Book Review - Help me!

I do not like it,
Sam I Am!
I do not like it,
And I’ll be damned!

Seriously, I’d be interested to read other readers’ thoughts as I may well be missing more than something. I paid a pretty penny for a book entitled Apotheosis. I won’t mention author or editor names, but these are available online.

I’ve read some deeply heartfelt, disappointing books. The Catcher in the Rye springs instantly, almost effortlessly to mind. But this book reminds me of the tiny, self-help books (from America) that you could purchase in the 1970s: Sick of Being Shy? Or Curing Sexual Fetish. But regarding my recent purchase, deeply disappointed just doesn’t come close.

I admit that I’m only at page 49 of a 207-page book and to be brutally honest, I’ve had to force myself. For example (and this is a stylistic issue only) the word ‘for’ is a preposition and yes, you can end a sentence with a proposition – but it often reads awkwardly: What are you dying for? -v- For what are you dying? And a significant number of sentences end with the preposition ‘for’? Maybe it’s an American or mid-Atlantic English thing, I don’t know.

Then there’s the piss-weak and in my opinion, utterly indefensible 11 Luciferian Points of Power, perhaps drafted by a Readers’ Digest author. Now I’m onto The Triad of The Morning Star: Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis my aching heart is sinking fast and I’m desperate for help. Have I missed something? Does it get better as I progress? Was this book for the too-much-jiggy-jiggy-makes-it-sore teen market?

It’s marketed as The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path, but I’m just thankful that as a young Magician I never got hold of it – before it was first printed in 2019. So help out your one and only, Old Uncle Al as I paid some money and feel obliged (perhaps against my better interests) to finish reading it.

Awaiting in sanguine anticipation you responses,



This is meant in a general fashion, and not to that particular author. A solid litmus test is the quality of the writing itself. It is deeply humorous to have authors make egomaniacal claims of grandiose achievement and go on to make simple mistakes. Run on sentences, typos, the erroneous application of alter and altar. Here’s a protip, if an author doesn’t know the difference between alter (to modify) and altar (center of worship), they probably are making loads of other mistakes. Take that with a cup of salt.

You know what several less than legitimate occult authors and the fanatical church goer have in common? They cannot and will not accept the fact that they make mistakes. Attacking on the basis of dogma or because they don’t like somebody is exactly what churches do. Be they established JCI churches or LHP perspectives that haven’t realized they have metastasized into a church with an edgy veneer.

Proper prose, grammar, punctuation, spelling - these are all tools which are neglected by some folks. I ask, is it wise to purport to be a practioner of the craft of the wise while neglecting these tools?

I’d say more, but there are those who haven’t figured out that my existence doesn’t revolve around hating them.


Compare & Contrast

The XXI Satanic Points (PDF) The Black Book of Satan Codex Saerus | Mulat Tazebew -

The 11 Luciferian Points of Power


I haven’t read the book, but I feel your pain.

I’ve read many a book based on the recommendations of others and been sorely disappointed.

May I recommend in future trying to find excerpts online before purchasing. I do this regularly now and it’s saved me from spending unnecessarily and from wanting to beat myself to death with a book


That’s it. Seriously, I’m going to write my own Grimoire:
Old Uncle Al’s Streetwise, Cheap and Nasty Grimoire.
I’ll keep you informed, because I’m serious. If this sort of stuff sells, I’ll become the Barbra Cartland of LHP Magick: In Theory & Practice.



I’d be interested.

Seriously, I’ll even proofread for you

When i just write things on forum and what not Im more focused on saying what i want to say than focusing on correct grammar. I do my best but at the end of the day I’m not gonna stress over if a comma is in the wrong place or i misspelled a few words. (Plus, my phone got wet at the stadium tour, so it now has big black spots on the screen so cant tell what I typed until i post it. Yes I keep putting off getting a new one)

However, if I were going to write up a book and try to sell it I would try to make sure I dotted all my i’s and crossed all my t’s. And would surely get it proof read. I’m not there yet so I’ll keep doing what I do.

