Appropriate methods for yes/no questions

I’m like 99% sure I have asked this in the past but I don’t remember when, where or anything else, so, let’s begin…

Am I the only one who struggles with yes or no questions to the point of refusing to read for yes/no?

I’m pretty sure some of you have your methods to deal with such things, so can you guys share? I’ll update this post with your answers


I personally look for dignitaries. If it’s one card, sword/wand & even number is yes; cup/pentacle & odd is no.

Theres a LITTLE more to it than that, but that’s the gist…


I stick to 2 cards .

One that falls out (that’s my method, I use cards that jump out), and another below the deck.

The one that falls out is the answer (yes/no).
The one below the deck is the why.

If the first card has a positive meaning, it’s a yes.
if it has a negative meaning, it’s a no.
If it’s ambiguous, it’s a maybe.

If more than one fall out, I look at the majority. And try to find the story that they’re trying to tell, because usually readings I did like that mostly had a “Yes, BUT” or a “No, BUT” answer.

Person A asks,“Is this relationship with XYZ good for me?”

Cards- 4 of Wands, The Tower
Below the deck say there’s, The Star or the Moon.

I’d say, that this relationship is most probably karmic, with the Tower and the Star present. Although it will be fulfilling for a while, it will eventually fall apart. But with the Star/Moon it will also be something that will add valuable teachings in their life, if they choose to pursue it.

I would give my personal suggestion, that if they’re open to some spiritual lessons in this aspect to give it a try, but eventually the decision has to be taken by the querent themselves.


My method is rather similar to the others here. If someone asks about obtaining something, if the card I pull is both positive and active, and does not directly relate to change (2 of Disks, Adjustment, etc.), I take that as a yes. So, it naturally depends on the question, but most questions tend to be about obtaining something, and that something is usually something positive or hoped for.


With tarot, I have pentacles and swords as “no” and cups and wands and “yes.” I don’t accept major arcana in yes/no.


Honestly, I just roll a pair of dice when it comes to yes or no questions. If it lands on an even number, it is yes. If it is odd, it is no. Then you can use numberology for more details.

For example, let’s say the question was whether a project I was thinking of joining would be successful. I roll the two dice and got 3. I would read that as a “no” and that the problem would be from an inability to work yogether with the people involved (as the 1 would represent the individual and 2 would be partnership with others, both influenced by the no from being an odd number).

I keep tarot and scrying for other types of readings


I’m a fan of a old trusty penny.


A penny is far less scary than either throwing a knife in the air or spinning it on a cutting board. That was my grandmother’s favorite form of divination.


When in doubt, to reconfirm, I have a coin that I use.

It’s the same coin I’ve used for years.

Simple but effective, works for me.


Holy hell! If it stabs someone is that a ‘no’?


Depends on whether or not you hated said individual lol jk. No, she would read it by what direction the tip would land and/or if it stuck straight up. It was also the same knife she would plunge into the earth to “cut” a storm heading to her house for protection.


In the past I’ve simply used a pendulum. It is pretty straightforward. If it swings in one direction it means yes, the other means no