Norse's Hybrid Ritual and Evocation Levels Needed

I’m positive somebody, somewhere, thought of this ritual somewhere. I haven’t read it anywhere, so that makes it almost mine. It’s certainly my way of going about it.

What is this Hybrid Ritual? It’s a cross between a petition, an evocation, and an energetic candle working. The short of it is that the entities are called, an agreement is made, and a payment (that doubles as extra energy for the working) is given. Cake. Education complete.

I know I said that the entities are called first, but I typically don’t call them before getting an soft agreement (not formal). How does that work? 2 ways. The first is to have an entity in mind and reach out to them with impressions or telepathy to see if they would take the work. If they will, there you go and the details will come later. The other is to send it out “to those you work with” (the intent) to see who’d be willing to pick it up. No one responds favorably then you need to play the matching game with some research.

So you’ve gotten the soft agreement before you start calling. What does this do? It brings you and the entity closer, making the calling easier and faster. Typically. If they want you to practice, they may make you work with it. Every so often, they still do this with me, but it’s much rarer over time, given the number times I’ve done it with humans and spirits alike.

The evocation, the calling, is next. Why do I say calling? Because sometimes all you have to do is send out the request and they come without you having to grit your teeth and work through a battle of Wills. Notice I didn’t say “full” evocation was necessary. It isn’t, unless that spirit is helping you work towards that. You need to be able to feel the sprit in some manner and have a means of communication so the work is accepted or stipulation put into place. In my ritual with Abaddon and another spirit, Abaddon accepted both targets, but only 2 of the 3 tasks, while the other accepted all 3. Kinda important to know. Could I “force” it? No point to it. I’m not souring a good relationship over that when I can call others to assist, if needed.

The energetic portion is next. I take two approaches with this and it’s part of my intent. The energy put into the candle is both for the entity and the working. So is the blood. But I expect the working to be done and there aren’t any handouts of energy or blood without demonstrable need, say, like I can see my working have an effect, but it needs a little jolt to get done faster, which should be confirmed via divination or similar. Asking an entity not assigned the task is another way of doing this.

I honestly recommend working through some of the exercises in my Pele grimoire. It’s also a way to become better as an energy worker and to tap into natural sources of energy that you then just need to direct with intent, such as Nature, Fire, or Divine. It’s right there to be used. Most of it can be used without dedicating to Pele, Hi’iaka, or Kamohoali’i. The meditation and attunement exercises will help you gently ease into this area. The energy is pulling into you, gets it’s intent and flavoring from you, and is pushed into the candle.

And those skills are why I can draw the energy for a half dozen or dozen of these rituals a day without feeling any strain or fatigue. Those that have watched my work over the years have seen it and, in time, it will be seen here. Well, my public workings. I’m getting off-track, but the point is that energy shouldn’t be your limiting factor at some point. There’s a blue print for helping make that happen, if you put in the work.

All that’s left to do at this point is to light the candles and clean your bloody finger(s) off.


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