Eclipses, meteors and Spring Oh My! What have you heard what do you do what do you know about it (magickly)?

So I want to hear what you know about eclipses meteor showers and the seasons and how they affect your magick.

Also are there any rituals, traditions or lore about these things especially related to magick that you know of?

I’ll start with this…

Meteor showers .
I’ve heard some say they’re bad luck others say they symbolize riches being showered on you/the-earth by the deities.

I’ve heard some say don’t do magick during them it’s bad luck.
I’ve heard some say the only magick you should are curse rituals or break up spells.I’ve also heard that the phase of the eclipse matters. That while the eclipse is beginning to shadow the sun/moon is the time to do magick to remove bad habits but the end of it when the shadow is moving away and the sun/moon is becoming unobscured is the best time for magick relating to growth and new beginnings.

Are there any rituals you can only do in spring and no other time of the year?
Is there anything special about when
a meteor shower and eclipse happen at the same time?

So what have you heard? What do you know? What do you do during these things?

This is the place to stick what you
know about these things magickaly if you’re willing to share.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Add: yes I snagged that phrase it originated elsewhere. Don’t know if it’s patented or not snd don’t care unless the patent holder if there is one complains of phrase ownership and patent holding with proof. If they do, I’ll happily remove the phrase or let it be done til then I’m leaving it in.

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