ADHD and Magick

So I’ve been raw dogging ADHD (not hyperactive) for 41 years. Luckily it’s not so bad on the Spectrum.

I’ve now decided to get medicated.

My main concern is how getting medicated would affect:

  1. My Clairs and Spirit Communication. It is pretty clear currently.

  2. My Magick and the process of magick, going forward. I practice tool-less magick and anything on my Altar is usually an offering. I mainly work straight with energies, you know what I’m talking about.


I have ADD (dont have the hyperactivity part)
I take a strong medication for it.

In regards to working with spirits:
If I am not on medication and I do spirit communication or rituals, I can not think clearly enough, especially when meditation and getting into a trance since my mind is usually off somewhere thinking about shit that happened 20 plus years ago or at times thinking too much about the spirit communication thats happening ,resulting my own thoughts to interupt and my mind trying to finish what they are saying to me.
When I am ON medication, a lot of that goes away. My mind is calmer allowing me to relax and receive messages better .

I don’t take my medication everyday
Usually take it as and when because I dont see the need to take it if I am just sitting sround the house on weekends watchng tv or doing housework. I take it when I need to concentrate on something or need to stay focused. I as well mainly practice tool less apart from offerings. So my mind is my main tool which is why I normally take my medication when working and communicating with spirits

The side effects on me with the medication are awful. All medication is different but the one I am taking gives me quite bad side effects. I wont post publically what they are but can let you know in PM if you want.

So to sum it up. Medication has been beneficial for my ADD with workings and rituals. In relation to if medication would affect you if your ADHD is like mine with thoughts causing distractions when your focusing then I would say yes it can help as it can silence your mind and stop overthinking.

Just be careful of side effects. With this medication it also doesn’t require a build up like some do such as medications do for mental illnesses. ADHD medication works instantly so maybe ask your doctor to give you week or month trial and see how it works for you with everything not only in your spiritual workings but also your everyday life like work and shit.

Sorry so long TLDR: yes medication has helped with my ADD but side effects are shit.


I was on some medication for this for a while and I took well to it, so I was lucky. I’ve considered getting back on it because my focus and retention was so much better with it. Notice how my concern is over losing my abilities. I had been on it and helpful similar ones for PTSD for a while, so I would expect some adjustment period to find the right dosage and medication (or combo).

The spirits won’t abandon you for it.

So, expect an adjustment period with it. I will whenever I get back on mine.