Best way to shuffle cards

I find that I struggle with shuffling cards so is there a good way to shuffle cards without the traditional shuffling?


I shuffle in an invoking spirit passive pentagram if I feel like I need to really “give it the business.” Otherwise, I just kind of do what feels right at the time.

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First, how are you defining traditional shuffling?

Second, I shuffle and accept cards that “jump” out. Sometimes they have to hit the surface I’m reading on, other times if they flip or land on my hand/wrist, I’ll accept them.

When I read for others, sometimes I’ll spread the cards out and let them choose a couple.

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With tarot cards, I usually shuffle them on the long sides instead of the shorter ends like you would with playing cards. I find it tends to be easier. Or I will just spread the whole deck out (obviously face down) and pick out cards randomly to form the spread.