery to be a representation emerge if it seems appropriate. For me, it is a giant whirlpool.

Focus on the space behind you and call to Ziz. Same deal as far as chant/inchantion goes as with the previous two. I use “Lord of Skies”. The imagery that comes to mind is a giant eagle but allow whatever comes to mind.

When you feel all three present, visualize the energy coming off of them forming a line of light connecting all three, forming a triangle. Watch the corners of the triangle to branch line towards you, allowing you to become the center of the symbol. Draw in the energy they are giving you either directly into yourself or into whatever tools you are using for the ritual. Know that it has been empowered and you may continue with the rest of your rituals.

Dismissal after the ritual is up to your discretion. I just keep it simple and thank them each for the aid and wish them peace as they depart.


Following with interest. More please! :smiley:

You know, I think they showed me the same image. Save, it was like a hologram, an additional dimension, depth. Like how saturn can grow plants, i saw the lines of this image sprout and just go-grow up. It’s a sort of obelisk with three sides. This triangular shape has the names of Leviatan, BoheMot and Ziz.