What are the necessary elements for a wealth altar? (Jason Miller)

What are the necessary elements for a wealth altar? (Jason Miller)

That depends largely on the powers invoked. Generally speaking, you would have items related to the following:

  • A general color scheme that relates to the power you invoke.
  • Statues, Icons, or pictures of spirits and dieties, as well as perhaps spirit houses for familiar spirits and local beings.
  • Space for whatever offerings you are making and the tools to make those offerings.
  • Some kind of centrally located petition related to your Definite Chief Aim that can be fed/worked/etc.
  • Items related to specific enchantments: candles, oils, etc – depends entirely on what you are doing.
  • Items that breed luck and prosperity and keep poverty at bay.

What you should not have is any kind of war/cursing/hiding/binding etc items. There is nothing morally wrong with any of this, but the mixture of “build/create/brighten/expand” doesn’t play with with “dismantle/destroy/obfuscate/bind” magic.



Great post. Love your stuff.

But before engaging in wealth rituals, write yourself and display where you can’t help but see these, deposit slips for huge sums of money. If you can, view and/or meditate upon these talisman regularly. After you no longer consciously see these talisman, when these become stuck to the wall, part of the background - that’s when things can start to happen. Most of the time, wealth doesn’t come because your powerful subconscious mind has been programmed to shelter you from failure. It acts like a forcefield, keeping wealth away.

Seriously, your own programming is by far what shields you from wealth. First, you must reprogramme your subconscious to allow wealth. And Naamah is the most material entity I’ve ever worked with and quick too.



@UncleAl Naamah or Nahema is absolutely mindblowing when it comes healing and wealth magicks…