Being that crazy bitch …:smiling_imp:

Yeah I hear ya. My statement was more for folks with a bunch of published books. A forum should have more of a relaxed atmosphere.

@UncleAl I’d expect the tobacco plant or a cigarette to make an appearance. “The invocation of tobacco. You just light the darn thing.”

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If I draft a chapter on the almost supreme importance of nicotine addiction to becoming a powerful Magician, I’m fearful that potential publishers will walk away. Nonetheless, I’d like to teach the world to smoke in perfect harmony. I crave to advise how nasal snuff can provide truly awesome psychoactive episodes which the cunning practitioner can harvest. But alas, we live in a world were there are always people worried that somewhere, somehow, someone is having a good time.

Caffeine – the Magician’s Friend! How to cold brew coffee and with the help of a few caffeine tablets, get yourself perspired and jittery. This is painfully obscure stuff, learnt from being a Psychonaut and walking the ill-lit cul-de-sacs of western societies’ (mostly) licit drugs and fault lines. But could it get published? Some half-arsed, pre-pubescent turd might read it and kill themselves!

Ps. Fuck 'em! How many fucktards do you need? Their death was probably a crime stopper event anyway. When shit gives birth, they give birth to little turds and I just couldn’t care any less that some pre-pubescent shithead overdosed on caffeine tablets because he read my Masterwork. Only time I’d ever think about it was when I needed a good, hard belly laugh!
Just stating.


Rough note examples of my grimoire.
What do you think?
I’m aiming it at the ill-educated, small wards, youth market.


Introductory Comments

Magick doesn’t work, it’s just elaborate role playing.
That’s right and explains why every generation has produced its Magicians. It also explains the plethora of books available on the subject as well as the organisations which existed and exist to promote both the learning and application of Magick. Magick is one big confidence job were suckers who stick with it eventually realise it’s a complete waste of time, then decide to suck in others just to be nasty and get their own back. It’s all based on lies.
Make sense?

Magick is simple.
True, about as simple as learning a musical instrument or two. If you haven’t the commitment and time, find something else to do – like watch more televised sport. If you keep at it; eventually your whole, self-directed life becomes suffused with Magick. The main reason why there’s a high, dilettante, drop-off rate is because:
If your Magick isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right!
You’ve just read the main lesson of this book and if that’s all you learn, my job is done. But wait, there’s more!
Why the left-hand path?
Because if there wasn’t any light, there could be no darkness or vice versa. Both the right-hand and left-hand paths are powerful. The left-hand path should be quicker, but more self-evidently dangerous. The techniques outlined in this book can lead to apotheosis, but that’s a matter for you.
Every tried and tested, tried and true, cut to the chase, cheap and nasty technique disclosed has been successfully used. You’ll find no polysyllabic mysticisms here. That stated, there’s a lot of dangerous stuff you can read between the lines.

Who am I?
Seriously? It doesn’t matter. And don’t accept any wisdom you find herein unless and until you’ve proved it works.

Why buy this grimoire?
Because there’s so many powerful shortcuts, you owe it you the Self-You-Will-To-Be.
Also, I’m an older practitioner who needs the royalties.


This de-stressing exercise is simple, but requires commitment. If you feel more comfortable by doing so, take off your shoes. Lay flat on a rug, mat or carpeted floor. Do not use a pillow or a mattress. The object of this exercise is to get your body to conform to the flatness of the surface you are laying on not to have that surface conform to you.

Start by taking a deep breath and expelling that breath as a sigh. The secret is to sigh like everyone and everything that you love in your life has just been taken away from you. Sigh like it could not get any worse. Sign three consecutive times and then commence to relax your toes. After you have relaxed your toes, relax your feet. Continue to relax your body all the way to the top of your head.

By the time you get to relax your knees you may find that your feet are no longer relaxed. This is not a failure on your part, it is natural. Simply sigh and start again at the toes.

