The Forgotten Ones

I put this in general because Im not exactly sure what category it would fall under. If anyone has an idea please share.

I made this topic for the not so known about Gods and Goddesses. Or any other spirits, entity that isn’t as well known as all the most popular ones.

I think these gods have alot to offer as well and trying to learn about them and possibly working with them could be beneficial.

This first goddess that i will list, I discovered her a few years ago. I was looking for any information on something that I was going through and she showed up in my reseaech.

I have sense then always liked this goddess. Maybe its the name :thinking: :smile:

Goddess of Arinna , she is a solar goddess :sun_with_face:
And I mean just add one more A to the name and :rofl:

Anyway, I have always wanted to work with her and hopefully I can soon. Right now I have said I would do some work with Athena but after that I have an open calendar.

If you know of any lesser known gods please feel free to add to the list. Just because they are not as well known as others doesn’t mean they are any less powerful or have less abilities to help someone and give education, training and experience.

Here is some information on the goddess Arinna.


EPIONE - Greek Goddess of the Soothing of Pain (

ALETHEIA - Greek Goddess or Spirit of Truth (Roman Veritas) (

Althaea (mythology) - Wikipedia

These are probably better known in Greece, I’ve had help finding information when their names came up, but I found it hard to figure out who they were to begin with-the spellings I was given were not exactly these so it made it harder to find them, especially Epione.


I’m considering the possibility of creating an “obscure” category, after my experience with the Scorpion Gods and the forgotten pantheon (I’ll write about it soon, I just have to deal with everything else on my plate first).

If the time comes, we will move it into its own category. Then again… what’s the point of having a category with four threads anyway?



(Very Brief) Overview: Healing goddess/goddess of medicine. Also associated with medicinal herbs, pregnancy and infants, barrier (protection), dogs, and, of course, the opposite of healing, cursing with sickness/disease.

I first encountered her in a projection last year. I descended down a very large stone staircase and was met by two big dogs near the bottom. I followed them to a woman, who introduced herself as Gula.

I’ve only called on her once. Because of her association with dogs (and the fact that I met her with dogs), I called on her to intervene in a horrible situation where a dog was being abused, was more than likely in need of medical attention, and all mundane attempts to get him out of that situation were falling flat or just taking too long. Within a day of asking her for help the dog was rescued. He did receive medical treatment and was eventually moved to a foster home for rehabilitation. The sorry excuse for an owner was charged.

She was very fast and precise. I don’t see her mentioned a lot, so I thought I would share :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!!


I found this goddess a few years ago. I like her. She is also a solar goddess.


The Goddess of Chocolate :chocolate_bar:

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