Ways to speed up spiritual progress

Was thinking that there’s a way to increase the velocity of progress along the spiritual path.

I don’t like the word ascension because it comes from Christianity: jc ascended to be in front of the throne of god.

I prefer the term descended, because it implies evolution and progress.

Now, in my life obviously taking calculated risks and working with stronger entities that push you out of your comfort zone makes you stronger much faster.

Also, doing road opening rites for myself has helped, but I still feel something is missing…

What do you think?




Other ways include: semen retention and all other methods of training of the will, emotional control,
Developing your imagination and developing your concentration.

Basically, in my book, ty to @DarkGodofQlippa for pointing it out for me, magic stands on three main legs: imagination, concentration and will power.

If one is lacking in any of them, one’s magic will suffer.
If you have all three to a high degree, it’s likely your magic will benefit.

Let’s define our terms:
Concentration- the action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort.

imagination- the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

will power- control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

So, to concentrate one has to learn to disregard irrelevant stimuli and regular meditation is great for that.


Another way to cultivate concentration is mindfulness:
While washing dishes, this is what I do, feel the water
The soap, the cup.

The more you stay in the moment the less scattered your thoughts are and the more concentrated you become.

More ways to focus is by doing repetitive activities, like counting five-hundred matches that take a long time and offer no variety.


The Lesser Headless Ritual.
(But it fucked me over.)


Generally a “trauma” feeling can help.

Many initiation rituals from esoteric groups are intense in order to trigger the magick mind.

So the idea would be to create yourself a ritual that would have that effect.

Vision quests, fasting (this is what western magicians did before eastern occultism got mainstream) or blocking your physical senses for a period of time (no moving, no hearing, no seeing…) are example of that.

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While I value your opinion, I kindly disagree.

I think most people in the western world at least, and others can jump in to correct me if I’m wrong, are results oriented even in spirituality.

Faster results means having more options to choose from along the way and so being more free in my book, maybe it’s not something that speaks to you,

But I value freedom almost as both a privilege and Liberty.

Let’s define terms:

privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

Liberty: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

Meaning I’d like to have the positive right to live my dream life and the negative right of being protected from others infringing on this right.

Normal people, if there’s such a thing, let’s say non-practitioners aren’t really free, they are very much dependent on their circumstances and the way I see it a person can get a freak car accident tomorrow and just die meaninglessly.

However, the more power one gains from magic, the more freedom one receives from vicissitudes of life:
Your luck improves, your financial situation improves.

The ultimate goal of course is to escape the wheel of reincarnation, but if we don’t have long term and short term goals and milestones along the way to them how are we going to achieve anything but LARPing?

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So, let’s move along to imagination.
First, let’s separate between creative imagination
And pathological imagination

In the literature the term anomalies of imagination appears such as: Conclusions. The results support that anomalies of imagination are highly characteristic of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and closely related to self-disorders.Jan 17, 2022 SSDs

if we take creative imagination on the other hand:
the faculty by which new, uncommon ideas emerge, especially when emergence does not seem explicable by the mere combination of existing ideas .

So, the way I see it we want to avoid the former and nurture the latter.

So, how do we do that?
Clear and tangible goals for what I want to manifest,
Let’s say if I want to manifest a hundred dollars. What are my available sources of income?

If it’s a relatively small amount I may find it on the street. If it’s a large amount I need other avenues:

What’s important is a concrete, discrete image of yourself in a wealth situation, surrounded by luxury and being privileged. Like Neville Goddard in his excellent books states it has to be done over time for it to be successful.

I’d add to do it in the same location and time, as much as possible, as this strengthens its effects.

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Sorry if my comment was interpreted in that way, I wanted to contribute and I see that you know what you’re doing, good for you man :+1:

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Now, let’s move on to will power:
As will power and concentration can overlap,

I’ll limit my self to the definition of not doing things of will power.

So, fasting as @Dankquanicus pointed out
But, you can also start small by avoiding eating sweet snacks between meals, if you eat five small meals a day.

You can also avoid eating certain foods, like dairy
Altogether or mostly.

