Can't feel anymore

I have been constantly dealing with evocation since I was 15 years old and now I am 21 years old.

When I was little, when I repeated the name of the spirit a few times, I would feel that it was there, I would realize that it was with me and heard me, and I could see the results I wanted in my dreams.

As I grew up, this started to decrease. After the prince gap, I didn’t feel anything.

When Prince Gaap came there I would get goosebumps and a wind would blow I knew he was there

Anyway, I don’t want to make it longer, I can’t feel any spiritual presence afterwards, I can’t realize it, it doesn’t happen once, it happens every time, sometimes even if I spare my days to work deeply with that spirit.

There is a problem but I can’t solve it. When I was little, I was a person who could directly feel the presence that I summoned with a seal and a candle. Now, at the age of 21, I cannot feel that spirit even if I use very large equipment. I want to solve this problem. I am sure there is a problem. Please give your advice.


This is not unheard of. Maybe a change of methods could benefit you?

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Try demons of magick by Gordon winterfell
That book gave me my first breakthrough :white_check_mark::fire:

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Puberty! It’s a real bastard, ain’t it?
My brother and I used to see ghosts, then puberty started.
Console yourself with this: lhp spiritual entities always come when called. Just get that into your head and proceed - even if you don’t feel them.
I know they’re there because my arm hairs stand to attention and I heavily sweat.
Don’t get hung up on the feeling them aspect. Keep plugging on and with lots of emotion - like you’re in a blockbuster film. Go for broke and report on your progress.
All the best,