How to find grimores/authors

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

What method does everyone use to find new material and authors? For example, how many of you just take a trip to barns and noble to pick up their newest grimore to work from. I’m betting this number is low for people. I’ve thought of checking used book stores but I feel that’s just pure luck if you find something. Unless you find a very special book store.

I personally use Amazon. I have my goto authors that I will search for new material from and use their recommendations on new authors. This is how I got my start and it was not easy imo. My other major goto method is of course you folks. All the recommendations made my trusted individuals. This is gold, but for people who don’t have that I feel for ya.

Occult stores, we have a few nice stores but it seems like most I find there are love and light or new age.

What is your little secret for finding hidden knowledge?


I’ve been using searches on the Internet Archive lately. That doesn’t always net me anything useful to work through, but I still read some of them.

Edit - I took out some mean stuff

Anyway, Amazon isn’t bad for presenting books or topics, but it suffers from too many 30 page “books” of watered down references to other “books” the author has, which may or may not be useful by themselves. Connolly did some of that, but there was more substance in the beginning. I largely don’t buy her stuff now because of it. 76 week Goetia aside. I noticed earlier that other “authors” have done the same and cluttered up the discovery feeds with stuff that belongs in a compost pile. Well, if they weren’t electronic only.


Usually I google whatever topic I am currently interested in, look for interesting articles and check their resources. I usually try to aim for more academic leaning sites, which tend to point to the older grimoires. I also like bearing recommendations from others. But I also like to mix it up and pull up random books that might be something I am interested in and see how it goes.

I found some real gems and trash during it. Currently am weeding through “At Satan’s Altar” for things I can use. It is kind of a 50/50 but has given me some ideas to experiment with.


Speaking of Connolly, she has put out a few new full length books recently. But I agree, the 12$ pamphlets need to stop lol.

Her new correspondence book is pretty decent tho.

FYI all of her short books are all free on her site in pdf form.

Edit: the mean stuff is the fun stuff lol.


The weeding through part is what’s currently bothering me. I’ll get 20 pages into something and not be vibing with it. But I feel I have to finish it to give it a fair shake. My opinion rarely changes in that aspect. I should maybe just start putting them down lol.


Have never found a grimoire in one of these, it’s all about healing and light workers… a tragedy really that even what should be our type of stores cater so whole heartedly to RHP.


Tbh I do a lot of vetting the authors I read and find a lot of what they were reading or what authors they were into and so on


Different convo, but interesting and relevant in a way


If anyone is looking for a real gut-wrenching let down, I highly recommend Apotheosis by Michael W. Ford. This book is just so reprehensibly bad on so many levels. Could have been created inhouse by self-help, Readers’ Digest authors. But it’s reviews state that it’s a life changing, well worth the money treatise.
Well fuck me!
You can end sentences with prepositions: For what are you fighting?-v-What are you fighting for?, but after the first two dozen - in quick succession - it just becomes awkward reading. Guess who was Editor for Apotheosis?
I can’t finish the book, and because for me it’s an import with Goods & Services Tax it was expensive. And I’d read so much about the illustrious Michael W. Ford, but this will be my first and very last book of his.
Again, I mention the supreme grimoire which changed my life in every respect: Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll. I knew heaps about Magick that I couldn’t get to work - until I studied and applied that mighty tome! All the ritualistic crap made sense and could be simplified. I became a practicing Magician.
I recommend a physical copy you can highlight and/or underline.


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