As you work your way from the feet to the head and discover that a previously relaxed part of your body has tensed up again you must give a deep sigh before recommencing. This exercise should be continued for at least fifteen minutes and may require several sessions before you start to obtain results. It can be effectively used to induce deep sleep. As you maintain your regime you will find that within a few days your sleeping patterns, comprehension and energy levels improve. You will also notice a diminished level of nervous energy in your everyday life.

A ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ side effect of this practice is that you can induce a state of deep relaxation at any time you need, simply by sighing. I was once caught in abysmal traffic and in desperation and while not thinking I let out an involuntary sigh and experienced deep relaxation instantaneously, to the point where I had to be careful not to fall asleep in the traffic.

The Lesser Headless Ritual

I am the Headless daemon with sight in my feet;

I am the Mighty One who possesseth the immortal fire;

I am the Truth who hateth the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world;

I am the One that maketh the lightning flash and the thunder roll;

I am the One whose sweat is the heavy rain, which falleth upon the earth that it might be inseminated;

I am the One whose mouth is utterly aflame;

I am the One who begeteth and destroyeth;

I am the Favor of the Aeon; my name is A Heart girt with a Serpent;

Come forth

And follow.


Purport & Warning
Learnt by heart and delivered with passion, this is an extremely dangerous ritual.
Been there. Done that.


A sigil (from the Latin Sigillum: a little seal or signet) is a coded reference, an access code formulated to allow desired reality into the here and now. It is a Glyph of Desire, a stylised image which does not suggest the desire. Their benefits are that a sigil is both effective and inexpensive to construct. Rendering a desire as an unrecognised glyph allows that desire to depart from the shores of conscious thought and move into the subconscious – which is linked to the multiverse. The fact that we cannot rationalise the process is the reason why the process works.

The multiverse is malleable and that is why we get up in the morning, but that same malleability can make the outcome of magickal acts unpredictable. The matrix upon which the Magician impresses his or her desire is ipso facto subject to infinite pressures from various directions. Despite this, whether you think you will succeed or know that you will fail – one thing is certain: You will be right!

Magicians, like most people, often desire/want/need things that they are unable to obtain through normal means. Sigils are an expedient way of obtaining what would otherwise seem to be improbable, provided that the will of the magician (no matter how strong) does not put too great a strain upon the multiverse. If you are a pimply faced kid with a body odour suggestive of personal hygiene challenges and whose sartorial tastes are tracksuit pants and tee-shirts and you are wanting to obtain the lusts of a porn Princess, take it from me, no sigil in the world is going to be directly effective. You will just have to trust me on that one. With much less effort and time you should perform Magick for money and use the invocation of an open cheque-book. That invocation rarely fails! If your open cheque-book invocation is powerful enough you can even purchase entire nations.

However, if your tastes are more conducive to reality you could try the following:

  1. In your Magickal Journal write down your desire/need/want in the present tense. Make sure you use as few words as is possible to accurately convey your outcome; for example, I Am Attractive To Women. Take the first letter of each word, in this example: I. A. A. T. W. Cross out all repeated letters, in this case you will be left with: I. A. T. W.

  2. Use these letters to form a mantra, for example: WATI (Wah-tee) or TAWI (Tah-wee). The more meaningless the mantra the better it will work.

  3. Using the letters, make up a design on some material, like paper. You may also wish to write the mantra upon the sigilized design or upon a piece of paper to be stored with it. Concentrate upon the design and mantra you have constructed so that you are familiar with the outcome you are seeking to obtain. Put this design away somewhere safe and consciously forget about it. It helps to construct a series of unrelated sigils and store these until you have consciously forgotten the purpose of each one.

