Cow Tongue Curse

This is a curse to bind someones tongue from speaking against you either in court or just petty gossip.

The supermarket that used to work at, the meat department could order cow tongue. So, I got them to order me some.

The way you would use this is take a black candle carve your targets name on it and fill it with the intent to tie your targets tongue so that they cannot speak against you.

Have the tongue thawed out. On a piece of paper write your targets name and birthdate. If you have a printed picture even better. Visualize, that this big tongue is your targets tongue from their big fat mouth. And take pins to stick the paper to the tongue.
Light your candle and focus on the flame. Say in your own words that X now has a tied and twisted tongue and will no longer be able to speak anything ill or negative about you or towards you. You are from their toxic speech. Its is bound and can no longer effect you. Do this focusing on the flame of the candle until you feel it is done. You are exhausted.

Next you have a few options you can bury the tongue off your property.

Or you can take it and nail it to a post. I would only do this if I lived out in the country where it would not bother others.

Nailing it to a post would be much like putting the final nail in coffin of sorts. Your have nailed there tongue still. They can no longer speak negatively or say hurtful or spiteful things against you. They cannot spread gossip or speak out against you in courts.

You could use this in conjuction with a spirit like Belial if it is to stop someone from speaking against you in court.

Make sure to do the work and forget it.


Girl, cow tongue in my country is pretty expensive but I’ll be using mouse tongue instead and see what happens :wink:


Why mouse tongue?


Where I live robbers tend to visualize themselves as rodents, so when others practitioner are casting baneful workings to ‘stole’ my money this will manifest as sudden rodents all over my home (unfortunately my house is configured to act symbolically) so by taking the life of the mice I’m cutting their cord (& hopefully a part of them), that’s why I also thought about their tongue :tongue:


Do you mind sharing where you live?


México city