How do you summon the gods

How can I summon a god without a seal and ennis into her physical manifestation?

I use call management on this forum, even if I’m not in a trance, feeling their presence gives me peace.

i want to invoke gods found in different pantheons asstarte ishtar or hermes thoth zeus etc.

what method can i use for this?


Find Astartes sigil online. It basically Astaroths sigil with a couple of differences. And evoke as normal.
Astarte’s enn is “Serena alora Astarte Aken”.

I will find a sigil and post it here.

Here it is found mine @martinez


This enn belongs to goddess astarte or duke astaroth? My human mind can’t understand their relationship


Astarte: Serena alora Astarte Aken

Astaroth: tasa alora foren Astaroth

Don’t break your mind over it I didn’t understand either!


lol,so the enn belongs to that sigil of goddess you posted? if you work with duke astaroth ask her/him about her/his relationship with babalon,babalon show me some dreams that she appears as astarte,now I’m confused, I’m start using mike bee method for opening my claire’s and i know i have a long way to get there




Who is riding the beast in apocalypse


Well, you can simply call upon them, using their name, and preferably some mythological details about them.


The full physical manifestation of a deity would be life changing and reality shattering. It is not the same as when you get a bit of demonic resonance in your temple, or even a manifestation. Generally speaking, in a relative way, demons are closer to the physical plane then deities. It is not as difficult for them to manifest here, whereas deities can be seen as more sublime / empty. This is all relative, but a useful framework.

Some people view demons as deities. If they are, they are non-celestial and denser/grosser aspects, imo. Just like humans are composed of multiple parts and “souls”, I think other beings have their own components and spectrums. But there is no point in speaking in absolutes about that, because there is no way to know.

Invocation is not the same thing as full physical manifestation. Invocations just pull a little bit of them to you and establish a connection. It may not even get their attention. As @Dankquanicus said, you can use their lore to write your own. You can also use invocations that have already been written. But reciting an invocation is not going to result in them fully manifesting in your temple.

Orphic hymns can be used to get some resonance with Greek deities. Hindu deities require thousands and thousands of mantras, because they are so sublime and “high up” (although vertical models are not perfect). Look towards old texts and see what ancient mages did for specific cultural deity summoning practices- though, you may have to adapt the practice in regards to sacrifice.

Local deities are not so sublime; they are very likely dead humans who were highly venerated for generations, elevating their shades to something non-personal that can be interacted with as a god. They will be easier to contact / manifest, because they are less removed.

Deities can also appear in your dreams; you can appeal to them for this with prayers and offerings. There is a chaos magician (Anousen Leonte) who advocates creating your own sigils for entities without seals; they wrote a book about doing this for the goddess Bastet. This will not result in a physical manifestation; just contact.

Enns are modern. You do not need them to summon demons. You absolutely can use them, but they are not “traditional”.


Good point! The late Hellenic Platonist perspective is that you cannot call the Gods down to you. Rather, it is your soul that ascends upwards to them. Now, there are plenty of stories of the Gods travelling the world in physical form among the Norse, Roman, and Greek faiths. And the Hermetic text the Asclepius speaks of calling Gods into statues and these statues being able to speak. This may be some form of the Gods that is lower than the Intellectual World, but perhaps the higher parts of the Gods can’t be brought down. In Dion Fortune’s ‘Mystical Qabalah’ she mentions a Greek story in which simply seeing the higher form of Zeus (traditionally identified as the Demiurgos, the Benevolent Creator) caused those who saw it to die.

Yes I would not at all consider the Demons to be Gods personally. They are very different from the Gods. So I agree with them being non-celestial but it may be possible that there are celestial Demons as well (See, The Testament of Solomon). But I don’t think Demons would reside higher than the Celestial World, and if they do reside in the Celestial World would more be a matter of personal perspective.

But yes I think many call the Demons ‘Gods’ out of habit, because the title of ‘Gods’ is seen to be powerful and respectful.

I’ve mentioned ‘Invoke’ a lot on here and just want to be a bit clearer that I generally mean ‘Invoke’ in the traditional sense going from the Latin ‘Invocare’ which is simply “To Call Upon”. ‘Evocare’ (Evoke) is “Call Forth”, bringing something more visible to mind, such as “that evoked some memories”, “that sentance is very evocative” etc.


Specifically what follows is my UPG/opinion about the Hindu deities it may not apply to deities from other pantheons.