  4. After you have forgotten the purpose for your sigils it is time to charge (vitalise) the sigil. Charging can be performed in any number of ways, but two of the easiest are to concentrate upon the sigil while chanting the mantra, for best results until you have achieved a trance like state and/or standing with straight up-stretched arms, palms turned towards the sky facing upwards and calling upon the energy of a deity, planet or of the multiverse to flow into your body and allow you to consecrate the sigil. When you feel the build-up of energy in and around your solar plexus to the point that you cannot hold it any longer, always keeping your arms straight, lower your outstretched arms over the sigil and you will feel the energy travelling down to your hands and tingling out of your palms into the sigil. Keep over the sigil until the energy stops exiting your body. Then shake your hands, clap your hands and laugh. With practice your ability will increase both in terms of force and decrease in time required. You will know when the energy transfer has taken place and be able to collect and transfer energy effectively.

You can carry the sigil with you until your desire has been manifest or burn it and set its energy free.

You are:

  1. trying to construct a simple talisman (sigil),
  2. ensuring that your Sub-Conscious mind is aware of the sigil’s purpose, BUT
  3. that your Conscious mind is ignorant (thereby escaping the workings of the Psychic Censor) and
  4. Charging. As the sub-conscious mind collects and records everything, by seeing the sigil, performing the chanting and/or energising the talisman you are causing your sub-conscious mind to set about realising (making real) your desire!

For ritual work, preparation must take most of the time. You will need to gather your instruments. You will need to obtain your ingredients. You will need to phantasise your will having been fulfilled. See the vivid details. Hear the sounds. Smell, taste and enjoy the agony and ecstasy of Your Will to be.

Once I was consecrating a talisman for sexual love. After the conclusion of the consecration I received a telephone call from my targeted recipient. She advised that she was naked and just about to take a shower when she smelt my distinctive aftershave. She felt so sure I was lurking outside her flat that she had to telephone me at my home to set her mind at ease.

Nanny Really Loves You!

Many Magicians either do not recognise the Psychic Censor or hate it. Both attitudes are misconceived. If the Psychic Censor is unrecognised, it will effectively dominate everything you do. If the Psychic Censor is hated, you may lose yourself on the way to the closest Insane Asylum, which is where you will find many friends.

Wanting something is rarely an effective tool in obtaining it. Your Will may be strong, but your Conscious mind is anxious of failure. If the Conscious mind were not programmed to be anxious of failure it would lead individuals to construct for themselves (and actualise) a perception of failure, the severest manifestation of which leads to suicide or worse.

Psychic Censor: “Yes, I am sure that you will, but do not get too upset if you FAIL.
Remember the last time you tried and things did not work out? I am
SURE that you do!”
Will: “Yes, how could I forget?
Alright, but I am still going to try – ever mindful of the fact that as I
Have FAILED BEFORE, I could FAIL AGAIN and if I do…”
Small holes sink big ships! Your Will has already been assaulted by Nanny and severely weakened.

The Psychic Sensor is extremely important because it:
Shields us from the intrusions of other realities.
Edits out most telepathic intrusions.
Lessens our ability to correctly divine the future.
Prevents us from recalling our dreams (fully or in part).
Minimises our ability to register significant co-incidences
and synchronicities.

The Psychic Censor does this because pedestrian life is impossible without it! Without the Psychic Censor, existence would be like a permanent Hallucination.

But for Magicians, the Psychic Censor appears malicious. We must find ways to temporarily overcome it. Normal people sometimes inadvertently do so by Boredom: - leading to strange flashes of subliminal perception; Sleep: - Going to bed with a problem in mind and awaking with a solution in hand and Obsessive Concentration and/or Repetition. Magicians can consciously employ these stratagems.

Sigils work by stimulating the Will to function subconsciously, thereby subverting the Mind’s Psychic Censor. You may choose to energise your sigil before your day begins and at its close.


