Astaroth of the Goetia vs Verum

This has bugged me for a long time, as to whether Astaroth of the Ars Goetia and the Grimoirium Verum are aspects of the same entity.

Astaroth of rhe Goetia is who i figure as the Chthonic, underworld aspect of Astarte who also has a qliphothic male form.

Ive been told Astaroth of the Grimoirium Verum is the Qliphothic ruler Astaroth of Gash Ka’Lah. But looking at the organization of entities under Verum Astaroth, I’ve noticed they have an order of energy. Almost like the larger entities are amalgamations of the lower ones. This seems more egregore-like to me, as if Verum Astaroth is a composite entity of different spirits.

I’m wondering if anyone considers Goetia and Verum Astaroth the same, or if they’re different entities bearing the same name?


My personal point of view is they are the same being, just different positions. Astaroth is my pacted patron, when I first started working with him, I asked him if it was ok to use his verum seal, he said no that I would not be used that energy yet, but did mention that yes it is his seal.
Now @DarkGodofQlippa and I did a little experiment with the Dukante sigil of Astaroth and we both got the same Astaroth, as in the Astaroth we usually work with. Now mind you Astaroth usually comes
To me in female form to @DarkGodofQlippa he is always male. I noticed that I had a more sexual experience with the Dukante sigil though. If I remember correctly Astaroth said something about the sigil and energies being different (or something like that) I need to look in my notes to verify 100% his quote.


That was interesting @Vitriol we ought to do more joint experiments. I can say this too. I gave worked with Lepaca from the grimoire verum or grand grimoire I can’t recall which hes in but it’s the one with the 32 servants of Astaroth or something.

People really do not understand how powerful or cast an entity that astaroth is.

Look even though I disagree and do not accept astaroth as an aspect of Astarte, their energy those two is much much closer than say Bael, and Baal ze bub ( Beelzebub) if that’s a clue.


Yes we should! Astaroth is freaking amazing very very powerful!


I’ve actually experienced Astaroth as initially Female. But later on, the male form started bleeding through. At one point I got irritated because Astaroth seemed to be switching genders on me more frequently after some sexual vibes. (I dislike when entities switch genders on me just to provoke sexual energy)

So I asked him at one point, “what is your true form”. And it’s a straight up male ‘dragon-priest’ looking figure with white skin, red eyes, and a wide smile like “Arte the Clown.” Sometimes it was just a ghostly head with fangs and serpents around him.

Very bestial and raging presence. His energy can strike fear in other people around you. (To be afraid of you) He has done so for me. He also tends to agitate people towards each other, making them bicker and fight. (Sometimes physically) He turns kingdoms and groups on each other, but can also foster groups/communities as well.


That’s pretty badass man! :love_you_gesture:


Yes I’ve experienced this lots of dragons in my incense smoke when evoking.

Yes this is very true. When you are in need of protection or you ask him to protect you, his male form usually surrounds you. My first experience with him was during a tarot reading at the office. A friend of mine was reading for me and I was asking Astaroth questions, well he appeared the environment changed my friend got scared and I felt really comfortable like if I knew him already. So yes his male protective father form is very dark and does run off on you. At work we were having union trouble needless to say some union guys are tough mfers with ilegal ties, well I asked the Duke for protection and they didn’t bother me, my nurse that does the vaccinations told me doc you’re eyes are red not the white part but your usually green colored part of the eyes are red when all that fuss was going on.

Edit: yes the dragon priest you mentioned is the Gamichicoth Astaroth, ask @DarkGodofQlippa how Astaroth loves dragons! :dragon:


One time on the job at a restaurant I used to work at, he was with me and some male customers would turn and avoid me. One person said I looked like a vampire with my mask on. Another said they saw a weird gleem in my eyes when I walked up. Another said I had very hateful eyes and though I was being angry when I wasn’t.

His angry presence often made people more angry/hostile towards me, as well.

This kind of presence can have its drawbacks in social settings. It helped in the military though. Made more dudes leave me alone.


I’m more of a loner type until I get to know people better so having people stay away from is good lol.

But yes his angry aspect is very powerful, I would never want to be a target of his rage,.