Though sublime and at some higher level plane then our earthly realm Hindu deities aren’t actually that far from us. I think it’s because they have so many worshippers/believers making offerings daily that it draws them closer to earth’s realm and people generally speaking then say some other pantheons.

I haven’t “manifested” a Hindu deity’s presence but when I called on one about a problem I was having I got a very fast response. So, presence or not I got a resul.

I detailed it elsewhere so I’ll be brief…

I told Ganesha I was not getting enough hours before bed one night and got woke up by a call from work asking me to work extra hours. That’s NOT a coincidence. Ganesha understood my issue and was kind enough to help me out and did so really fast.

So I know from my own UPG that it doesn’t take thousands of mantras prayers and offerings to get their attention. Those things are done for various reasons mantras to bring our human focus on the divinity of the deities, the offerings either as gratitude (or sometimes less appropriately as a here deity I give you this please do that request).

Now I’m not saying to throw out the traditions that Hindu have when it comes to deities I’m saying that the gods don’t require them to hear you. Sure, they like offerings who doesn’t like presents after all? BUT it’s not supposed to be “hey deity here’s some incense for you or here’s an apple for you can you do x y z for me now?” It’s supposed to be more like how you give a loved one a gift cuz you like/love them not cuz you want something from them.

Now people aren’t gods in the sense the Hindu deities are so sometimes we may be like “hey deity! I’m worshipping you down here can ya help me out”?” But that’s not the ideal of it, that’s for lack of a better way to say it humans being humans getting in their own way of living the ideal.

The ideal is that mantras focus you on the deities and offerings are supposed to be cuz you just want to with no desire to get anything out of it. Of course humans being humans means the ideal is rarely fully achieved and even more seldomly sustained.


However It definitely won’t hurt to do as I think @Mythopoeia suggested and seek knowledge of the traditions and methods used by the sages/ancient-mages/Saints/devotees for achieving the deepest connection to the divinities cuz knowledge is rarely a bad thing and usually is helpful rather then a hinderance (and if you’re talking manifesting deities isn’t the real goal to have a connection with them albeit a beneficial one?). Plus if it worked for them it probably will work again for someone else. So why wouldn’t it work for you if it worked if it worked for them?

Add: hope I didn’t credit the wrong person in the last paragraph if I did oops and sorry.


Excellent question, have not read the topic or replies.
I would assume one way is a path of devotion to one or more.

Very well said.

Agreed. Hindu Gods require a minimum of 1,25,000 chants done over a period of a minimum of 11 days upto 40 days. Even hardcore LHP rituals require strict celibacy and a ton of other rules. From practicing Aghora since 2013 i can tell you this. AFAIK you cannot “summon” them. During these rituals if the Gods are pleased or if they feel like they may give you a visual. You WILL recieve visions, dream etc of a very profound nature. Even with all these years with the Gods, I get nausea, wrath, craving for meat and intense sweating (due to the intense energy generated) during ritual.

We do not have the power or will to “summon” them to physical Manifestation. If they chose to they may oblige.

And a full fledged manifestation? Forget it. Even the best of us couldn’t handle that.

Additionally, they’re easily offended. I offended Kali Ma accidentally last week. I failed to maintain celibacy during my 21 day Ritual last week within the last few days. She was kind enough to let it slide. She made me do the whole thing again. Which is the best case scenario anyone could hope for.

THIS! This right here.


Mucho respect to you @Kindraathe

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It may be that the lower inner planes are like the internet - most not using their real names.

How do we know what comes in answer to a god name?

It is much better to move past the mental plane before inviting a “god”

I believe you can call the gods down to you. You just have to do something that truely gets their attention and makes them want to come. The run of the mill evocations and rituals just dont do it.

And Im not talk about doing anything harmful or illegal. But something they will respect and choose to come be a part of.


Kali came to me twice last year. But I was not able to summon her. (*I meant „call“)


AFAIK you cannot summon Gods. Only invoke and not the same understanding we have for spirits for Invocation.

Keep Meditating to her. She will reveal herself when she sees fit. That’s the only way I know.


That‘s what I meant. I could not anything… :joy:
In the right state I can offer opportunities and open my mind, you‘re right. I am not on that path though. Last year it was kind of surprising. I liked that.


Haha ohh my bad, i must’ve misunderstood.

How did you feel when she reached out?