Questions about Spirit Divination

For those of you who consult divinatory spirits, would be able to address some of my questions based off of your experiences?

  1. Has a spirit been able to correctly tell you the word for something in a language you don’t know?

  2. Has a spirit been able to correctly solve a math or chemistry equation (etc) that you did not know the answer to and needed to look up?

  3. What sort of experiences have you had that have made confident that you are working with more than your own active imagination?

  4. Has a spirit been able to correctly tell you what colour shirt someone would be wearing or what card would be drawn next, etc?

  5. Would a spirit be able to accurately tell you what somebody else dreamt about?

Thank you! :crystal_ball:


We used to do something with a group of friends on telegram called the color game. Basically one must pick a color blue green red yellow purple violet etc we’d usually discuss which colors. We’d go up against each other one on one, and whoever got five correct would win. Now we had a psychic in the group so I would call on duke Astaroth and he would correctly tell me the color others were thinking and I won quite a bit of times.

As far as cards are concerned in the telegram group we also played guess the tarot card. The dynamics was first figure out if it was a major or minor and then the card, that was more difficult but Duke Astaroth came through for me!

The other questions I really can’t answer since I haven’t done equations and the like since I got out of college! Hope this helps though.


Thank you @Vitriol !


I’m not sure I can answer in the format you’re describing exactly but I’m doing a segment kinda on this topic tonight actually.

I’ve developed a technique where Orobas will grab me by the hand and lead me through a fanned out deck or tarot cards and walk me right to the correct answer.

Let me tell you where my biggest barriers exist, I get psychic earwax build up if my anxieties are high, like some I care for could be in danger. Then I hear hellscape babble voices, not helpful.

But like if I don’t have a big stake in the matter I can get intimate knowledge of a subject or about a person through hearing Orobas. Like shit I couldn’t possibly know that actually turns out true.


That’s where I’m at with it .


All manual forms of divination are technically spirit-guided; If you’re not open to being a channel for the astral light to flow through you, you really are just pulling plain cards, throwing dice at random, etc.

In that regard, I have been able to accurately determine the names of people responsible for a home burglary one time, and predict the names of future spouses, on a few more ocassions. This wasn’t “spirit based” in the sense that an entity was feeding me answers through an earpiece, but I feel it somewhat falls under point 1, so I figured I’d share.

With plain divination, I have also gotten point 5 right, the few times someone asked me such a question. Telling the colour of someone’s shirt is also possible, although that one I haven’t tried, but I’ve done somewhat similar.

As for divining with spirits proper, I have at one point in time used the help of Vassago to predict the outcomes of sports fixtures. After forming a semi-pact, I’d just pull a few tarot cards for each team and get strong impressions of who would win. This produced results statistically higher than chance, so I’m confident in sharing it.

Hail Vassago, by the way.

I have a few other “real beyond doubt” experiences, but there weren’t any spirits involved in the way this thread is asking about, so I won’t derail further. Just wanted to get across the idea that this sort of “paranormal” feats can be achieved without petitioning any particular expression of the Divine Intelligence.