The key to training most faculties I know, I don’t want to say all because that would be too blanket of a statement, is start small and move in baby steps


Fasting is also more than simply not eating. Fasting is usually a whole group of things. Part of it can be abstaining from alcohol, sexual activity, music, social media, meat, and so on, while only eating one or two meals a day or so at a specific time.

Here is a great article on fasting in general:

For me, fasting is not about building will-power, however. There is a reason why this was done in traditional sources. It’s about spiritual purification.


Well, the spiritual journey of progress has many ways to be considered opening one up to it. In the classical traditions conveyed since ancient times there exists a mouth to mouth system that goes from one to the other. Often using a system of diciples and masters. Depending on the principle these had various degrees and levels, and one of the, in these days, more common system structures is that of disciple, hierophant and “practitioner” where by the word “practitioner” whould be replaced by the name of ones craft (Alchemist, Necromancer, Priest, Seer, etc.) This tripple folded system carried over into medieval times, and is in fact re-invented throughout the ages, making it difficult to progeniate it to the source.

This principle also carried over into the so called “initiation rites” that where concieved by some to be… genuine… The idea of “initiate” or “adept” is an concept that has dwelled around the occult history of humans for quite some time, but in Western Esoterics this became only the “standard” in the late 19th century. Along with the four layer principle of: formalising, learning, opening, and ascending… Also from that same time period… It is often by the uninitiated named in many ways yet if wanting my personal opinion on that matter, it is quite debatable to be residing in absolution as The Way, despite the sequential aspects of it (the logic of doing it and the experience of messing it up in more ways due to it offering the complexity to do so) turned it into a golden standard to be more often than not copied by the masses…

Personally I tend to not really do much with progress or the velocity of it, some aspects happen naturally without any effort given, something in stark contrast to more populist opinions of people who sell books or services (as they enjoy having “followers” because they often benefit create dependancy on themselves), other areas of study that require some effort, or a consistent effort, to make it functionable, read working, reproducable and accurate.
The grand majority of esoteric globetrotters has no bloody clue what the sheer tensions where when these type of constructs where invented. I can provide one with, often to be considered to be, quite severe and cruel documentation (by todays standard) of its practices that give insight in how desperate and dark these times where of the Dawn Era after the dark ages came into conclusive and the ecclesiastical normalisation faded onto the shivers of the mundane world; these records dating back many centuries.

To state my sight on the topics on how to speed up, I would say that rites are feastable if ones own Art benefits from it, but not the only way for euhemerism (interpretation of mythology based on acclaimed history) does not Sway to Time; (a crucial element to a rite since it holds a start and an end, and I am not referencing to recorded time in this regard) Usually I interpretate this as spiritual progress being advanced by the interconnectivity of ones Way. Ripping out ones own corner stones will cause Replacement. Not Wandering is to me similar as an oscillative, yet doing is for me more like moving of ones Occult Horizon.

I usually do not have the feeling of progress on my spiritual side of things, but often I do feel it with projects or activities I undertake. Something that often does work for me is to get myself inspired by others and pausing it till my mind is ready. Over the years I have often heard from people that they say they made “bad choices” or “things they would have done differently if given a second chance”, because of enforcement of their own Kettle… Sticking Spoon in the Elixir, so to speak… The Taste of the Spoon in ones Elixir will affect the Elixir. :sweat_smile: People often plug out the Spoon and start Sipping with their Tongue instead… delicious! :blush:
But even ones who prefer Spoon over Tongue, a good Spoon is one you love using… that familiar Feel and Grip… It can be extremely rewarding if ones preference is towards it, and in some situations one is preferred over the other, myself included doing this. Spiritual Progress is equal to measurement, but to measure one needs a model of absolutation, and understanding ones own ways and frequencies of usage I consider to be very important towards that. If feeling somehting is missing, a question could be to ask what you seek to measure it against, I tend to ask myself that question fairly often, and it usually kicks off more questions to the point I have to spread it out over multiple brain storming sessions. Hope it helps! :white_heart:

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