The purpose of any Banishing ritual is two-fold: primarily, to isolate the Magician from mundane consciousness and to clear and re-enforce the atmosphere chosen for Magickal work. Both purposes are inter-related and indivisible. Properly performed, Banishings allow the Magician to gain Magickal concentration (a la Pavlov’s dog) more rapidly and to better resist unforeseen and unpleasant consequences which usually manifest in pedestrian consciousness but have their genesis in the rarefied atmosphere of Magickal working. A Banishing or Invoking ritual – like all Magick – works both on your individual (internal) world and on the mundane (external) world.

Many practitioners recommend a Magickal weapon to assist in Banishing and Invoking. Your Wand, your Dagger (Sword or Knife) or your magickal ring can work just fine, for in banishing (or invoking) a Magickal weapon is good, but not mandatory advice! The first and second finger held like a gun can work just as well and are always to hand!

A common problem is that practitioners rarely spend the time required to use the Pentagram ritual even rudimentarily, let alone develop it. To properly use the invoking or banishing pentagrams takes more time than may first be apparent. One method of assisting in proper tracing is to keep your eyes on your left hand as its fingers (or the weapon it manoeuvres) traces the pentagrams. You should strive to see the pentagrams as and after these have been traced – eventually you will.

Perhaps the best method of developing your banishing/invoking ritual is to image you are doing it in front of a large crowd of people. You need to impress them as much as yourself and the more you practice the more you will learn. For when you start to feel energy shifts, know that your advancement has begun.

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Draft Notes:

Magickal Drug Addiction

As a Magician, drug addict and Psychonaut, I know that drugs can be harnessed Magickally. For example, I’m not an addict, it’s just that I’m heavily addicted to two drugs: nicotine and caffeine. Honestly, I just can’t live without either, although I could survive on nicotine alone.
When I perform Baneful Magick I just don’t use tobacco. For me it doesn’t take long. I start to get angry and hate filled. And if you get in my way, ‘I’ll kill you and your family! I’ll slaughter your neighbours! You hear me!’ I become anxious and the rage increases. At this time I load up on cold-brewed coffee and caffeine tablets. The fact I’m not smoking means I must do this caffeination task quickly.
THEN, I’m jittery, sweating and ready to Rock & Roll!
And my intensity is something else!


Except for consumption, in my considered and practiced opinion, when it comes to alcohol, the lhp Magician should be greedy. Greedy for the whole Magickal experience. What does the drink look like in the sun or candlelit? What are the aromas? Where and when was the first time you tasted it? Who were you with? What was happening in your life?
Sip. Taste. Enjoy. Too much alcohol can dull your senses and hamper your Magick – although getting tight can help you, only if engaged in very occasionally.

The Holy & Mystical Doctrine
Or How to Achieve Divinity in the Bathroom.
A Regurgitation upon Toilet Training

If you are a heterosexual male or lesbian – using the right hand, extend the first two fingers, retract the third finger and extend the little finger. The Thumb is sticking up. When you know how to use this Magickal tool you will be holding one of the mysteries of the Multiverse in your hand!
I know that I hung on the wind tossed tree all of nights nine!
The Eye of Hoor is one of the gates and leads to the dark path of enlightenment.
The Snake can be awakened, the Rood being bedaubed.
None offered me bread
Caviar stains the teeth. Mandarin-meals are best.
Or handed me wine!
Of the Golden wine much has been written. Few drink long, deep and full of the nectar from this nourishing Rose wherein dwells blood and iron.
Spittle can avail, if hard sucked from the nose and deposited in another’s throat.

Wounded by spear, bespoken myself to Myself!
Cruel fingers lacquered in lust bring forth the tears that lead to understanding as wet-look lips and tongue sup the watery, lukewarm, fish porridge.

I looked below me, aloud I cried, caught the runes; caught them up wailing!
Inscrutable eyes, misperceived mercies, whips, zips, alligator-clips and desperate pleas arise as invocations.

Let him drink of the sacrament and let him communicate the same. This is the Holy Hexagram.
Thence to the earth fell again!

And in as much as I meet the blood-engorged challenge
I believe in the resurrection!
Hail Myself That I Seek To Be