The Secret Method

We constantly see in books and on other media occult authors claim “the one secret method to success!” A unique method not shown elsewhere (Or, that is found in the works of ancient magicians, but was “hidden” by them, and had to be “decoded”) that will make your magick super powerful! You’ll be far ahead of everyone else if you just employ this one method, that is conveniently extremely simple and takes mere seconds or minutes (but, minutes is a stretch these days!).

We see this immense pull from many people today. This is claimed because it sells. And these works become very popular. However, despite the method then being so widely used, the world remains largely the same.

The path to becoming a powerful magcian does not rely on a single simple trick. That path requires serious work, serious study, and deep contemplation. This is why it is not often reached.

Most people do not want to spend much effort, nor do they have much patience.

Truly, few magicians become truly powerful. There is no shortcut to becoming a skilled magician, despite the marketing. The path to mastery is a long one, and requires focused dedication. It would seem, it is not meant to reached by everyone.


100%. The work must be done. The timeframe can be stretched, but…why?

Sometimes, the hard paths are the most rewarding. As long as there are reasons for the hardship and the person is ready/willing to face it/them.

I went through enough in this one to not want another go-around. Personally, that’s my motivation and I work towards that pretty much every day. Others will have different motivations.

Thanks for posting this, @Dankquanicus Lots of productive discussion and alternating paths to be had here.


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Dang…what’s THAT cost?


…and to practice everyday, as any other thing a person aspires to be good at. That’s the part they don’t tell you. Is like lifting. Is really simple… is just lifting something, but you have to get your routine and get those damn dumbbells every single day. Or at least six days a week.

Great post, my friend


While there may be a “simple trick” or “guaranteed method”, as others have said, it’s always gonna take practice and repetition. It’s like saying “a simple trick to paint a Renaissance-style masterpiece is to apply oil paint to a canvas!” – or maybe to distil (hehe) a bit further, “a guaranteed method of creating a watercolour painting is creating a 3:1 mix of water to colour!” or “a simple trick to drawing is to draw what your eye sees, not what your mind knows!”

Doesn’t mean your first effort is gonna be a masterpiece, or even a success (something you can look at without wincing). The method still has to be applied, refined, and bettered over time. And the comparison to art here is deliberate… While there may be a formula, a method, an X+Y=Z every time, metaphysical arts are just that: an art. Not a science.


When it comes to the Satanic priesthood, I’m a Low Priest. Satanic Low Priests aren’t bothered by a lack of bells and smells; we’re dirty hands practitioners. Sometimes I feel ashamed, but there are so many young High Priests/Priestesses that I was forced to take the low road.

As for the real silver squares, forgive me, for I was in my late teens or early twenties and my vision was crippled by Crowley and clouded by Regardie.

As Old Uncle Al, America’s living room Satanist and globally respected and revered internet Magician says, “Work Cheap, Quick and Nasty!”