Guide: Manifesting without any path to do so

DISCLAIMER: This is not a beginner guide. Beginner’s are, of course, welcome to try, but it is aimed at people with a few notches in their belts.


Magick manifests through the path of less resistance. That’s an axiom and the thing we will always hear. No path, no results.

But that doesn’t need to be the truth. It usually is, mind you, but there is a way around it. I can’t guarantee it will work, that’s up to you, which is good news for some and bad for others. In this guide I’ll try to explain the basics.


Most of the times, a switch of mindset will be needed just to begin to think about this method. And previous shadow work may be essential.

Thin about you and your circumstances. I know it is hard, and probably impossible without shadow work, but try to take distance, analyze your life as you would with a different person, someone you know but means nothing to you. Try to reach the always elusive objectivity.

So, how is your life? What are your own weak points? What are you lacking? What are your flaws? No. Forget all that bullshit of “I am a living god”. You fart the same as everyone else, you get constipated and you bleed if you get beaten. You’re a person. This you, made of flesh and bone, the one who suffers, the one who dwells in angst, the one who has to pay the bills and visit a doctor. The one that will get buried one day. Analyze. And now tell yourself, and be honest, how is your life?

Good. You can work on changing your life now that you’ve seen it for what it is.


The true key to manifesting something when there is no path for it to manifest lies in desire. Usually, whatever you seek can be summarized in three words.

Desire for justice. Desire for love. Desire for power. In the end, is just that. Human beings only understand the world through stories and that’s the basis of all stories: someone wants something. And as the protagonist of your own story you can’t possibly be any different. And that’s fine.

Understand your own desire. Twenty years ago I met this kid, let’s call him F. F. greatest desire was to own a house. Do we summarize it as “desire for wealth”? No. Dig deeper. F. was in his early 20’s, had a horribly home life, a childhood plagued by violence and total lack of opportunities in life, since he couldn’t aspire to the thing he really needed: an education. No, we don’t summarize it as “Desire for education”, either. It was desire for liberation. He was, indeed, a inmate in the prison of circumstances, living the copy life behind the walls society built from him, as his parents and grandparents did.

He died at 24, (illegally) executed on the streets. Not very inspiring.

Focus in the deepest meaning of your desire and embrace it. This is also part of you. Now switch some of the blockages we usually have about it.

In F’s case, we didn’t really believe he deserved to be free. And why would have believed that? He didn’t see many of his peers escape. And none of his relatives.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. Think deeply. And ask yourself: why do I deserve [what you want]? I don’t care how unlovable you think you are, think why you deserve to be loved. Because you do. You can bring something to the table. You can make a potential significant other’s life better. And if you have not done so with anyone in the past, so what? The future hasn’t come yet.

So, why do you deserve to be loved? Why do you deserve to be free? Keep asking. Your brain will give you an answer sooner or later. And if it not… is because later hasn’t come yet, so keep at it.

Keep doing it for some time. See all the obstacles for your [LIBERATION, JUSTICE, WHATEVER]. And see them as wrong. Immoral, if you like that. Opposed to the real way things should be. And make the actual, real, intimate choice of declaring them worthless. They mean nothing. They count for nothing. This world is not a battlefield, is a playfield. So stop working, go play. What’s here is so to serve you.


Once you have your focus set, you’re ready to work the actual magick. It doesn’t matter exactly what you do. The humblest sigil, candle magick, energy work, whatever, will be enough. Just be sure to do it at the top of your current skill. You are not very skilled? That’s fine. You have some skills. And that’s enough.

It won’t work in your first day at magick, but if you’ve been at it for at least some time, if you have got results even once, that’s enough.

Remember all obstacles are wrong? Good. Do you know this magick? Good. Then obstacles are nothing. Your magick will work. Feel it. Do not believe anything else. Do not accept any doubt, exorcise it like I exorcise bad music from my playlists. Is gone forever. This IS yours. And it is because it has to be, there is no way around it.

As you proceed into the working itself, feel your desire. Own it for a second, and then put all that emotion along with your intent into the working itself. Feed the magick with it until it drains you. If you need an example on how to do it, imagine the feeling as an aura of any color around you and move it from your body to the elements of your ritual/spell/vision. Let it go. And if you can’t work for a few minutes after that, that’s even better.

Now you’re tapping into the real source of magick, an inner flow of power. This is the true living god.

All of this was explained to me, years ago, by E, an occultist from Europe who kindly took the time to speak with an skeptic and help him when he was about to go homeless.

Now I co-own a company. Make of that what you will.