How to identify a demonic entity from a dream?

I apologise if this is not the right place to discuss this topic

Hopefully someone can inform me of how to make contact with un named demonic entities that appear in dreams : )
Maybe this discussion will help other people too, so sorry about the specific scenario to do with this topic

Please note that I have not made any contracts with, nor used sigils to make contact with/summon this entity

I only one time had this encounter with this demonic entity in a dream (its really annoying but i get really lucid dreams where i experience the pain, like a 4D movie almost)

Main feature was her eyes, those weird black and red ringed eyes

I saw this demonic entity that had a face that looked like this, except she has grey coloured skin and black licorice candy texture black lips, please note she has a body too, but i wasnt able to draw whole body due to poor drawing skills…

how do I contact this entity? My assumption is that because i saw this entity in that dream and she wasnt violent or giving me menacing feelings, it isnt necessarily a “i am in danger from this entity, so do NOT contact” thought,

as there was no dangerous feelings or events occurring in that dream.

I have little to no experience in doing rituals and succeding in contacting demons, so hopefully someone has some helpful information or knows a friend of a friend (that they can recommend me to) who has experience in making contact or summoning demonic entities that (i assume) doesnt have a sigil or presently I dont know the name of.

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The image you drew there can be used as a sigil, it’s better if you color it in to better match what you saw, and you can simply refer to them as “Oh, Demon who appeared to me in my dreams on the night of X” etc.

However, this is NOT to be done by beginners. Seriously, trying to contact unknown spirits who randomly appear to you without knowing how to protect yourself or how to even obtain much knowledge about them, can lead you into serious trouble very quickly. Be wise. And don’t take this warning lightly

Asking a holy deity like Thor to protect you can be good before proceeding to anything further at all.

Here is an example of how you could go about that:


Cool thanks for the information,

Also situation specific,

When i look at the drawing i did from a distance or at a slight angle in a candle lit room, the eyes gives off a weird holographic effect where the 2 colours ripples or something, is this common?


Yes, this is pretty common when gazing at something with lines and colours like that, the image tends to “warp” a bit and go a little strange.

Draw a circle with a black dot in the center, and colour in the inside of the circle, and gaze at it. You should experience something similar after a little while!


Ohh right yeah, sorry i was being an idiot and thought this was one of those "chapter 8, paragraph 5 " textbook 101 information on demons common symptoms type thing

I didnt realise this is an “optical illusion” that most people can easily do with a pen/pencil and paper

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Haha, no worries! I recall others also asking about sigils warping.